Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hallie...our determined child...

Hallie is no doubt a passionate and determined child. Whatever she's doing, she's full heartedly into it. This no doubt leads to much frustration in our household. She will be determined to get a pair of socks and shoes on by herself. At first, she's pretty good about it, taking her time to try and figure out why it's not working out for her. Once her short amount of patience is exceeded frustration and screaming kick in.

Case in point: Hallie and I have been spending a lot of time at the piano. About a 1/2 hour every day we sing songs together out of the children's hymnbook. I cherish this time with her. We'll sit side by side singing Book of Mormon stories and it gives me warm fuzzies. Hallie enjoys this time so much that I often catch her during the day sitting at the piano singing songs by herself. I caught her one day and thought I would record her with the page of the book, just a little glimpse of a frustrated two year old...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Its a...

Well, there you have it...we're having a boy! He flexed for us multiple times to show off his monstrous muscles. Steve likes to think that it comes from him, Hallie's convinced it's her muscles that were passed on to the baby, and when we talk about her new baby brother she always brings up the muscles, and flexes herself! She's a kick in the pants sometimes!

I was a little surprised by the idea of a boy. For some reason or other, I had done a great job of thoroughly convincing myself that we were having a girl. I knew what the nursery would look like, I had a name, I envisioned little tea parties between the two girls, I was really excited. Needless to say, I was a little taken back when we found out that tangerine and pink stripe would not be a good combination for the baby's room. Steve was giddy, he couldn't stop smiling. He's been talking about this boy forever, "Me and my boy..." (tune out the rest of the phrase every time.) He made such a big deal about having this boy, I didn't want Hallie to fall by the wayside. He has been so good to do his cute daddy daughter dates with her, I don't want that to change and I'm afraid by having a boy it will. I understand all homes need a little boy to complete the picture- I just thought ours would be coming a little later.

It took a good day to wrap my head around this idea. We're going to have a little boy. We're going to now stop shopping in the doll department and start buying trucks and cars. We're going to have a future priesthood holder. We will have a little scout! It's all so foreign to me. Steve on the other hand felt the same way about Hallie, girls were just a bit foreign to him and yet I see how he plays with her and loves her. Regardless of unfamiliarity- there is an unconditional love. We found out Friday afternoon, and by the time Saturday afternoon rolled around I was becoming comfortable with the idea. By the time I showed up to work at PBK Saturday night I had hit the excited stage. I did a little shopping for some clothing- which by the way- girls are so much more fun to shop for, but I suppose a boy will be cheaper to clothe! And the girls at work were so fun and so energetic about going through colors and quilts for a boys room. I'm excited at what I came home with for bedding- I'll post pictures later, (who am I kidding, it will probably be after the baby is born, that's the time table I'm working on!!)

Today is Sunday- and I'm excited, excited for another dimension to be added to the family. Excited that we know, what a different feeling it is just to know one way or the other. And while I really would like another girl later on, for right now we're going to tag team this family 2 on 2, and we'll most definitely enjoy the process.

Monday, May 19, 2008


My little sister Kaytlin graduates from high school this week...she doesn't seem old enough, but she keeps reminding me that she is 18. I left home when she was 11 years old and a part of me has a hard time believing I've been gone that long, and that she's had time to grow up!

I was probably the meanest older sister, and I'm not sure why. We used to share a room and we had bunk beds. My mom would ask me to clean our room and frustrated with the "child" that I had to share a room with, I would pick up all my things, and then everything else I would throw on her bed the lower bunk. No joke there were mounds of toys, clothes, books, blankets, you name it and it was thrown on her bed. My poor sister wouldn't have any sleeping room. Every night it would all be shoved as hard as possible to make room for her little body in the bed. Sometime that stuff would stay on there for a week and maybe even more before it was eventually cleaned by my mom, only to be destroyed two days later when I cleaned the room again! Who does that to their younger sister!!

I also took time when she was little to play school with her. I took it upon myself to teach her her letters and sounds. And I would get so frustrated when she didn't get it. As if every 4 year old knows how to read! I thought she had it in her, so I would push and push and push before I became so upset I'd just quit. I probably told her she was stupid, I don't remember. Needless to say I did some growing up! Once we didn't share a room it was a little better, and once I moved away from home our relationship greatly improved. I'm sure I still push her buttons, but that's just part of who I am, it has nothing to do with age, but possibly maturity!!

Its fun now that we're both older and we get a long a lot better. It's amazing what time/maturity can do for relationships. I'm excited for her to move on and experience new and exciting things as she goes to college and shapes who she wants to become. A step we all take at one time or another.

Static Head...

I can't get over how funny static is. What is it on every slide that makes a little girls hair do this? What's great is when I help her get off the slide I try and help her off and there's a little shock between us. Hallie looks at me with a confused face, "No like that mommy."

Speaking of static...I remember when I was younger, we had this old TV. Of course with several small children this TV had been used and abused. The remote was never to be found and eventually lost/broken all together, which meant we physically had to exert energy to change a channel. We just started watching TV closer, so as to not have to get up when changing channels. The funny thing is, there were probably only 20 channels all together. It wasn't like today where you could literally sit and surf stations for hours and find something new all the time. No, with that few of channels there really wasn't a whole lot to search for. Well of course time eventually wore down the buttons and soon the power button broke all together- it was pushed all the way through and fell in between the panels. So without a remote or a power button the TV seemed to be a lost cause.

That is, until one day it was discovered by somebody that if you walked around the carpet shuffling your feet you could build up enough static to walk over to the TV and touch the top of the box and shock the TV to life. No Joke. What was funny was the fact that sometimes it worked a lot better than others. I'm not sure if there was special static conducting socks that we wore at times without realizing it. But I just remember it taking a while, a couple laps around the living room and down the hall. (what was funny was touching that person right before they made it to the TV, just so they'd have to start over!!) What was even better was figuring out that by sticking a screwdriver in the whole and touching some magic button with the TV that too brought it to life. Looking back someone could have been seriously hurt, but that became our method of turning on the TV. What a different day and age we live in. The TV goes out for more than a day and we're out buying a new one, do people even repair TVs anymore?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Peanuts and Cracker Jacks...

It's softball season! Steve plays softball on a Kohls team every Thursday night during the summer. I've never been a huge fan of softball, I played it for years and it just wasn't my favorite sport. I played fast pitch but it's really all the same in my book.

Granted, its a great sport for the mom who is trying to keep tabs on a young child and really can only watch moments at a time. I can see Steve getting ready to bat so I ignore my child who is running full speed down the concrete path on the brink of losing her balance and biffing it. But its okay because as soon as he hits the ball, I have a whole half of an inning that I can nurse my screaming child back to health!

Every week its a gamble as to whether Hallie and I are going to go or not. I'm the first to admit I'm a fair weather fan. But something I've learned while living here, is never bet on the weather, you'll always lose. There were two or three games in a row I honestly intended on going to, but the down pour 1/2 hour before the game was a big drawback. What I love about going is the fact I know Steve really wants us there. Every week he asks if we're going to go, and any sign of hesitation out of me makes his face grow long. He loves having us there, He loves Hallie talking about the baseball game. He loves talking with me about his good hits, and great saves (which to his credit, playing second base he has some great plays!). I am learning to enjoy the game simply because I can see how much he truly wants us there. It's so cute!The other great part about going to the games is the social aspect. There's all the other wives and children who go to support their husbands which makes it fun, as well as Steve's brother and his family who have been frequent attendees (now that Survivor is over, we need a good excuse to get together!)

Like I said before, it's one of those sports that you can sit/stand and have great conversations while still enjoying the highlights of the game. I can't say that I'm 100% for it all the time because it still takes some coaxing to get me there. But I'm excited for the season. I'm most excited that Steve is doing something he enjoys, so often its the other way around because I'm the one with all the hobbies! So grab me some peanuts and cracker jacks...Hallie just hanging out with her cousin Josh watching Daddy work his magic!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Conversation of the day...

Hallie was in the bathtub while I was in the bedroom making the bed. This is our conversation...

Hallie: Mom, I need you, come here.
Kara: What do you need Hallie?
Hallie: There's a ladybug in my mouth.

I chuckle to myself and make my way to the bathroom where she has a disgusted look on her face.

Kara: What's wrong?
Hallie: There's a ladybug in my mouth.
Kara: Well spit it out.
Hallie: I can't.
Kara: Why can't you?
Hallie: It's gone.

Hallie opens her mouth and I see nothing except a little speck of something on her chin.
Not too concerned because there's not a whole lot I can do at this point I reassure her everything is okay. I look around at all her toys in the bathtub, and there's a handful a floaty things- not toys. Ladybugs you might ask? No, no ladybugs. Just something that appears to be her somewhat failed attempt to not going to the bathroom in the tub. It dawns on me, there was never a ladybug in the bathtub, what Hallie thought was a ladybug, well, it was something else!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Motherhood Reflection...

I was talking with my brother-in-law this evening (at our Survivor Finale party) when he said, "You know Virginia and I were talking about you today." For some reason, any time I hear a story prefaced with that phrase I automatically assume it was negative...but then again, if someone is really speaking negatively of you, would they tell you a story about it, probably first theory stands corrected! Anyway, he proceeded to say that they were having a conversation about motherhood (since that's the topic of the day), how much Virginia has enjoyed motherhood, and my name was brought up with the question, "Do you think Kara enjoys motherhood?" To that question, Bob said he felt that I truly enjoyed motherhood, although I play a tough front which gives the impression to many who don't know my personality, that I'm not enjoying what I do. But he said he can see it in the way that I talk to Hallie as well as the things I go out of my way to do for her that I enjoy what I'm doing.

I was first impressed with how well they know me. As I listened to him explain how he saw me, I was relieved to know that he can see how much I enjoy what I do, despite the front I put on at times. I am very sarcastic and many times its easier for me to make light of some situations rather than allowing frustration to boil within me. I'm not the type of person to get emotional over things or gush over my child, and I think within motherhood that comes across as cold and not loving being a mother. But, I don't have to tell anybody how much I love being a mother, and I don't feel pressure to because I'm not here to prove anything to anybody. I'm simply a young mother. New to the whole idea of devoting every ounce of sanity and energy to a child(ren). And although frustrating at times, it's who I am now, and what I do, and I tell Steve every day, "I seriously have the best life ever!"

So to Bob and Virginia- Thank you for recognizing what most probably don't realize because I don't let it show through as often as many would hope. Also for sharing the conversation with me. Sometimes you go through life not even thinking for a minute what ever people might think about you. Your observation made me reflect how I probably come across, and how skewed that perception is. I always enjoy a good reflection. To Steve- for being so supportive of my hobbies and interests on top of raising a 2 year old. I feel as though I can conquer anything because I have you by my side. To Hallie- I love you with all my heart, and don't ever think for a minute that I would rather be doing anything else but raising you. To both my mom and mother-in-law who stand has wonderful examples of seasoned mothers and lived to tell about it! The world is a better place because of mothers like you. Thank you, and Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dandelion slayer...

When I was younger, my dad was classic for having dandelion parties. Which meant all the kids had to go outside and pick so many dandelions. Once you reached your quota you could be done. The clencher was the fact that you had to get the root. For those that don't know, this can be quite the task! Never failing, the ground was way too hard, and I would try and pull out the weed, and just when I thought I might be getting the root, the plant would rip off leaving the root in the ground. Although I didn't get the root, I tried really hard, so of course I would count this towards my quota. My dad was probably baffled at the fact that we would pull all his dandelions by the root and yet they came back more plentiful each year, he had to know we weren't going to be as meticulous as himself about the whole project!

I now have my own yard, and I see dandelions scattered throughout. I look at all my neighbors and they're yards are free from the weed. How could this happen, just our yard?? Of course all of our neighbors are old and they spend all their time perfecting their yard. They probably look at ours (which isn't bad at all) and say, "that young couple, there just not on top of things!"Anyway, with the weather being nice outside Hallie wants to spend every waking minute outside. She really doesn't need anybody to play with, but I have to be out there with her. As I was outside I decided the pick some dandelions, I could be productive while Hallie was enjoying herself. So I bent down to pull one out of the ground and it tore off. Childhood memories came flooding back. Knowing without the root, my work would be wasted away in days when more popped up, I walked to the hardware store and found the handy dandy tool my dad always used. I came home, where it worked like a dream. Why was this so hard just a few years ago? I guess its my own lawn now. So I spent hours pulling these weeds in a period of a couple days.

On the third day, after an hour of bending I had had it. The neighbors think Steve is the worst husband for making his pregnant wife pull all the dandelions, little do they know my pain was self inflicted, Steve could really care less. I decided pulling dandelions wasn't worth it. I'd rather pay the $160 for the summer to have the lawn sprayed and fertilized professionally multiple times. I brought this idea to Steve when he came home from work one day. "Do you really think we need it?" he asks, "We don't even have any dandelions." of course saying this with a slight grin. And he was absolutely right, they'd all been plucked, but two days later there were more. And I didn't even attempt it. I'll await TruGreen to make dreams come true!Hallie can't get enough of these shoes. She has to wear them everywhere. I think she likes them because it's one of the few shoes she can put on by herself!

Bath Time...

Hallie seems to be getting more baths lately because we're outside so much and she gets filthy- which Hallie loves. Bath time used to be a 10 minute experience, but I'm proud to say we can now stretch this time to 45 minutes. (thanks to her new favorite tub toy, the dress up doll from PBKids) This is really a great time for me to actually get ready, if I deem appropriate that day!
After a sufficient time in the tub, and by sufficient, I mean her hands and every body part were to the point of pruniness I was unsure she would recover from it! I went in to wash her hair off.

Kara: Come on Hallie lets wash your hair now!
Hallie: No, it's all gone.
Kara: What do you mean it's all gone?
Hallie: I don't know, all gone in the tub.

Sure enough, I pick up the shampoo bottle and not an ounce of shampoo, it was a brand new bottle. I knew the bathroom smelled of tropics more than usual! So I start washing off her body and hair to get that disgusting film off her body, and I ran some more water. Low and behold the tub is filling with bubbles. Of course, it is, why wouldn't it? Of course with more bubbles, Hallie was due to stay in the tub for a half hour longer. I sure was productive this morning!

Monday, May 5, 2008


It's a beautiful day outside and I was getting Hallie ready to go outside.

Kara: Lets go get your sandals on
Hallie: Yeah, I love candles, and sing Happy Birthday?
Kara: Not candles, your sandals
Hallie: Yeah, candles, no Happy Birthday?
Kara: Your shoes, your sandals
Hallie: Oh yea, (sigh) my candles

There you have it, the typical conversation at our house. So we're going to put candles between our toes and enjoy the outdoors. We might even get creative and light them! Clearly the birthday party we went to the other day had a really big impact!
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