Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Backtrack...

Thanksgiving day...was a day of goodness and deliciousness...This is how the day broke down:
9 am: Wake up (Steve's parents were staying with us and fortunate for us entertained Hallie until we were ready to wake up)
Started breakfast right away - variety of items french toast, eggs, muffins, smoothies, monkey bread- pure deliciousness
10:30 am: Bob, Virginia, Josh, and Cam show up to start our annual "Stuff your face breakfast". I think the title is self explanatory
Noon- All the guys gather downstairs to watch football and ultimately end up sleeping. I opt for putting up the tree much to Hallie's delight
1:30 pm: Skype family members in Arizona to see how their Thanksgiving feast is panning out
2:30 pm: More Christmas decorations - Yippee!
3:30 pm: Go to Bob and Virginia's and continue to expand our belts in preparation for a feast, browse through countless ads to see all this season's hot items
4:30 pm: Skype more family members
5:30 pm: Let the feast begin. Virginia knocked it out of the ball park with this meal- simply fantastic
6:30 pm: Skype Rob in China - Letting him see the whipped cream mustaches from the tasty pumpkin pie- and trying to convince him that the meal really wasn't that great (we'll tell him the truth when he's home for Christmas!)
7:30 pm: Survivor! (possibly the only disappointment the whole was a recap show, decent, but not what I was hoping for!)
9:00 pm: Rolled out the door, greased ourselves to get into the car and jiggled all the way home. Nothing short of the perfect day!

I have much to be grateful for- we are very blessed. I am grateful for:
The newest addition to our family- Hunter

For Hallie's love for Hunter- such a good helper

A home- a home that we've worked on so hard and we feel comfortable in

Internet- I can't imagine life without it. Since when did someone pay the bills with an envelope and stamp, or look up something in the phone book (do those even exist?)

Steve's job, he loves what he does and he continues to learn and grow and is loving the process

My work- whether it be photography or graphic design, I love it. I absolutely love it, I find I would prefer to do work than many things- such as TV or working out!

Modern day conveniences- I love the microwave, it's genius. Or the cell phone, TiVo, washer and dryer, computers, disposable diapers, the list could go on and on...

Healthy home, besides a broken finger (Steve) and a few inconveniences with the dentist, we have been very healthy

Friends- we have some amazing friends

The gospel- our home is built upon the values of the gospel and I'm grateful for a husband who understands that and values it as much as I do.

Family- we love our families and wish more than anything to be close to each and every one of them. Understanding that's not possible we're grateful for modern technology which allows us in many ways to stay close. We are fortunate to live close to Steve's brother which we absolutely love. We're very close to them and most of the time forget that they're family- we consider them friends and enjoy the friendship we share.

Steve- he gets me. He understands my humor and laughs at my jokes. He knows my weaknesses and loves me anyway. He makes up for the distance where I fall short. I love him- more and more each day.

Hunter's blessing...

We blessed Hunter today- fortunate enough to have family surrounding us. Steve's parents are in town for Thanksgiving and we had Bob and Virginia and their family (who we didn't manage to grab a picture of) with us as well. Not to mention a number of friends who we admire greatly. It was so nice and Steve gave such a beautiful blessing.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Snow Day...

I got up with Hunter early this morning and I noticed the living room was unusually light for that time and when I looked outside I found a blanket of snow covering everything. Although we've seen snow already this season this was the first snowfall that stuck around for more than an hour or two. So Hallie and I stayed in our pajamas all day, some days are just better like that! Hallie had a friend over this morning, and they spent the whole time playing dress up. I had borrowed a tutu from a friend for a photoshoot, and Hallie found it in the bucket and put it on. Our conversation:

Kara: You should ask Santa for a tutu.

Hallie: I did. Probably like three times I did.

And she has asked several times for a tutu for Christmas. Santa is a moron if he doesn't bring one for her.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas books...

Steve and I are in the market for some Christmas books that we can incorporate into our holiday traditions and are looking for suggestions. Currently in the library:
Christmas Miracle of Jonathn ToomeyGift of the MagiTwas the night before ChristmasHow the Grinch Stole ChristmasChristmas Day in the MorningA Christmas Story This is a new book for us this year as recommended by my friend Linda. I had no clue what it was about so Steve and I read it over breakfast this morning and we had tears in our eyes. Amazon description: For 12 years the author played Santa Claus anonymously in New York City in response to letters from needy children addressed simply to Santa Claus, North Pole. This is the story of these children and the anonymous man in the red suit. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will make you feel good.

What are your suggestions?

I'm back...but I never went anywhere...

It's been over a week since my last post and that's so unlike me! I wish I could say that I've been off traveling to some foreign country, admiring the sites. Or perhaps working diligently on my home, organizing, cleaning, finishing the bathroom. But they would all be lies. I have no good excuse for my time off, just a little busy. Because of the holidays, everyone wants their family photo shoots, and of course the cards designed. So this week that's what I've done. Which means, I don't have any cool stories, quotes or anything fun. So boring. I did manage to pull out the camera this morning (afternoon church leaves plenty of dabbling time in the morning, so I pull out the camera, and ask Hallie for the one millionth time to smile, and beg Hunter not to cry again.)
Hunter just had his two month appointment, shots and all. He's doing well, a little on the whiny side, but we still love him. He's very active, his arms are in a constant boxing match with his face, his arms always win. He squirms and wiggles constantly and he's most content being held. (Aren't they all?) His eye contact is excellent, his eyes follow me around the room which is a fun stage to enter. This also has it's downsides because then they're aware when you leave them.
As for Hallie, well...we're always reminding her to be softer with him. She's always trying to pick him up, give him sandwich kisses, give him toys (which are far to heavy for him, always ending up on his head), but she tries really hard to be a good helper which I'm trying to remember. She loves him to pieces and you can see it as she sings him songs to try and soothe him. Only to get frustrated because he's not listening to her songs. It's fun, difficult at times, but also fun. Hallie trying to be close to Hunter, and Hunter...just being himself.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Funny comment...

We've been taking Hunter to the doctor regularly for weight checks because he was throwing up so much and losing weight. We went today for yet another check (in which he was right on track!) I was removing his clothing and informing the nurse that he was doing a lot better with throwing up.

Kara: He's doing so much better (removing his onesie) he's not gaining a whole lot of weight in his legs, (holding his legs) they're still bird-like.
Nurse: Well, take a look at his mom and you can see that it probably runs in the family.
Kara: (Speechless...crickets...and more crickets.)

I tried my darndest to come up with something clever, but I failed miserably. Evidently, I just wasn't on my A-game!

Cupcake pan...

Several people asked about the cupcake pan I mentioned earlier. It's a NordicWare pan and can be purchased at Williams Sonoma here. It really is an easy pan. Both the top and the bottom of the cupcake are cake. Then you frost the top portion. Really quite foolproof! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Funny Comment...

The other day I was begrudgingly taking down my Halloween decorations. One of Hallie's favorite decorations was the candy advent calendar. After she would eat the candy for the day I would find more candy stuck in it's place. It became a holding ground for all of her treats. I took the calendar down without her "permission" and she panicked when she didn't see it.

Hallie: Mom, where did all of my candies go?
Kara: I put them in a really special place.
Hallie: (entering the kitchen and seeing her candy sitting on the counter) Mom, my candies are not in a special place, they're on the counter you silly goose!

Silly goose huh! I'm sure the names will become worse the older she gets!

All dressed up...

Little man dressed for church-

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Birthday Party...

This post is long past due, but none the less I want it contained in my book o' memories. We semi-celebrated Hallie's birthday on her real birthday, and then a couple days later we had Bob and Gin over to do the traditional cake and ice cream. So really in essence we had a "birthday week" which is exactly what Steve tries to pull every time his birthday rolls around! I found this super fun "cupcake" cake mold which was easier than I thought it was going to be. Hallie thoroughly enjoyed her presents: the pretend camera and the tea set (hot chocolate set as Steve refers to it, however that takes too long to say) were especially popular. Then again, three-year-olds are extremely easy to please!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Depot...

You know you go to a store too often when the service clerk recognizes you right away. I walked in to Home Depot to return something and pick up some joint compound. The lady says, "Hey, I recognize you. You are in here all the time." Looking at my stomach she says, "Oh my gosh! You had your baby!" (she then proceeds to ask the usual baby questions) "Don't you have a daughter as well, she has the most beautiful hair." I just had to laugh. She didn't even ask for my ID for the return. For Steve's sake, I hope our trips to the Depot slow down just a bit!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Fall Pics...

Beautiful Fall...

We have had beautiful weather lately, just beautiful. We're talking 70's. I can't get over the breathtaking colors of the fall and it's icing on the cake to have it warm and sunny as well. We've taken full advantage of the weather:

Raked leaves
Ripped out the remaining plants in the garden.
Cut down all my flowers
Moved plants around and divided plants
Bought new plants - a lot of them
So I did a lot of yardwork!
Went for walks
Played in the leaves
Cleaned out the car
And it's never too soon to hang up Christmas lights! I figured now was as good of time as any considering it's supposed to snow on Saturday. I was the hit of the neighborhood with all the kids when I plugged in the lights to make sure they worked. I love it!

Tender Mercy...

Steve is out of town, and Hunter slept from 11pm to 6:30am without waking up. Tender mercy.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our little man...

Just a few one month shots of our little man and some updates:
Unfortunately he's awake a lot more - a lot!
The only thing he does consistently is eats!
After a few very uncomfortable tests found out Hunter doesn't have the same condition as Hallie! Relief and frustration wrapped in one. Unfortunately there's still concern with his colon, which means we're back at square one, and back at the doctor's office next week to try and figure some things out.
Experienced his first Halloween- very uneventful for him, we didn't even dress him up. We'll go all out next year.
Has attended church a couple times - his loud grunts and moans are a little distracting during Sunday School.
Makes and keeps eye contact
Spits up all the time- seriously all the time. We have so many burp rags everywhere because it is that frequent.
Loves the swing, hates the bouncer.
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