Friday, June 27, 2008

It's time...

We are in our last week of June and we're finally experiencing warm summer weather, which means splash parks and water playgrounds are open! Yeah! Hallie is in heaven as we get to go to parks and she gets to ride her bike around the circle. Steve took the day off so we spent an hour and went to a nearby park. It took some getting used to, but Hallie quickly warmed up to the idea of running through the chilly water!

Some of my favorite things of summer:

1. Flip Flop tan lines on my feet
2. Popsicles (It just doesn't seem right to eat a Popsicle in the winter time!)
3. Blooming flowers- love them
4. Yard work- I enjoy taking care of my gardens and lawn, I find peace in doing it
5. The bell on Hallie's bike, it is music to my ears
6. Walking barefoot in the grass
7. BBQs
8. Park/Beach days
9. Going outside at night to marvel at the fire flies that flutter around me lighting up for only a second or two.
10. Watching Hallie enjoy and look forward to her time outside, and letting her enjoy her time as a kid!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Steve is pretty funny...

Steve always tells me just how funny he is. Today I came across something that may be proof to his humor, at least for me.

I'm sitting at my computer prepping a package for Steve to take to work to mail tomorrow. I opened an email that he had sent months ago in order to download the shipping form again. The email was one line and that's it. This is what Steve wrote:

"The Package is sent. That's not code for something really means the package is sent."

For some reason I opened that up tonight and just got a kick out of it.

A Daisy of a Day...

Flowers are finally in bloom and we have the prettiest daisies growing abundantly in our back yard. I always catch Hallie back there touching them, and talking to them. (I'm convinced that's why they've grown so well!) So today, I asked if she wanted one, and she thought that was the coolest thing, because I always tell her not to pick them. So here she is with her bright and shining daisy.And as a sidenote- we were putting her to bed tonight and asked her, "How old are you going to be when baby brother comes." She thinks for a second and then replies, "Probably four." I say, no you'll be three!" She calmly replies back, "No, I'll probably be four." Probably not!

Very Orderley...

Hallie likes to line things up, time and time again. Whether its her Little People figurines, books, toothpaste, or her capri suns, she likes to have everything lined up. This past week we've been working on organizing the basement. Cleaning things out, building shelving units, getting rid of things, etc. Hallie tends to roam around doing her own thing, usually not getting into too much trouble. I had just come from Sams club earlier in the week where I bought some flavored water from Capri Sun and of course Hallie found them. I saw her lugging boxes of these things around which didn't bother me, it was keeping her busy. When I completed building the shelving unit I realized it was time for lunch so I start to walk up the stairs and this is exactly what I find, baby and all. Of course this didn't surprise me one bit, why wouldn't she open every box of drinks and line them up on the stairs. I'm just amazed she got all the boxes open, I have trouble with them sometimes, they're glued pretty well!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our brainwashed child...

Sometimes I'm amazed at how much Hallie picks up and can recall, she's only 2 1/2! The other morning before church Steve was giving her a bath. This was their conversation:

Steve: Hallie, you have such pretty hair. (As he's washing it) Where did you get such pretty hair?
Hallie: (without any hesitation) The Gap.

I couldn't stop laughing. Of course she got her beautiful long curly hair from the Gap, isn't that where everything comes from. Steve fears I'm brainwashing our child, I think she's just got it together!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day...

Just wanted to let the Fathers in my life know what amazing men they are. For starters- Steve is the best dad I could wish for my children. He is loving, patient, and knows how to get down on the floor and play with children. He adores Hallie and Hallie feels the same way about him. He makes special time with Hallie as they go on their daddy-daughter dates and it melts my heart to hear her talk about her time with him. And now with a little boy on the way, I can see the excitement building within him. He can't wait to have his boy, to take him to fathers and sons outings, go to Priesthood meetings with him, play football with him, the whole works. I'm grateful for the wonderful example Steve is to Hallie and will be to future children. Thank you Steve, we love you.Next is my dad. My dad has been there for me every step of the way. He was at every game, he coached my soccer team, he was always the one to tape my ankle before basketball games, he taught me how to water ski, he taught me the gospel. He taught me the importance of relationships and of loyalty. I love him and appreciate all he did for to shape me and the dedication he has to our family.Lastly is Steve's dad. From the first day that I met this man, he has been warm and welcoming and always ready for a good conversation. I hear Steve talk about his dad with such high regard and respect and I can see the love that is shared between them. I likewise feel that love and comfort, knowing his prayers are always with us.

I'm grateful for all the fathers- who put in a hard day at work, and then willingly (well at least I think it's willingly) come home to a wife and family, where their job doesn't end. They help with dishes, playing with children, putting kids to bed and so far. Thanks for all you do!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

They just grow up...

Sometimes, I look at my little 2 1/2 year old and think, where did my little girl go? As she sits next to me at the piano, puts her little arms around me, looks up at me and says, "We're best friends, huh mom?" Is she really old enough to be talking, let alone using the phrase best friends!? She wants to do whatever mom is doing, stirring dinner, putting on makeup, and she loves to wear my shoes. What can I say, I've taught her to appreciate nice footwear, and she'll go through my closet taking each pair out of their designated spot, walk around a bit and then grab another pair.

Right now I have big shoes to fill, but give her time and she'll fill them more than I could've imagined. I just love that girl!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yet, another storm...

My last post was made Sunday morning...yet Sunday evening wasn't a whole lot better!! (Actual photos after the storm, all taken within a couple miles of our home.) I've never in my life seen as much rain as we've experienced lately. It's out of control. Besides the fact that our lawn still hasn't recovered (three days after the last bit of rain dropped, and our lawn is still soggy and muddy) our situation looks pretty good compared to most. For example, the owner of this car! They are definitely having a worse time with the storm than me and my tomato plants.

Speaking of which, the garden hasn't quite recovered, nor will it, but I'm happy to report about half the plants seemed to have pulled through. YEAH! Steve and I have been working hard this week on prepping our house to grade on Saturday (bring dirt in, replace window wells, and grade the soil out) so hopefully we can solve the water in the basement issue...granted if we experience another storm like we had, I don't think there's much we can do to stop the water from coming in. It seems as though most people experienced at least a small amount of water in their basements, and some more than others. So hopefully we get that taken care of considering we're finishing the basement in two months!!

It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Friday...I think our lawn could go another week+ without water, but what can you do. And to think some areas experience droughts where they pray for moisture...not us!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

I was just looking back at several posts and realized we had a really extreme winter. I'm hoping that we never experience something like that ever again...on a happier note we're into a new season.

We've been having warm weather, which allows us to spend hours outside every day. Things were going really well until this weekend. I was outside Friday afternoon while Hallie was napping and I hear this awkward ambulance siren. I commented to the neighbor I hadn't heard a siren like that before. With a dumbfounded look, he says, "That's a tornado siren, have you not heard that before. Get downstairs." WHAT! Who knew they even had sirens for tornadoes?? Sure enough, there were tornadoes in the area but everything was fine... besides a little rain storm...

Which brings us to Saturday. With all the rain the day before, Steve and I worked on the gutters, he cleaned them out real well, and we fixed some downspout issues. Within 20 minutes of us cleaning up and putting all the tools away it starts to rain. And rain...and then harder, and harder. Once again tornado sirens...and more rain, and then some more. I have never in my whole life seen that much rain in such a short (7 hours I guess isn't that short, but you get the idea) period of time. At first it was kind of cool to watch, and then it wasn't so cool. The streets start to fill up. Consequently our yard fills up. After a few hours of rain, half our backyard looked as though it had been irrigated, that includes the area with the garden. I'm not a green thumb but I'm pretty sure you don't irrigate a garden like ours experienced yesterday. The whole garden was submerged in 7 inches of water...submerged. (this can't be good for the tomato plants!!) So this morning I wake up to survey the damage, half the garden is still in are portions of our yard. I try to shovel out some of the water but to no avail- the neighbor's yard is full of water as well, so every shovel of water I took out of our yard, that much trickled from his efforts were fruitless. And this is after hours and hours of no rain. Maybe we'll try a garden next year. We're supposed to get more rain today, I'm not sure where the heck it's going to go. Our yard has soaked up a reserve for a month!I was reading the newspaper this morning to learn more of the storm and this is what I found:

In Milwaukee, two south side buildings collapsed, rescue workers snatched people from cars stalled in streets turned to rivers, while pressure caused by storm waters gushing through city sewers flipped 200-pound manhole covers like pennies. At one point, water poured into the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District's deep tunnel system at a rate equivalent to 10 billion gallons per day, MMSD spokesman Bill Graffin said.

"The highest I'd ever seen it was 4 billion in May 2004 when we had 19 straight days of rain," Graffin said. Untreated sewage ran into local rivers and Lake Michigan. Graffin said the agency won't know the amount of the overflow for several days. MMSD's deep tunnel system holds about 500 million gallons, he said.

The lesson to learn from this...don't swim in Lake Michigan!


We got Hallie ready for church this morning and she kept twirling. There's a few dresses that are full enough that she feels pretty twirling around in, and this happens to be one of them. She calls them her "big dresses".

Friday, June 6, 2008

Conversation of the day...

Steve's been out of town for a couple days, and in fact was gone a day longer than anticipated due to Milwaukee's wonderful fog...Anyway this morning was our first morning with him and boy was I happy. I've realized this week it's so much harder to stay up really late when I have to get up with Hallie early in the morning. Luckily Steve is back in town to take over morning duty. This morning he got her out of bed, they ate their breakfast together and then she wanted to watch TV. I was just lying in bed so I could here the conversation in the living room.

Steve: What do you want to watch?
Hallie: Um...
Steve: Hurry, what do you want to watch?
Hallie: I watch Diego.
Steve: Diego, What's Diego?
Hallie: Diego.
Steve: Hallie, I don't know what Diego is. (flipping through recorded cartoons)
Hallie: (getting frustrated) No, No Di-eg-o (saying it very slowly so her father can understand, meanwhile I'm just chuckling to myself in bed. They go back and forth a couple more times each repeating what they've already said.)
Steve: (Fed up) You're watching something else, how about Max and Ruby?
Hallie: Okay

Steve comes into the bedroom to say good-bye to me. "What the heck is Diego?" he asks. I reply with a grin, "Go, Diego, Go, the partner of Dora." Oh- Clearly he's been in New York too many days!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What can you do, she's two...

I feel like I often repeat myself with Hallie, giving her cautionary advice. "Don't touch that, it's hot", "Don't jump off that, you'll hurt yourself", "You're going to get your finger caught if you're not careful". It's normal advice we all give right? Never fail, I tell Hallie 5 times every time we go to the park to not walk by the people swinging or she's going to get hit, yet this advice never sticks with her. In the last two weeks she's been knocked down three times from walking by the people swinging. The first two times she got the wind knocked out of her and she moved on with life, but the third time, well they say the third time's a charm!!

We were attending yet another BBQ yesterday. Hallie was enjoying her time on the playground. Once again, as if she hasn't heard the caution before, she walks behind a boy swinging. He was going pretty fast and pummels her to the ground. Steve was right there to pick up our screaming child. We did our best at averting her attention with another swing and her crying stopped. We get talking and distracting her before I notice the large welt forming around her eye. Steve hurried to get some ice on it before her eye swelled anymore- but the damage had been done. A good kick to the face isn't ever forgiving. (You can click on it to get a better look!)

So we went to church looking like this today. Poor girl, but man she was a trooper. Steve was touching it this morning just to check the pain level and it didn't bother her at all. Unfortunately, I think we'll be staying home for a few days so we don't get the weird stares at Target with people saying, "She really shouldn't hit her child like that." or "If she would be more cautious with her daughter, she wouldn't look like that." What can you do, she's two!

Memorial Day...

I know this is a little past due...really there's no excuse, so I'm not even going to make one up! Memorial day weekend was a great weekend for us. It started with Steve's half day on Friday, us finding out we would be the new parents to a baby boy, and the purchase of a grill! (There's no correlation to finding out we were having a boy and buying the grill, they just happened sequentially!)

Saturday was yard/basement day. Man were we productive. We have been working on clearing an area for a garden. We tilled the ground and Saturday we were ready to plant our plants. We both grew up with gardens so it only seems natural that we too would want a garden to pick tomatoes from, we'll let you know after this year if it will be a yearly tradition for us. We might just as soon realize it's more work than its worth, who knows. So we planted plenty of tomato plants (for salsa, and eating), peppers (again for salsa and everything else you need a good pepper for!), June strawberries, zucchini, cucumbers, green onions, and a cantaloupe plant. Why a cantaloupe plant you ask? Great question, Steve had the same one. Sadly enough it was somewhat of an impulse buy!! Who would've thought you could have an impulse buy at a nursery, but I am proof that it happens. I was going for a wide variety in the garden, partially to see what would grow best so we would know for next year. I love a good melon, and cantaloupe reach maturity early fall- so after we've been able to enjoy some nice veggies during the summer, hopefully, just hopefully, this plant might produce something worthwhile. And if not, well, I learned a good $2.50 lesson!!

Since we worked so hard on Saturday, Monday was nothing but fun. Steve arranged to play doubles tennis first thing in the morning. He doesn't inform me of this until Sunday night of course, and I start thinking. I'm not in the best shaped I've ever been in...5 months pregnant puts a nice belly on me causing a difficult follow through, and on top of it, neither one of us has played in over a year. But we went, had a great time, even won which was a little bit of surprise, no doubt I was by far the most winded player. It's nice to know I still have some agility left in me, but it's decreasing rapidly. We soaked up the sun and of course got burned!

Right after tennis we had a Kohls BBQ with all the BYU employees. Once again a great time. Hallie was in heaven at the playground, Steve was in heaven on the sand volleyball court, and I was in heaven knowing that it was 80 degrees. Once again we soaked up the sun and once again go burned! (For the record, Hallie had layers of sunscreen on and remained invisible to the sun. Steve and I on the other hand forgot to use it on ourselves, and we didn't realize it until it was far too late!) Our friend Jodee made this fabulous cake- most people bring chips, potato salad, cookies, but not Jodee she goes all out and we all wish we could take credit for it.

After the BBQ, Hallie went down for a nap before we headed over to Bob and Virginia's for BBQ #2 which was also a great time. We enjoyed some great food, even better company, and by this time learned our lesson and sat in the shade. I took Hallie home for the night while the gang went out to the movies - Indiana Jones. Steve was concerned I would feel left out...not one bit. I haven't ever, no never, seen any of the Indiana Jones series, so this didn't strike me as the time to start!!

Great day- great food- great sunburns- we all slept very well that night!
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