Monday, June 29, 2009

Strawberry time...

Strawberries were on sale...really on sale. So I bought 8 boxes. Went back and bought an additional 8, and went back again and again. I was addicted. They were $.49 a box. I couldn't get enough. We had strawberry everything. Strawberries and milk, strawberries and yogurt, strawberry smoothies, strawberry shortcake, chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry/fruit salsa. Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries. After all that I could think of to include strawberries in, I still had boxes and boxes of fruit. So I made jam. Lots of jam, both canned and frozen. We probably have a 2 year supply of know where to come if you have a lonely jar of peanut butter.

Friday, June 26, 2009

9 months...

9 month stats:
17 lbs 10 oz
28.5 inches long

Hunter is quite the active guy lately- this is what he's been up to:
Crawling everywhere.
Pulling himself up on anything and everything and walking along it.
Plays in the bathroom any chance he gets.
He's really liking table foods lately, lasagna was a hit!
Still fits in his infant carseat and I dread the day he doesn't fit.
Surprisingly enjoys playing the grass.
Transitioned from bottle to sippy cup without any hiccups.
Started the momma/dadda babbling.
Enjoys the sound of his voice and loves high pitch screams.
Follows me around the house.
Spent his first night away from both parents - we're prepping him for when we leave him for a longer time in August!
Gets up at the crack of dawn, 5:15-5:30 and is bright eyed and ready to play.
Still fights napping, sometimes he ends of crying himself to sleep.
Enjoys wagon rides with his sister.
Got his first ear infection - which is never fun.
He loves, loves, loves (yes I used the word three times to paint a picture!) standing next to the door and watching his sister run around the yard.
Experienced the trampoline for the first time. His balance wasn't great but we're confident he'll get the hang of it. :)

Here's to our little man who is growing up so fast

Monday, June 22, 2009

Preschool Grad...

Hallie participated in a Preschool group that rotated to different houses every week. This was the highlight of her week (next to Primary). She loved gathering her backpack, filling it with her show and tell items and asking non-stop if it was time to go to preschool. They learned a different letter every week and our ride home was her telling me about everything under the sun. She would tell me about the letter, the songs they sang, the snacks they had, who she played with, etc, etc. 

She loved it. She would see her "schoolmates" at church, or their parents and get so excited, tugging at my skirt telling me that she just saw Sadie's mom. Preschool was a win-win. I was able to spend a little more time with Hunter/running errands/working and Hallie was more than happy to be with her friends. The sad day arrived when many of her classmates were preparing to move away from Milwaukee so preschool had to come to an end which was a hard concept to grasp for a three year old. We held a small graduation party with the kids and their parents and said our goodbyes. 

A week later Hallie asked when she could see her friends at preschool again- summer seems like an eternity to a child! And although she loved every second...jury is still out as to what we'll put her in in the fall!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

What Hallie loves about her daddy:
He jumps with me on the trampoline.
We eat breakfast together and he lets me open the oatmeal.
He sings me songs at night.
He takes me to swim lessons.
He shares his ice cream with me.
He lets me help him pack his lunch in the mornings.
We do puzzles together.
What I love about my daddy:
He loves the gospel- and always strives to live it.
He's never met a stranger, he's friends with everyone.
He loves his grandkids, and they love him.
He's hardworking and loyal.
He seems to know a heck of a lot about cars and I always feel like I'm calling for some advice regarding questions with my car.
He talks with me and listens.
He teaches me- about everything.
He tries hard not to laugh at my hilarious jokes, but I catch him laughing on the inside and I love it!

To all the father's out there: I appreciate all you do, I know it's not easy to take on the responsibility of providing/raising a family. Your hard work does not go unnoticed! Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spanish Skills...

Hallie thinks she's got mad spanish be the judge:

Hallie: I know what fork is in spanish...ocho
Kara: No, ocho is eight in spanish
Hallie: (Looking confused) I know what drink is in spanish...siete
Kara: No, siete is seven in spanish
Hallie: No it's not, siete is drink

Clearly Dora is missing the boat, good thing we don't pay for her services!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Park Day...

I came across these pictures from when my mom was in town and wanted to post them- a park day!

Monday, June 8, 2009


If you ever want to really tick me off, I mean really just make my blood boil: ring my doorbell at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, just moments after I put my ever so cranky and sick child to bed. I had just settled in front of the computer this afternoon when I hear the doorbell ring. There have been very few cases where my doorbell rings in the afternoon. The UPS man is always a possibility, but he's usually delivering something so outrageously fun, I forget that he possibly woke up my children with his ring. The second culprit to ringing my doorbell is the Jehovah Witness couple that comes to my house once a month. I've kindly asked them to stop ringing the doorbell but somehow they forget.

So I go charging up the stairs, knowing that I haven't ordered anything lately and preparing myself to kindly chew out the couple standing on my porch with a pamphlet. As I open the door I notice it's neither...instead there stands three men, one blue polo and two orange jackets with ATT: Uverse plastered across everything their wearing, including the name badge the man whipped out to show they were on official business. I should've just apologized right then that they caught me in a really bad mood, but mistakenly I let them start talking.

The man asks about our TV - which coincidentally we just cancelled our service because we are taking a break for the summer. He starts to challenge our decision to do so...I immediately cut the man off and reminded him that what we choose to do with our televsion is up to us as a family, not him. That should've given them the hint to get off my doorstep, but clearly the man lacked in the EQ department. He continues to challenge me on the issue...and he's being rude. (I would chalk it up to being young, but he wasn't!)

My rage starts to take over and my kind words stopped. I then went into a rather lengthy and descriptive reason why I would never use their service (we've not heard positive feedback from anybody who has switched to this service.) He challenges me again. The nerve! He can't understand why I would trust my friends opinions over his...which I pointed out was a no-brainer, did I mention all the Uverse paraphanelia they were sporting? I called him out. Mind you- the other two salesman are standing with their hands in their pockets as I go at it with the front runner. We continued for just a few more moments when I realized I was wasting valuable nap time on something that meant nothing to me.

So I closed the conversation.

He asked for my name to write down next to our address.

"Are you kidding me? You think I'm going to give you my name so that someday, I'm sure in the near future, you can call my house and bother me again about a service I have refused multiple times. That's a joke. There's no way. I do not want to have another conversation with you. Even if we do come back to television I assure you we won't be looking for your service."

I smiled a gentle smile and quietly shut the door. I took two steps and I heard Hunter's whine. He's been sick for days and he needs all the sleep he can get.

Att: Uverse will never get our business.

I immediately walked downstairs and started designing a "No Soliciting" sign to put on our door.

Sidenote: 5 hours later, after I told Steve every detail of the story at Hallie's swim lessons we arrive back at our home. And to my surprise I see the guys again. They're two doors down in our cul de sac visiting with my neighbor...Steve starts laughing.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun cakes...

Nothing says enjoy this great weekend better than fun shaped pancakes. I love Saturday mornings!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Broken Tree...broken love...

When Steve and I were on our honeymoon I bought a really fun tropical looking plant. It was small and dainty but it was ours, and I was so excited to bring it back to our new home together. Unfortunately, through the process of moving stuff from Arizona to Rexburg our poor plant became frosted. It wilted and by the time we arrived in Rexburg, Steve was so sick of this ugly plant he put it outside our front door to take to the trash.

I was crushed. So days later I went and bought a similar plant at a local nursery and brought it home. Sure it looked the same, but I knew it wasn't the original. So, I ended bringing the dead plant back inside and began nursing it back to health and planted my new plant as well. Flash forward 5.5 years. Our original plant made a full recovery. We then moved it out to Milwaukee and it survived. It grew and grew (it was our "love fern") and I was proud that it pulled out of a near death experience all those years ago.

About three months ago I noticed our original plant looking quick ill. I admit I didn't devote the time to nursing it back to health like I did originally. I think it just didn't like the Milwaukee winter, who does! There wasn't enough sun to sustain it's fragile life. About three weeks ago, I noticed the plant was dead. Full on dead. The plant that once stood 4 feet tall had become limp and completely collapsed on itself. I was crushed. I should've paid more attention. I should have moved it to a better location, more water, something. But I didn't, it died. I was happy that I still had my runner-up plant in pristine condition. It was sitting at about 2.5/3 feet and healthy as a horse. So you can imagine my confusion when I wake up one morning and find this:
I thought for sure there must be some bug out to get my plants and I was once again crushed. Now both my plants are going to die, this was not a good situation. After further examination, I noticed that this plant didn't wilt like the other one. The leaves were still a beautiful green. I picked up the branch and noticed a broken stem. Broken. Odd, who would possibly break my plant?? And then I see my first item of evidence: Hallie's pink blanket. Upon questioning my child, she adamantly denied doing any wrong. Second piece of evidence: I saw Hallie touching my plant and she wasn't being gentle. Third piece of evidence: She confessed, I tricked her into talking about the plant and then talked her into feeling sorry for the broken plant and in a moment of weakness she cracked. I knew she would...

So now I look at my little plant with one of it's three branches completely broken off. Do I go buy another one? Or consider myself lucky that I've kept it alive this long with two small children and toss it out, and forget about the whole "real plant" idea?
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