Wednesday, August 24, 2016


He's at the age where being out on the tube doesn't look nearly as fun as sitting behind the wheel.

Every now and again he would look over my way and grin ear to ear - so proud of his work as the driver. Childhood is too short.

 photo 20160802-DSC_4475.jpg
Nikon D750 | Lens 24-120 mm | Aperature 4.0 | Shutter 200 | ISO 320

It must be something with this age because I have a picture of Hunter at the wheel and Bennett at the wheel as this exact age and not a single picture of them older in this same position.
 photo 20100617-DSC_7473.jpg
 photo 20130914-DSC_4344.jpg

They're learning young!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Our Milwaukee house...

Have you ever moved from a home and then wished you could see it one more time to see what it looked like? When Steve and I visited Milwaukee a few years back we drove by our old house. From the outside it looked the exact same, except the pear tree we had planted in the front was much bigger. I was mustering up the courage to knock on the door to see if we could take a look when one of our old neighbors informed us they were out of town for the weekend. Part of me was bummed, and part of me was relieved, I wasn't sure I actually wanted to see what she had changed. I wanted it to live on in my memory just as we left it.

I was surprised this week when Zillow informed me of the house going up for sale, coming up on 6 years after we sold it. My curiosity got the better of me and I found myself excitedly waiting for the pictures to load.
 photo 5cd97c25-186c-4fdd-a6a4-18bcaa940a99.jpg
The first picture loaded and it looked like nothing had changed from when we left it. The entry was still painted red, the curtains we left still hung on the windows, the walls still painted stripes using flat/gloss paint and the clock and shelf we left in an alcove were still adorning the wall.
 photo cde6cd12-f778-4691-8c47-832d9d8a0551.jpg
 photo bd1fd94d-951d-4a6e-9f68-140f67355161.jpg
The kitchen was the same as well including the curtains. Our bedroom. The bathroom. Hunter's room. The basement. Paint, curtains, was the same. It was the weirdest feeling seeing our exact house years later. Even the leather sectional we sold with the house was still there. After going through the whole slideshow, we realized they painted two rooms - Hallie's room and the bathroom downstairs. Thats it. The rest of the house was just as we had left it.

 photo 6e06a86a-bb17-4546-a29b-399509cb5df3.jpg
 photo 67235525-908f-4345-97a2-227691f27687.jpg

I actually enjoyed seeing the inside again. I can't imagine someone moving into a house and not changing more than two paint colors, but that's me. In fact I look at that house and think how different I'd to it today. That house is where I learned how to renovate and my love for building started to take shape.

I'm sure the next time I see that house posted for sale it will look vastly different!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

24 weeks...

I feel like starting solids with babies is a necessary evil. In fact it ranks low on things I enjoy doing - pretty close to potty training. But we're doing it and I know 4 months from now it will be much better.

Until then, I put a spoon in his mouth and only a 1/3 stays in his mouth, the rest dribbles down his chin. Which I scoop off and feed him again, but this time only a 1/4 stays in his mouth. The whole time I'm holding his hands so I can get the spoon close to his mouth and as I go to reload the spoon with more rice cereal, he blows raspberries with the biggest smile on his face. The first time it was pretty cute and funny. And even the second time it was pretty entertaining as he surprised himself when food splattered on his face. After that it just created more mess to clean up and less food that he actually consumed. But I am nothing if not persistent!
weekly photo project

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Birth Announcement...

I designed these a while back. It took me some time to actually get them printed. Once they were printed they sat on my desk for way too long. I finally got most of them out just before we left for the summer, with a few stragglers still sitting on my desk. That my friends is the difference between the first child and the fifth child!

Birth Announcement design with hand lettering
Birth Announcement design with hand lettering
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