Friday, October 31, 2014

Weekly Photo Wrap Up...

A week ago Tuesday, I set up the studio lights for the last shoot of Cannon's weekly photos. Part of me was relieved that I didn't have to come up with another chalk drawing (some days when the creative juices weren't flowing it was really hard!) Part of me was surprised that I made it 52 weeks. And of course part of me was sad because he's one years old and we were done with this chapter. My Tuesdays are now looking surprisingly empty!

Life with Fingerprints: Weekly Photo Collage; chalkboard art

I can't decide which is my favorite, I love them all for one reason or another. But I really like weeks 37-40 - perhaps just a fun stage he was in. What's your favorite?

Get a closer look at the weekly photos here.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Birthday dreams...

Do you want to know how to make a nine-year-old's birthday dreams come true?

Have her grandma visiting.

Have her dad home from work - who also cooks her pancakes for breakfast.

The announcements give her a shout out for her birthday and give her a birthday pencil.

Go out to lunch at Panda Express (her choice).
Life with Fingerprints-2685 photo LifewithFingerprints-2685.jpg

Take popcorn balls in for the class treat.

Choose the dinner menu.

Life with Fingerprints-1502 photo LifewithFingerprints-1502.jpg

Open presents and be over the moon excited that she got exactly what she asked for...Roller Blades. Yes, we bought her roller blades. Yes, I asked her a million times to make sure she knew what roller blades were. No, I had no idea people still used those things.
Life with Fingerprints-1511 photo LifewithFingerprints-1511.jpg
Life with Fingerprints-1533 photo LifewithFingerprints-1533.jpg
The trick will be keeping Hunter off of those things! Hallie went to school this morning and wanted me to hide them so while she was at tennis after school no one (i.e. little brothers) could be using them!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Birthday...

It's funny how as my kids grow older, I hold on to a young image of them that is burned into my memory. Although Hallie is now nine years old, she's still three years old in my head. Curly hair, high cartoon voice and as OCD as a kid can be! She was funny and full of life and she loved to sing.
Life with Fingerprints: Birthday Girl
Not much has changed.
Life with Fingerprints: Birthday Girl
Here's a couple things we love about this birthday girl...

She loves her brothers - although she begs for a sister.

She takes care of Cannon as if he's her own. She talks to him in high pitch squeals and baby talk and she always knows how to get him to stop crying.

She is tender through and through. She hates to see people hurt.

She is my sidekick project girl. She is always asking how she can help or what she can work on. She's becoming quite useful to me as far as projects are concerned.

She's adventurous - she loves roller coasters and anything else that would be potentially scary.

She talks. She talks about her day, her friends, her open book.

She adores her father and wants him to be a part of everything we're doing during the day.

She is lovely and I'm so glad she's mine. I tell you what...we had a rough start with this kid, but she's made up for all the crying ten times over. Happy birthday sweet girl.


Bennett is the comedian of the family. He's animated and he knows how to put on a show. I always think I'm going to remember all of the little one liners and sadly I never remember. Heres a few (some from a while ago) from my phone...
Life with Fingerprints-8369 photo LifewithFingerprints-8369.jpg
He woke up in the middle of the night screaming for me. I rushed to his room and he was really disoriented and couldn't seem to tell me why he called me in. After stuttering a few times he finally pointed to his pillow, "My pillow is stinky." I picked it up and sure enough it was covered in drool. I flipped it over and told him it wasn't stinky anymore. He put his face in and smelled. And then laid down and went to sleep.

He was in nursery at church and the leaders could smell a stinky diaper. They checked one kid when Bennett came running over and in a loud and boisterous song, sang, "I'm poopy."

Bennett has become quite the entertainer at church and has captured everyone's hearts. He walks around with Steve before the meeting starts shaking everyone's hands. A boy at church saw Bennett working the crowd and asked, "How did Bennett get so famous when he's so little."

We were sitting at the table eating lunch when I referred to him as "honey". He shot me a "don't you dare" look and said, "What you say to me?" "Honey, you need to eat your lunch." He quickly shot back, "You no call me honey...Anna calls me honey." Anna is his 3 year-old BFF who clearly has a nickname for Mr. B!

He was talking quickly and I could only make out a few words out of each sentence. I heard "big burpions". Seconds later I heard "little burpions." I had no clue what he was referring to until he mentioned Steve's foot and then I knew he was talking about scorpions. So I corrected him and then next time he said it he really enunciated...BURRRRpions. He thought he nailed it. I gave him a high five indicated he nailed it!

He picked up the phrase, "Who cares" and he's been using it in the funniest situations but rarely is it used in the right context. One particular time he used it correctly. While in nursery, the leader was talking about one of the kids finishing their snack. Bennett chimes in, "Who cares about Johnny's snack."

I dropped him off at preschool and as he got out of the car he saw his friend. He was trying to get his attention to slow down and wait for him. "Buddy! Buddy! Hey buddy, wait for me. Buddy do you see me? Hi buddy." Clearly we need to work on names of classmates because I'm pretty sure with how many times he said buddy, he had no clue what his name was!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Have your cake...

And eat it too...
Life with Fingerprints: Birthday Cake Photoshoot
Actually - there wasn't a whole lot of eating. His first go at sugar and he wasn't a big fan. The minute he got it on his hands, he cried and started flicking frosting everywhere.
Life with Fingerprints: Birthday Cake Photoshoot
Life with Fingerprints: Birthday Cake Photoshoot
And after he flicked frosting everywhere, he finally got some in his mouth and kinda liked it.
Life with Fingerprints: Birthday Cake Photoshoot
Life with Fingerprints: Birthday Cake Photoshoot
Life with Fingerprints: Birthday Cake Photoshoot
Life with Fingerprints: Birthday Cake Photoshoot
And then he was done and he turned over the plate to let us know he was done.
Life with Fingerprints: Birthday Cake Photoshoot
Life with Fingerprints: Birthday Cake Photoshoot
He didn't dive into it like the kids were hoping and cheering him on to do - and he left quite the mess which is all we expect out a first cake experience! I'm sure the next time he sees cake he'll put a little more in his mouth.
Life with Fingerprints: Birthday Cake Photoshoot

Check out Hunter's first cake and Bennett's first cake.
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