Birthday Boy Celebrations…

You know what I love about 6-year-olds – they proudly wear their birthday crown from their teacher ALL. DAY. LONG. They’re not embarrassed by it or think it a nuisance – they do their school work in it, they eat lunch with it, they run all around the playground at recess, they ride the bus home with it – the crown becomes part of who they are. Everyone needs to know it’s a 6-year-olds birthday! And I adore it. (and the boy wearing the crown!)

Another thing I love about 6-year-olds: they love any and every gift you give them. Disappointment is not a possibility on this special day. Every present is the most exciting and the very best despite the simpleness of it all. Oh to be six again!

He’s at the age where its cool and fun for your parents and younger brother to bring you lunch at school for your birthday – his lunch of choice: a bean burrito from Taco Bell.

He really is the happiest. I think its part personality, part age – but either way we love it!

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Weekend update…

My parents were supposed to arrive last Wednesday and in an unfortunate turn of events Cannon threw up that morning causing them to cancel. An hour after they cancelled their flight Cannon was wanting to play and eat food and there was a part of me that thought, “You better be really sick because we just cancelled their flight!”

After my initial disappointment, I resolved it was a tender mercy – perhaps my dad wouldn’t have done well on the flight – who knows, he could’ve picked up a bug on the plane. I figured Cannon was a fluke.

But that night, Bennett came downstairs and threw up. At this point I was grateful my parents weren’t here – they totally dodged a bullet!

Luckily with both cases it was a one and done with really no lasting symptoms – and it wasn’t so bad because they were quarantined in our room with an ipad for the day. We washed hands and disinfected everything.

I thought we were in the clear…until late Friday night/early Saturday morning when Briggs made an appearance in our room and Steve and I were up once again cleaning and disinfecting. At this point I was singing praises that my parents were no where near our house!

Saturday night as we were going to bed, Steve made the comment that he just needed a night of restful sleep without any kids getting sick. I couldn’t agree more. We were both so tired.

When Hunter entered our room at 1:30am, Steve jumped out of bed so quick he didn’t even listen to what Hunter was saying – he wasn’t sick – the fire alarm in their room was going off but there was no smoke. After some investigating it appeared the alarm was malfunctioning and it was quickly removed.

Annoying yes – but it didn’t involve carpet cleaner so it was way better than the previous nights. I’m hoping for a restful sleep tonight – no sick kids and no fire alarms!

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Hard pill to swallow…

A while back I made plans for my mom to come and visit. She usually makes it out for a visit every fall and I always look forward to it. But plans rarely go off without a hitch, right?!

My dad had open heart surgery a couple weeks ago and my mom was on the fence as to whether she would be able to come visit. I went into problem solving mode and booked my dad a ticket to join her. I was fully aware of the possibility of them canceling if he wasn’t feeling up to it or if he didn’t get doctor clearance.

But everything was looking so good. I’ve been working the last week to get the house in order, clean out our guest room (the dumping room) and even went grocery shopping yesterday. I talked with my mom every day to make arrangements and to make sure everything was good with my dad. Every time she asked the same question – is everyone healthy? Yep – not even a little cold.

They were supposed to leave their house at 9:30 this morning and head to the airport.

This morning at 6am Cannon came downstairs and threw up. When he came into our room crying I knew that was probably the end of my parents hopes of visiting. By 7am I was on the phone with my mom telling her the awful news and shortly after we were cancelling their tickets.

I was so bummed. I love when my parents come for a visit. My dad was going to lay low and do a lot of walking in our beautiful weather and my mom and I had a list of things we wanted to do together. We had kid’s games we were going to attend…it was going to be a great week to see a lot of the kids activities and spend time with us in our natural environment (as crazy and chaotic it may be at times).

Even as I write this, I’m still bummed about the whole thing. There was no way we could chance my dad getting a stomach bug – but seriously?? Cannon throws up three hours before they need to leave for the airport? What are the chances?

Clearly they were not meant to be here and Cannon throwing up was the one thing that would ensure they wouldn’t come. That’s the only thing that makes me feel better about the whole situation. It was out of our control and it played out just as it needed to play out. It’s just a hard pill to swallow.

And yes, I was online today trying to figure out when I could rebook them!

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Then and now…

This picture of Hallie blowing a bubble from her 6-year-old bubble party sits on the shelf in my office. I love her expression with her tongue hanging out of her mouth in excitement and I love the way the sun reflects off the bubble.

8 years later and she is even better at making ginormous bubbles and she’s learned to do with her mouth closed!

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Cannon’s bubble party…

I’m not one to reinvent the wheel so when I throw a successful kid’s birthday party, I mentally file it away and save it for another kid.

Hallie’s 6-year-old bubble party was a smashing success and I knew it would be the just right party for Cannon’s 6-year-old party.

I may have been wrong.

Despite what social media tells us, parties don’t always go as planned and it’s not always rainbows and butterflies and bubbles!

For the record, Cannon loved his party and had no clue that we were putting out fires left and right. It was almost comical. The kids loved all the activities but for whatever reason there was one problem or another and this kid was crying and then another was and so-and-so kept popping their bubbles, and this person isn’t sharing the wands…and that’s how it went.

I’m a photographer and I never have a problem hosting a party and shooting the photos, ever. But after this party, I had very few photos. We were just holding on until the end of the party!

Like I said before, Cannon was clueless and the kids walked away happy but Steve and I were both scratching our heads saying, “We’ve thrown this party before – but with much different results!” That’s just how it goes sometimes. At least we sent them home so fresh and so clean, clean!

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