Monday, July 30, 2007

Milk or water...

Steve thinks its funny to confuse our poor little child, as if she needs help doing so, she confused as it is, what toddler isn't? The first word Hallie truly mastered was "water". We quickly realized she used this word not only when she wanted water, but also when she wanted to talk but didn't know what to say. So this is what we heard, blah blah blah a la water. As she started talking more the time came when we started asking her what her choice of beverage was, Milk or water, water or milk. Steve picked up on the fact that she would just repeat the last word, so to confuse her, he would then repeat the phrase but switch the words around, milk or water, to water or milk and consistently Hallie would change her mind depending on what Steve said last. As of lately, Hallie really enjoys a nice cold glass a milk, (probably because I give her lukewarm tap water, and it's toasty outside!!) Anyway, she came and grabbed my hand this morning and asked for water. As I got water out of the tap, she began to scream. She ran to the fridge and started banging on the fridge shouting a jumbled phrase "milkorwater, milkorwater". She wanted milk, and thats what she thinks its called. Hence, Steve won the battle, he once again successfully confused our 20 month old daughter, I have to give him props, he's pretty proud of himself!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another day at the beach...

As you can probably tell from previous posts, we love the beach. Which is ironic, because I hate sand! I hate walking in the sand and getting it in between your toes it's like taking sandpaper and rubbing on my feet! I think I would rather have someone scratch their fingernails on the chalkboard. However, my dislike for the sand doesn't take away from the fact that Hallie loves it and could spend hours playing with little or no complaint which is an improvement from our home life. So we try to get to the beach as much as possible. Yesterday we were watching Hallie's friend Paige (just a few months older than Hallie), so she was at the beach with us. I soon realized how loud and vocal my child was compared to this mild mannered child, who was so peaceful the whole day and so easy. We were with some other friends, the Engars, who also have a daughter who is almost 2 1/2. It was fun to watch them all interact, and to see how different each of them are. We had ourselves a little BBQ and enjoyed the evening on the beach. Here are some pics...
Hallie had quite the fall, she was playing and fell, hitting her head on the tile floor, while we were at the beach, we noticed how large it had become!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday...

Twenty-six years ago Steve was brought into this world and boy are we grateful! Knowing how important birthdays are to him, we went all out and had ourselves a great time. Hallie walked around the house all day saying, "Happy to you, Happy to you". We actually got her to say the whole thing but she definitely preferred her own parred down phrase.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Conversation of the day...

Steve and I are alike in many ways, but yet there is this huge divide where we are different. For example. Steve likes to go to bed early...lights out at 10:00. I, on the other hand, like to take advantage of the time that Hallie is sleeping and I'm quite productive from 10:00 to 11:30. I used to give in, telling myself I'll just get up earlier before Hallie wakes up. But it doesn't work that way, no matter what time she normally wakes up, if I wake up early she senses it and thinks I'm lonely, so she gets up too. This defeats my plan. So the only success is for me to stay up later. But Steve doesn't care for that option, he would rather I go to bed when he does. So this week I thought I'd give it a try. Not only do I lie awake for an hour, but then I have absolutely no desire to get up early in the morning, I'll sleep until Hallie gets up. (which is somewhere between 7:00 and 7:30) However, Steve is diligent in trying to wake me up every morning. So this was the conversation we had this morning.

Steve: Kara, Kara, it's time to get up
Kara: (No comment, pretend as though you don't hear him and maybe he'll leave the room!)
Steve: Kara, get up
Kara: (rolls over, doesn't make eye contact, but Steve senses I'm awake)
Steve: (bright and cheerfully) So, how did you sleep?
Kara: (groggily, if that's a word) I don't know, I'll let you know when I'm finished. (rolls back over)

Steve went to bed 1/2 hour ago and I'm staying up later. And there you have it.

Hallie's Misunderstanding...

Hallie is at the age where she absorbs everything like a sponge. Which normally works to our advantage, for example we've taught her where her diaper, wipes, and pajamas are at so at night she can bring us everything we need and we don't have to put forth much effort. I like this. However there are other things she picks up on that probably aren't quite as appropriate to post, so we'll leave it at that. Needless to say, she's been the source of quite a few embarassing encounters with strangers. Now to our latest example. Steve and I have been quite diligent in teaching Hallie who Jesus is. We show pictures at home, at church we talk about Him, and we have many books which she is successful in pointing Him out in all the pictures. I dare say, we were pretty proud of ourselves. So we're walking in the neighborhood and she sees a statue of St. Mary. (There's quite a few around here!) And proudly she points and says, "It's Jesus." Feeling so proud that she noticed the statue looked somewhat like the one we had a home, we didn't correct her and you could see how happy she was that she got it. We didn't think anything of it until recently. We were driving home and we drove past this church (we drive by it all the time) and it has that same statue but quite large right on the corner of the street. Hallie sees it and you can guess what she said. So now, we're trying to back peddle and correct her, but like I said before she's a sponge and she can't seem to let go of the previous misconception. And so, every time we now drive by that church it's the same conversation, Hallie points out the statue and we correct her!!

More family pics...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Picture day...

We took some family pictures this morning. We set up a studio in the living room and went at it. For the most part Hallie was awful, no matter how many snacks we shoved in her face she relentlessly gave us attitude. However, she did like holding this picture frame! Thank heavens! Our good friend Cassidy took our family pictures, and in turn I took her family. I'll post more later.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day at the park...

We rounded up a group of girls today to hit up the splash park close to our house. It sounded like a good idea at 9 a.m. when it was beautiful outside, but it didn't sound like a great idea at 2:30 because we get these dark threatening afternoon clouds. So sure enough we show up at the park at 3 p.m. and in less than 3 minutes it was already sprinkling. We figured, what does it hurt if we get a little wet, right? Besides we all had our swim suits on! Luckily thats all it was, a little sprinkle. The kids had a ball! Hallie's personal favorite was playing in the pool, then running over to the park and rolling around in the sand. Needless to say, I'm sure I'll be finding sand in crevices for days!! Here are some pics from the afternoon. (The cute little boy you see is Hallie's little boyfriend, one minute they love each other, the next they're pulling at one another's hair. From the looks of it, she's got marriage down!!)

Conversation of the day: (and no, the anonymous person isn't me!)
Park Official: You can't have food on the deck
Anonymous: The deck?
Park Official: The deck. You must eat outside the fenced area.
Anonymous: (Annoyed look, realizing the fenced area isn't so close) That's Lame!
Park Official: (Confused at the previous comment just stares then walks away)
Anonymous: Whatever! (grabbing the bag of grapes until the park official is out of sight and then hands back to her kids!)

Friday, July 13, 2007

A day at the beach...

Steve had a half day off at work, so we baked in the afternoon sun at the beach. You're probably wouldn't put the two together because heaven knows we wouldn't go wading in Lake Michigan, at least not in this area! There's a man-made beach really close that we frequent. It was a little overcast today so the usual teenage crowd was somewhat non-existant, which made for an even better beach day. There's nothing like a couple of obnoxious teenagers or women in swimsuits three sizes too small to put a damper on the day. But not today, it was beautiful. We went with our good friends the Lundgrens (Grant works at Kohls and also had a half day) and we spent the majority of our afternoon playing in the sand. Great start for a nice relaxing weekend.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This just reiterates my previous point!!

Hallie loves to dance and currently her favorite artist is Gwen Stefani, what can you do?

Hallie loves to dance!

4th of July in Chicago...

Our good friends from college, Roger and Mandy Woodhouse, came to visit us for the week. Steve and I have been to Chicago a lot, but this was the first time actually staying the night in Chicago and it really makes a difference. Some of the trip highlights were:

Riverboat cruise (including Lake Michigan) it's a nice scenic view of the river as well as the skyline

Chicago style pizza at the original Uno's
Shopping the Magnificent Mile (Our hotel was across the street from Gap...I couldn't ask for more!)
Navy Pier with Fireworks (the first time I've seen fireworks truly choreographed to several songs, quite clever and very entertaining!)

Wicked the Musical (my second time seeing it this month and I'm addicted)

Taste of Chicago (food fair at the park where you buy tickets and sample different food)

Chicago Traffic...I'm just glad I don't live there!

We brought them back with us to see Milwaukee and we had a great time. At the end of it Steve and I realized how much we'd rather people come visit us then have to take Hallie on an airplane!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Summer Projects...

Summer is by far the most beautiful time in Wisconsin but it seems as though all the home projects are progressing in the bulk of these four months. Logically it makes sense to redo the kitchen when it's awful outside because there's nothing else to do, but there's something about the sun that is energizing that makes me want to dance...and paint. A while back I mentioned to Steve that I'd like to tile the kitchen. At first it wasn't received very well, he laughed at me. However, over time, I wore him down. Before he knew it I was buying the tiles! So last weekend we hired a friend to come over and help us with our project, basically we knew it would do wonders for our marriage if someone who really knew what he was doing was there to help. So we went to work. We ended up babysitting for a family friend that weekend, and because it was my project and Steve's such a good sport, he ended up being the babysitter while I cut tile. So there you have it, the story of our marriage. Steve doesn't want to do something, Kara is persistant, Steve doesn't like to keep arguing, Kara goes about the project, Steve stays out of her way!! And here is the fruit of our labor (it's not complete we still have to put more moulding up, but you get the idea!)

Welcome, Sylvia's sister...

Well, it's official, I'm a pansy. We went one week without two cars and it seemed like it was the most stressful week possible. I seriously thought it would never end. As soon as we sold that car the "Oh crap!" factor set in. Suddenly, I needed to be a hundred places at once including girls camp which would then involve the car being gone for an equal amount of time. Luckily, Steve was a good sport and our friends were even better about it. Steve would get a ride home with a friend who would then go pick up Hallie from being at the babysitters since I was out of town and then bring them both home. Steve's brother Bob came and picked them up one night to go to a party. But when you only have one car you feel like you're this huge burden to people, which you are. Just ask Bob, or Ryan, or Grant, I'm sure they loved having Hallie's sticky fingers all over their cars!
I'm happy to report we again fit into the two car household and boy does it feel good. I did some mad research for that week because heaven knows another week would have been the end of me. Okay maybe that's a little dramatic, however, as soon as you don't have a car, you think of all these places you need to be or errands you need to be running. And those that know me well know that I like to be on the go and the stroller doesn't make it very far! Anyway, I went out and saw a couple cars and Friday morning I called Steve at work and told him I found a good car, he told me I could pull the trigger. So without Steve ever seeing the car or driving the car, it was purchased. What a wonderful husband I have to allow me to be the one to pull the trigger on a car, most couples we've talked to, that would be unheard of. We got a great deal and we were feeling pretty good about ourselves, until we brought the car home and the neighbor saw us. Seeing two silver Honda Accords sitting in the driveway struck him a little funny and he proceeded to tell us out silly it never crossed my mind. It was then that Steve looked at me and said, I guess it would've been a good idea to look at some other colors! What can you do?

Fruit dipping extravaganza

I got this super fun fruit basket from the hospital I do design work for. Realizing it was more fruit we knew what to do with we invited some friends from the ward to have a dipping party. I made four fruit dips and a chocolate dip. Out of the four dips I made, my favorite and general consensus for most people was the same: the Vanilla was the best. Here's the recipe:

1 pkg vanilla instant pudding
2 small containers of vanilla yogurt
1 cup cool whip (add more for the taste you prefer)

Mix in a blender or with hand mixer, store in refrigerator. Also works for a spread on muffins.
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