Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go away...

All last week it rained, and rained, and just when we thought it couldn't rain anymore, Friday rolled around and it rained again. Great for the lawns, a little harsh on the flowers and puts a complete damper on our outdoor life. It rained so much, I began organizing Hallie's toys!! So luckily Sunday rolled around and we experienced some beautiful weather, there was a short window of free time (I'm always amazed at how busy Sundays end up being, which means we tend to crash on Saturdays in preparation of the next days events!) I'm happy to report it has continued to be beautiful and sunny, with a brief rain Monday morning, just long enough so I don't have to water the plants!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Josh Pothier...

This is my "oh so cute" nephew who is going to be a senior this year, we had a fun time with a photo shoot this afternoon. Here's a sneak peek...

Friday, August 17, 2007

A walk in the park...

It probably seems as though I do nothing but go to the park and beach, but I assure you it's not all play. In fact many times I find myself saying, "Why did I think it was a good idea to come today", as Hallie is screaming and making a constant scene. I feel like a constant referee but it's worth it, I get out of the house and I'm less likely to yell at my child if I'm in public!! So we had another park day with some friends, the weather was a little chilly for the splash pool, so after 10 minutes of playing in the water, the kids had checked out and headed to the playground. I'm dreading winter time when we are confined to our home again, it's been so nice to get out of the house a little bit in between working and house projects. Anyway, here are some pics from our last excrusion!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Magazine cleansing...

Well, I just completed my semi-annual sorting of the magazine bins. It seems as though every time I complete this process I tell myself this should really be a quarterly event, and as many times as I've told myself this, 6 months come and go and I can't find a single place to shove another magazine, compelling me to sort through it. It's a amazing what this process can teach you about your magazine habits, very insightful! For starters, we clearly receive more magazines than we could possibly find time to read, leaving them in their plastic wraps for months until sort day, which then lands them in the recycle bin! Here is a list of Magazines:
Fast Company
Entertainment Weekly
Pottery barn Catalog- A lot of these!
Inside Illustrator
Inside Photoshop

After taking a long hard look at our habits, I'm sorry to report some just didn't make the cut, not because of material, but just sheer time doesn't allow it!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Beachin' it up...

Have I said how much we love the beach?! We took yet another trip Friday. We went with our friends the Wootens and we had a blast. The trip was a success; which means we came home with all our body parts, as well as all of our buckets and shovels, we couldn't ask for more. I got a kick taking pictures of these kids, especially Hallie's little boyfriend Garrett. She relentlessly chased him all over the beach, and he's one smart cookie. He would wait for her to get close enough, which made her feel as though she was within reach, and then he'd book it, then turn around and wait for her to catch up and then repeat, time and time again! It was a great show. And then they took turns pouring sand on each other, we're still finding sand! There was only one low point of our beach experience. I was walking to the restroom and I see the dreaded sign: Beach closes for the season August 30th. WHAT! Are you kidding me?! At least keep it open through Labor day, we had it on the schedule. We're going to have to resort back to entertaining Hallie, whatever will we do!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The wonderful Mr. Groban...

Last night was the Josh Groban concert. I ended up getting a ticket last minute through a friend, Cassidy, and we went together. I felt bad leaving Steve behind because I knew he would enjoy it, and although I felt guilty accepting the tickets, I quickly forgave myself, and the feeling never came back. Granted, Steve said if U2 ever comes to town and he's given one ticket there's no question he's taking it and running, which made me stop and think for just a second, but what are the chances of that ever happening, so I went to the concert with Cassidy!

We had some great seats and surprisingly we were surrounded by people that were quite a bit older than us. I would say the average age sitting around us was probably 45, I guess he's not your typical teen idol. The ladies around us loved when Cassidy gave a high pitch scream, in fact one lady turned around many times and and gave her the motherly eye, and then seeing as though it wasn't stopping Cassidy she then opted to plug her ears, quite comical if you ask me.

The concert was amazing, the stage was elaborate, the sound was...well it's Josh, the sound was perfect, sounding just like the CD. All in All I was quite impressed with the set-up, not to mention Josh's very soft hands...I think he moisturizes. Now for the story...

During a violin solo, Cassidy and I found it more interesting to talk amongst ourselves, (which the older lady in front of us clearly didn't approve of judging from the glaring eyes she shot back at us.) Meanwhile, without us noticing, Josh chooses one of the 24 sections to walk down, it just so happen he was drawn to section 205. As we're chatting we notice an immediate uproar behind us. Sure enough, there Mr. Groban is singing as he mingles with the crowd. Now I think I explained earlier we're sitting among an older audience who apparently shows no respect to the man of many talents, none of them even stood. So as he continues to take his time walking down our isle Cassidy and I did the only noble thing we could think of at the time, we extended our arm to shake his hand. There wasn't even a whole lot of competition to do so. I was expecting some type of a brawl between two teenagers who have pictures of Josh plastered all over their room at home, but there wasn't. As disappointing as that was, I was comforted by the sweet touch of the man himself. I like to compare it to shaking the hand of a dignitary or president, (not that I'm in anyway comparing the two, except for the nature of the hand shake!) He very kindly grasps my hand holds for a second or two as he's sings looking at me "I am not a hero, I am not an angel, I am just a man"...very fitting, considering the circumstances! And although he is "just a man", I'm proud to say that I touched, held (however you want to refer to it as!) his hand. And will gladly go back and pay full price to see him again. I've got to give him props, he knows how to work an audience and I'm sure it works very well with the marketing plan!

Steve was so cute, he stayed up until 11:45 (which those of you who know Steve and his early to bed habits, know this was quite the sacrifice) when I got home and then let me talk his ear off about how fun it was. It was quite the successful concert. Here are a few pics that Cassidy took of us and then Mr. Groban making the rounds in our section, you'll notice there's not a whole lot of standing up going on!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hallie's finding Nemo fish arm video...

Wow, that title is a mouthful!

Dirt, more dirt, and a dirt movie...

So owning a home might not have been the best idea for us...I can't seem to stop the projects. Granted part of that is due to the age of our home which consequently results in more projects than Steve probably thought was possible. Knowing there's only a while longer of good weather, we decided to work on our front yard that could use some needed attention. We have to ripped out all the bark, plastic, and root system in order to have a nice foundation we could grow some plants from. After ripping it out we realized we needed more dirt. So we rented a truck, made a trip to the landfill and went to another place and picked up dirt. Luckily the back hoe did most the work, because I don't think we would've had the energy to unload it had that been the case. You weigh the truck going in and out, and then pay for how much dirt you picked up. We definitely got our money's worth. For $30 we picked up 3,000 lbs of dirt. Looking at the receipt we received we noticed the dirt was only $26, but there was a $4 fuel charge for loading it in the truck. Steve said he would've gladly paid someone $50 to load it in the truck, so we were pretty stoked about our great deal, until Steve had to start unloading it, which he wished he could pay the $4 to unload it! Anyway, we've got a lot more work on the project before we can start spreading the dirt around, but all in due time!

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