Thursday, February 28, 2008


As part of the Christmas gift, Steve agreed to watch the kids while we went to Chicago on Saturday. For those interested in visiting and think Chicago would be a great side trip, you are exactly right...however arrange your trip accordingly because I won't do Chicago again in February. FREEZING! And it was the warmest of the five days that she was here, 20 degrees. I can handle 20 degrees, I do it all the time, but not being outside constantly for hours on end. We had to keep making pit stops inside stores and museum to give our ears and noses just enough time to thaw where they hit that hurting stage, just to go back outside to experience it again. I think the temperature would have been fine had it not been for the wind, yowsers! Amidst undesirable conditions, we had a blast. We hit up a few museums, millenium park (the big mirror bean) and of course the shopping. I would love to go down in the summer time and rent bikes and just ride for the afternoon, how fun would that be!?

Anyway, it gave us time to hang out and chat without having to worry if we need to change a diaper or if it's past naptime! It felt as if for an afternoon we were back living in Rexburg (cold conditions helped the visualization!) taking the afternoon away from studying and such just to chat, it was as if time stood still, we hadn't been apart for years. And we couldn't help but talk of all of our other roommates (who we wished so dearly could've been there as well, but like I said February does not produce ideal conditions) and who we can't wait to see and catch up hopefully soon.

Friends have played such a large role in my life, I've always been fortunate to have meaningful friends. And it feels good to reconnect with those friends whenever I get the chance. Stacey and I stayed up so late every night just talking, we'd look at the clock and see it was getting late and then a new topic would be brought up until we exhausted that one and we'd move to another one. You always wonder what it's going to be like to spend a significant amount of time with someone after being apart for years. Will it be awkward? Will there be lulls where you're trying to fill time? Will you realize you've grown apart? But in my case it was exactly what I expected- absolutely wonderful and fun. Steve asked me after the first night in a somewhat concerned tone..."Well how is it going?" I replied, "Awesome, there's some people who you just know will be a lifelong friend, and she's one those." Which I'm happy to say, I have many lifelong friends, how blessed am I?!

Stacey- Thanks so much for the fun, and Justin, thanks for giving up your wife for the week, I cherished the time we shared. Sadly enough this is the only picture we have together for the whole weekend...of course a self portrait!

Merry Christmas to Me...

So my Christmas present finally arrived...two months late. Better late than ever! My present just happened to be my good friend/roommate Stacey Heaton. Steve being the crafty one he is, knows that I'm not truly in need of anything, another coat in the closet just wasn't going to cut it for him this year for my Christmas present. So he started thinking outside the box just a bit and flew out my friend. I was giddy. There's just something comforting of a truly familiar face that just makes me happy. The type that know everything about you, before you were married with kids and so mature...kind of get the point.

Anyway, so Stacey and her son flew out for a couple days and we had a blast. Hallie could not stay away from Jack for the first day, she thought he was the greatest thing in the world, but his novelty wore off more and more each day. By the end Hallie was putting Jack in timeout in the car while we were driving to church because he was crying, but in all fairness, she did give him a warning, and counted to three. Jack failed to comply which resulted in the's amazing what kids will pick up on! Jack was all smiles, usually a closed mouth grin which somewhat resembles my mom's dad, and I couldn't get enough of this little guy!
Like I said , the first day they were best friends, Hallie couldn't get enough of kissing his cute little bald head!Jack playing a little peek-a-boo at the children's museum.

Hallie, always wanting me to look as she gives me a thumbs up!Sometimes I wonder what goes on inside that little head of guess is she loves monkeys and she's scene curious george a handful of times, she probably looks at him and thinks, we're friends, huh?What's not to love about that face?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The best little mommy...

Hallie is so good at taking care of all of her babies and dolls. She gives each and every one of them the attention they need, always making sure they go down for naps, she cooks them meals and always keeps a bottle on hand. She brings out a chair for them to sit beside her during her Elmo time and always thinks they are in need of a bath. They sit on her potty and she makes room for them in her bed at night. She reads them stories and pats them on the back when they're sad. It sure is exhausting being such a good mom. I feel the same way sometimes.

A little bit country, a little bit sassy...

This cowboy hat has become a staple at the Pothier house. What I love is when she goes into her room, takes off all her clothes except her diaper and then puts her cowboy boots on as well as the hat and then comes out to the living room to hang out. Occasionally she sports a pink boa around her neck, but that just looks a little risque for our liking!


Church is canceled...In all my years, I've only witnessed church being canceled one other time and that was in Wisconsin for a snow storm. So 9 a.m. we get the call that our 1 p.m. church is canceled. As I'm standing at the window looking at the rain storm we've been experiencing. There was talk another 8-12 inches of snow, but lucky for us it's just I thought perhaps church was preemptively canceled, All the morning wards were, so the stake was staying consistent. So now it's 2 p.m. and just a drizzle of rain, but it's slowly but surely becoming a large sheet of ice. Our sidewalks are quite slick and all the neighbors are out in the driveways trying to break up the ice before it becomes unmanageable. Seeing as though the majority of members here have to drive 15-20 minutes to get to church, I'm now seeing why church is canceled. I was just reading a weather report saying, only go out on the roads if you absolutely have to, they're at a condition most people are not comfortable or used to driving on. So we're just hanging out- enjoying our little family and waiting for the crockpot to be done!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Favorite age...

I know I say this every couple months, but Hallie is once again at my favorite age. She seriously has me rolling in laughter at some of the things she says. Like tonight, right before bed, she was walking around in just a onesie, unbuttoned at the bottom, and she puts on her cowboy boots, all by herself and of course on the wrong feet. But she comes to me in the kitchen and says, "Look mom, my boots!" The girl has more energy and spunk than I know what to do with. Here are a few my favorite things she's doing lately:
She refuses to let me help her pull up her pants, "No, I do it mom!"
She loves to dance, and I'm not sure where she got it but she loves to shake and says, "Shake a lil' bum"
Has fallen in love with bubble baths, I probably should've waited longer until I introduced that!
I ask her every time after she wakes up what she dreamt about, she explains, "Sad and crying, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" (This is what happens every time she wakes up and she thinks that's her dream. I love it)
Last week when Steve was gone, Hallie knew I needed her cooperation, so when putting her to sleep she says, "I no cry mommy, I'll sleep" sure enough she fell right asleep with no crying.
The other morning she woke up and after repeating my name a number of times, I'm not sure how many because I awoke in the middle of it, she finally says, "Mommy, I'm up, come get me"
She is the best little eater, put anything in front of her, meat, veggies, fruit, she'll devour it and ask for more.
She loves putting all of her little people to sleep in her crib.
She puts her baby down for nap time and then she'll stand outside the door. If I try going in there for laundry or whatever, she says, "No mom, baby sleeping"
She's learned how to spell her name...she does really well, she just can't grasp the concept of two Ls
I taught her mommy and daddy's name, so when Steve got home from work that day, she says, "Steve's home". Didn't work quite like I was hoping, we were just learning how to spell people's names and she wanted daddy's name and mommy's! She has a harder time with mine, the R!
She always addresses me as mom or mommy, melts my heart.
Whenever the phone rings, she yells and locates the phone and brings it to me.
She has these two chairs she relentlessly carries around the house, banging them into doors and furniture along the way. They're just her size.
When she's told to go to timeout, she marches herself to her room and shuts the door. Moments later, she emerges and says. "I'm happy now."

Valentine's Day...

It was just Hallie and I for Valentine's day.  She's at an age where she doesn't really get that it's a holiday or that we're making traditions that she will hopefully cherish later on in life.  For her it's just another cupcake, bag of candy, and a toy.  So we kept it somewhat simple but she started to get it about half way through the day, of course at my hundreth time saying "Happy Valentine's Day".  
Valentine's day is a hard word for a two year old and even when I knew what she was saying I still didn't get it. I introduced her to the famous "candy necklace" and life for her, I'm sure, will never be the same.  She didn't get that it was candy at first, which I should have used to my advantage. To her it was just another necklace that she could yank on continuously until all the beads go flying, as she continually says, "Oh no mommy, oh no." She refused to let me put it on her.  So I forced it over her small head and she kept trying to pull it off.  No, I no like it mommy, no.  But I knew if I could just let her see the light, she would be in heaven.  So I quickly said, it's candy, just like it.  So she sticks her tongue out and it was love immediately.  That's delicious mom.  I knew she would like it.  So sure enough she can't stop.  The problem was, she couldn't figure out how to bite them off so she was just licking them, all of them continuously.  So of course at this point she has "candy dust" all over her cheeks, neck, and shirt.  And I was okay with it, because by golly it's Valentine's day.  

Home Alone...

Steve was gone to market (NYC) this last week, which was the first time since he started interviewing that he has left us for a period of time and not the other way around.  He kept asking how I was going to do it, and to be honest I was a little unsure of myself however, I remained brave. I kept telling him it was no big deal. So I arranged one social get together each day to keep me sane and packed my schedule tight with various things and I'm happy to report both Hallie and I survived the week with flying colors.  There is something to be said for keeping your cool because you know you have no other options, there's no one to relieve you in your moment of weakness.  Knowing this really helped.  No matter how frustrated I got with Hallie, I couldn't even call Steve to complain, so I dealt with it.  And it was great.  Hallie and I had a grand ol' time hanging out in our p.j.'s all day, making treats, and crafts.  Not to mention when Hallie went to bed at 8, I kicked into high gear.  (There's always something about being home alone at night that isn't very settling.) So by staying so busy I was somewhat able to block out of my mind that I was alone at night and it worked to both Steve and my advantage.  For Steve, I wasn't calling him lonely or sad, and for me I got so many projects done it's unbelievable.  So goes it, another day at the Pothier house!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


It's -8 degrees. With wind chill -23. Driving home from church today at 4 p.m. it was 1 degree. Add wind chill and I think we were sitting at -14. Some people are getting all worked up about global warming...I think it's a hoax! Live in Wisconsin one winter and your thoughts on global warming will...FREEZE.


My all time favorite children's author is Sandra Boynton. She has a large collection of board books that Hallie just adores, in fact she has 5 of them memorized, seriously memorized. Like if I stop talking in the middle of the book Hallie will finish the sentence. I love the books and they've been around forever, but I didn't grow up with them. There was a book signing at Kohls when we first got here with the author and now I'm addicted. Every time I'm in a store and I see one we don't have, I feel compelled to buy it.

One of my personal favorites is Snuggle Puppy, which she got last year for Christmas. I have to admit it wasn't even in my top five until I heard it sung on one her CDs and now I can't get enough of it, and Hallie loves to sing along. Hears a snippet:
"Well I have a thing to tell you and it won't take long, the way I feel about you is kind of a song. It starts with an OOOO it ends with a kiss, and all along the middle it goes something like this- It goes: OOO snuggle puppy of mine! Everything about you is especially fine. I love what you are, I love what you do. Fuzzy little snuggle puppy, I love you."

Hallie's latest favorite is Pajama time which she got for Christmas this year. We needed to establish a solid bedtime routine and this fell into place nicely, she has to read it every night. Not only that but anytime she sees it during the day she yells "Jamma Time" and of course we have to read it.
"The moon is up. It's getting late. Let's get ready to celebrate. It's Pajama Time. Pull on the bottoms. Put on the top, get yourself set to pajama-dee-bop its Pajama time! Some are old and some are new. Some are red and some are blue. Some are fuzzy and some are not. But we can all pajammy in whatever we got, it's pajama time!"
I counted one day reading it 13 times. She loves books in general, but these our great, I just love them, and recommend them to everyone!

Sleeping with the monkey...

With Steve leaving for market (NYC) this week, we're trying to come up with different solutions to keep me company. This is our third idea, and I think it just might stick...Hallie's plush monkey from PBKids. This thing is seriously to die for soft, I love it, probably more than Hallie. As you can see, I think it will be a nice alternative to Steve not being here!

Okay the real story is...Saturday was my morning to sleep in, so consequently Sunday was Steve's morning. Of course, we have friends over late Saturday night so we don't get to bed until 1 a.m. and Hallie knowing this of course gets up at 7 a.m. Where as the morning prior to this she got up at 8! Just my luck. So I get out of bed, we hang out for 2 hours until Steve gets up. I had Hallie lying down with me on the couch...with her monkey...when she hears daddy. So of course I'm left lying on the couch by myself and the trusty monkey. I was exhausted, so tired. So Steve takes Hallie in to get some breakfast and I zonk out on the couch, but not without a nice snuggle from Banana the Monkey. Steve thought he was pretty clever getting the camera out. I don't know how many times I've asked him to take some pictures of Hallie and I, so years down the road she knows that her mom was there, just usually behind the camera. And he just doesn't do it, however, the one time he thinks he's funny then he takes the time to get the camera out and learns how to use it. Crafty! So he made me promise that I would post it because he went to all the effort, I have to give him credit. He used the camera on manual, took the first picture, noticed it was blown out, adjusted the settings and took a couple more. I've taught him well! Now if he would only remember to do that when Hallie and I are hanging steps I guess!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

6 more weeks of winter...

A couple days ago (Groundhog's day), it was announced that the gopher did indeed see his shadow which means 6 more weeks of winter. After yesterdays storm, six more weeks of this seems somewhat unbearable! No longer do we have simple truck plows scouring the streets, no they aren't enough. They now have called in the big dogs, construction grade equipment to try and get the snow off the streets. They just can't keep up with the snow that is falling. It was a pretty rough day yesterday in weather department. I was just reading an on-line news article and I saw this headline..."Snowfall straining salt budgets". They used the allotted amount of money for salt for the's February 7th...I just hope we don't get snow this November and December, it could be ugly! As of Tuesday, February 5, Milwaukee had received 52.2 inches of snow in 2008, essentially in 5 weeks. Add Wednesday's storm of 17 inches bringing our grand total to 69.2 inches, just shy of 6 feet, in 5 weeks. I'm so glad I could be part of this record breaking winter, I guess it makes for good stories to pass down to my kids right?

Yesterday's storm was mammoth, Steve trudged into work...on time (although everything was shut down including all city employees, and countless others, including the mall, since when has a mall ever shut down for weather??) so he wouldn't be the only one who didn't show was opposite, he was one of the three in his office that came in out of 16. Needless to say after two hours, with a continual storm, his office was sent home, making it his first official snow day! He was giddy. We spent some time outside playing in the snow. We were out there for about an hour and we could have gone much longer if it weren't for the wind. It was brutal. We got Hallie bundled up pretty good and besides the wind burn, I think she enjoyed herself. Steve taught her oh so important things, like how to lick the snow while you're laying in it. My favorite part was picking up Hallie and throwing her, as if on a bed of blankets into the snow. She got a kick out of it.

We had some friends over last night for an "I hate Wisconsin party" which turned out pretty well. We closed all the blinds and acted like we were baking on the beaches of Hawaii. And it was great, until it was time for them to walk back to their house (5 houses down) with the storm going on its 17th hour, snow easily coming up to the youngest ones waist in some places. We are definitely dreaming of warmer days to come!
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