Tuesday, August 19, 2014

43 weeks...

Oh sweet child of mine - I love you to pieces and I think you are just about the cutest thing on the face of the earth. However, it has been two weeks now of you not taking naps. Two weeks! I'm not looking for three naps, not even looking for two naps. I just want you to close your eyes some time during the day and sleep. I'm flexible as to when that should happen. I will be happier and you will be happier if we can make that work! Love, mom.
Life with Fingerprints: Weekly baby photo, chalkboard prints, weekly onesie
Obviously life is far too fun for sleeping for this guy. Too many places to explore, too many toys to put in his mouth, this house is his playground. After 10 months of sleeping in the laundry room, we finally moved Bennett out of the crib and Cannon finally got an upgrade to a bedroom. I would think his lack of naps was related to the move, but he dropped naps about a week before we transitioned. He's started crawling all over the place and now goes from crawling to sitting. And then the naps stopped. Its as if he can't soothe himself anymore. I walk in after a great deal of him crying and he's just sitting in the crib. Tired as can be rubbing his eyes, but the minute I lay him down he sits right back up. It's a mystery. I'm telling myself its a stage that he's just on the cusp of getting over.

Its a good thing he has a million dollar smile!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Gray paint samples...

I've found that some of my more difficult paint choices have involved the color gray. I want gray, yet it reads blue, purple, green...just about anything but gray. I was ready to move forward with another painting project and I thought I knew what color I wanted and I had a half gallon already sitting in the garage. I originally painted the bathroom this color and then changed my mind after the first coat because it was too dark in the small space. So I took Dunn Edwards Gray Pearl and painted a section on the wall. I liked it, didn't love it. So, I came back to the room in the late afternoon and looked at it again. Still didn't love it. Walked in at night when it was dark and it still hadn't grown on me. Gray Pearl was just not working for me.

I went to Home Depot and picked up three samples: Dunn Edwards Cloud, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray. I was sure I wanted Cloud but since I was there I picked up two other samples. I've always wanted to test Revere Pewter and Stonington Gray was really a last minute choice.

The minute I opened the can for Revere Pewter I knew it was off - sure enough its not even close to the paint swatch - so I'm still not sure if I like that color!

Here they are all lined up next to each other.
Life with Fingerprints: Determining what gray to paint the bedroom; Dunn Edwards Gray Pearl, Dunn Edwards Cloud, BM Revere Pewter, BM Stonington Gray

I moved forward with Stonington Gray and I love it...more pictures to come...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The sting of a scorpion...

While my brother was in town, we took the kids scorpion hunting. I hoped that we could find one to make our guests happy, but anymore than that would make my skin crawl. Much to my dislike we found 6. It was 5 too many for my liking - and not nearly enough for our hunting enthusiast guests. (Last time they visited two years ago we found 20+) We've sprayed for them but this time of year we're always bound to find a few.

Fast forward a week and Steve and I were in the kitchen just before going to bed. He turned out of the kitchen into the hallway and I followed. All the sudden he jumped and started holding his foot. I thought for sure a goat head had been tracked into the house and he stepped on it. I flipped on the dining room light just in time to see the scorpion scamper off and I went into revenge mode and the scorpion lost its life as a result. Steve will tell you it hurt but not as bad as he thought it would. Some stings are worse than others and he was fortunate to get a mild one. Steve's claim of "living in Arizona for 25 years and never been stung" is officially over.

Of course this made me paranoid and I took the black light into every room that night to search them out and I found nothing. Which put my mind at ease.

Two days later I was heading to bed (barefoot), all the lights turned off in the house and I had my hand on the door to our bedroom to walk in. As clear as day, I had the impression to walk back to my office and grab the black light. I stood for a second frozen between thoughts. I quickly turned back to the office and found the light on the desk and walked back to my room with an illuminated black light path. I walked through my room shining it in all directions and there was nothing and immediately I thought it silly to have grabbed the light.

I walked into the bathroom and right in my path was another scorpion. A scorpion I would never have seen because it blended with the carpet except for the backlight. My heart raced as I grabbed a shoe and started to smoosh the daylights out of it. I'm hoping that killing two in our house within one week will send a message to the others that we don't mess around, we have no mercy. I'm pretty sure they'll be scared to even come close to our house. Having said that, I will have shoes on for the rest of the warm season (scorpion season) and it will be sprayed again this week.

Us-348    Scorpions-1
As far as scores are concerned we're winning by a landslide but that one point is enough to make me uncomfortable!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Goodbye Mauve Carpet...

We did one of my favorite updates on the house just as school was letting out and it has made a world of difference: We got rid of more mauve carpet.

Lets go down memory lane for just a minute. When we moved in three years ago - it was all mauve carpet (and a few areas of fake wood).
Life with Fingerprints: Goodbye mauve carpet, hello gray carpet
Life with Fingerprints: Goodbye mauve carpet, hello gray carpet
A year and a half ago we ripped out our first batch of carpet and laid hardwood. It felt so good. But it made it that much harder to put up with the mauve carpet we had left. Another year and a half passed and we were ready to replace another chunk of carpet. We had company coming for Steve's parent's anniversary so we figured we would push the project into high gear to get it done before they arrived, so we didn't have to cringe when we saw them walking without shoes on!

I'm a list person and my projects come with complete lists of tasks that need to be completed. There was a slight snowball effect when it came to removing all the upstairs carpet, as well as the stairs and Bennett's room. It started with the massive cabinet in our loft upstairs. I knew I didn't want the cabinet long term, which meant we needed to remove it so we could carpet underneath it. This was a task and a half.

Life with Fingerprints: Goodbye mauve carpet, hello gray carpet
Life with Fingerprints: Goodbye mauve carpet, hello gray carpet
This cabinet was a single unit and it was heavy. I figured it was still in great condition and it would be great storage in the garage.

We started by emptying all the books and random items that ended up in it over the two years.
Life with Fingerprints: Goodbye mauve carpet, hello gray carpet
Life with Fingerprints: Goodbye mauve carpet, hello gray carpet
I didn't realize just how much stuff was in there - Steve asked halfway through emptying, "Where are you planning on putting all these books?" Great question, didn't think that through completely. I just knew the unit had to go in order to get carpet, so out it went.

We called some strong men over to lend a hand (and a back) and I honestly thought they would just carry it down the stairs. This is where it got a little hairy...I've come to the conclusion that the unit was either assembled upstairs, or the staircase didn't have a railing yet. It was that difficult.
Life with Fingerprints: Goodbye mauve carpet, hello gray carpet
These guys seriously worked at this. They shuffled and slid and moved lights. Changed positions. Took it back to the top of the stairs and reevaluated. Steve at this point was probably cursing me under his breath wondering why in the world could we not just keep the cabinet upstairs until the day we die. I was ready and willing to cut the thing into toothpicks to get it out of the house! But these patient helpers kept coming up with new solutions...and you know what...one of those solutions worked.

It is now happily situated in the garage full of goodness (i.e. power tools and such).

With the cabinet removal checked off my list, I moved on to painting the staircase. And after that was complete, we were ready to carpet.

Tears of joy were shed (only slightly exaggerating) as I saw the workers cut that carpet, roll it and carry it out on their shoulders. Watching the dirt fall out of it as they carried it out was enough to make me throw up in my mouth just a bit!

In all it's gray glory - it's done! (We've only got our bedroom and the playroom left, wahoo!)
Life with Fingerprints: Goodbye mauve carpet, hello gray carpet
Life with Fingerprints: Goodbye mauve carpet, hello gray carpet
Life with Fingerprints: Goodbye mauve carpet, hello gray carpet
And because a project is never truly complete...I've got some work to do upstairs where the cabinet once stood.
Life with Fingerprints: Goodbye mauve carpet, hello gray carpet
Life with Fingerprints: Goodbye mauve carpet, hello gray carpet
Add it to my task list!
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