Wednesday, August 26, 2009

11 months...

Our little guy is getting so big so quickly.

He plays quite well with Hallie- but they have their moments
He gets into every drawer and cupboard he possibly can
He's spent many nights at the lake and is so good
Loves being on the trampoline with Hallie
He's into throwing little tantrums, he screams and throws his body backwards hitting his head on the floor. He's so dramatic doing it but so cute, I smile just a little bit inside
After nap time, Hallie has to open the door to get him out of bed (we've had many melt downs by me opening the door) and he's all smiles
He's starting to work his way out of the crib. I've walked in multiple times with him having both feet on the slats of his crib.
He loves his pacifier and blanket. It's going to be a rude awakening for him when we strip the pacifier from him on his first birthday! :)
He's a good eater, and a big eater. He really likes cucumbers and zucchini
He climbs into anything he can - boxes, baskets, crates
Eats our plant dirt - I've since replaced the plant with grass!
Met his Aunt Kaytlin for the first time and adores her
Had three more teeth break through
Dances when I play the piano
He's starting to really enjoy toys and will spends time by myself with them
Loves to wave and clap
Pushes his toy around the house, but has no interest walking
Goes to bed at 6:30 and wakes up at 6:30 - We've tried later times, but he still wakes up at 6:30
He's at the most difficult stage to take to church. Only 7 months until nursery!
He smiles a lot showing his two bottom teeth and spends a lot of time laughing at Hallie

He's all boy and we love it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Funny comment...

I have to go to the doctor today to get a shot before we leave next week. I was explaining to Hallie that we needed to get ready to go to the doctor.

Kara: Hurry Hallie we need to get ready to go to the doctor
Hallie: For Hunter
Kara: No
Hallie: For me? (getting a little excited)
Kara: No, it's for me.
Hallie: Mom, you're going to have to take your pants off right?
Kara: (Trying my darndest not to bust a gut. Remembering that Hallie has only gone to the doctor with me when I was pregnant with Hunter, so of course she remembers me taking off my pants) No, I don't have to take off my pants, I only did that when I was pregnant. I just need to get a shot today
Hallie: So the doctor isn't going to look at your bum today? (sounding slightly disappointed, and I'm not sure why!!)
Kara: Nope, not today
Hallie: Oh man- lets go get you a shot.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just another ride...

Summertime in Wisconsin is a beautiful thing...
Even more beautiful when you're sitting on the lake.

What I loved is Steve coaching me on how to take the pictures. He was concerned that previous pictures weren't truly showing the height he was getting. So we readjusted. I'm not sure these show him getting any higher, but we tried. Lets make this clear- he was clearing the wake. That's what he wants the pictures to show, but because they're don't, I'm just spelling it out!

Jeremy continually got serious air.

Hallie and Sam took a ride on the wakeboard as well.
We managed to catch a beautiful sunset amidst all the fun. Not to mention we were able to grab a burger from Five Guys Burger and Fries.

Lets ride.

All. The. Time.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cutting down the cherry tree...

At the beginning of the year we had a neighbor pass away which left his house vacant. As you can imagine without someone looking after the home 7 months can do wonders on your yard.

We've cut the grass multiple times. Cleaned up the apples and cherries that fall off the trees that separate our yards. But frankly, I was tired of doing it. I called our district alderman to complain about the mess of a house behind us and he knew exactly what house I was referring to and made it clear that it would be a while before the house was taken care of, relatives were being slow to respond.

"Come winter time, the snow will cover it all up and you won't have to see it until next spring."

I wasn't very happy with this response, shrugged it off. Later that afternoon I see Shirley, my elderly neighbor (76 years old) outside with clippers trimming the neighbors cherry tree that was hanging over the fence. I watched from the kitchen window and then decided she was struggling way too much, so I went over to help. When I asked her how the tree trimming was coming, she explained to me in an exhausted voice that she was cutting down the tree, not just trimming it. Evidently before the neighbor passed away he made the comment to her that she could do whatever she wanted with his yard. She was taking his words to heart.

So I pulled out our nifty DeWalt saws all and got ready. As we were prepping the area, another elderly (and nosey) neighbor strolled by to see what we were up to. We told her our plans and she was shocked. She then assumed we were joking and went on walking. (You should've seen her face when she came back from her walk!!)

So I started cutting. After one large branch was completely cut off, Shirley wipes her brow and says, "If my late husband could see me now he would be so upset with me. He never wanted me to do anything that required hard physical labor." I chuckled and then stated. "If my husband could see me now...I don't think he would be the least bit surprised." I got a good laugh out of her.

Within 15 minutes we had the whole tree down and we stood back to admire our work, slightly wondering if anyone in the family would notice we cut the tree down. And then I glanced over at the apple tree dropping buckets of apples on my lawn and thought...I'll leave that one for another day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today was hard.

Somedays just end up being like that regardless of how many times I try and tell myself it'll pass.

Hallie was sick, again. Doctor's office. Hunter screaming. Trying to keep up with the mess that Hallie kept creating. It was hard.

The day's one redeeming moment: walking through the front door after running errands and finding a spotless and sanitized home. I married a good man, really good. He even cleaned the bathroom. He deserves an award. 

Tomorrow I will refer to him as King of the Castle. That's a decent award. He deserves more, but I'm not sure I have the energy for more than a catchy name for him. He'll understand. I'll make sure he recognizes what a huge gift that was for me, and I'll call him King of the Castle. 

That's a good award!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer Garden...

It is about this time of year that I'm loving our garden the back yard. Up until this point the garden requires a lot of effort, with no reward. But now that tables turn. Little effort, big reward. This afternoon we got home from church, I made my way out to the garden and decided what we would be having for lunch. I found a large zuchinni - to which we cooked up with some cheese on top, a cucumber and tomatoes to top our salad, and a nice side of sugar snap peas...heavenly, just heavenly. I'm wishing half our yard was a garden and then I remember that I strongly dislike weeding the small space we have, and then I'm content.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Funny Comment

We recently had Steve's sister CL out to visit us. She shared that a memorable moment of her trip was overhearing a conversation between Steve and Hallie. Her exact words...

"A highlight...overhearing Hallie and Stephen negotiate bedtime and exactly where Hallie would be sleeping. You wouldn't believe how tricky that little 3 year old is.

Hallie: "So, first we have dinner, then treats, then video, then snuggling with CarolLynn downstairs in her bed."

Stephen: "No, first we have dinner, then treats, then video, then snuggling with CarolLynn downstairs then sleep in your own bed upstairs."

Hallie: "Oh, so dinner, video, treats, snuggling with CarolLynn in my bed downstairs."

Stephen: "No, Hallie, you are going to sleep in your own bed and Carol Lynn will sleep downstairs."

Hallie: "But where will we do the snuggling?"

By now I am laughing my head off, trying to be supportive of Stephen, but afraid for him. Very afraid."

I stand behind CL's comment 100%...she is a very tricky girl but oh, so funny!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another day in paradise...

Last week I get a phone call just after 5 pm. It was our friend asking if we wanted to go to the lake for the evening. Instantly a list of all the reasons why tonight it not going to work pops into my head. So I kindly decline and inform him that Steve wasn't even home from work and wouldn't be for a while. I thought I was in the clear.

He quickly interjects...I've already talked to Steve, he bet me I couldn't convince you...

Then I picture Steve sitting at his desk at work, crossing his fingers and his toes in hopes that his wife will be generous to say yes to Jared...and that very thought made me say yes. Jared was a little surprised, Steve was more surprised and within 20 minutes I was running out the door with all our gear to meet them at the lake. I met up with Steve so we could drive together and he was so excited and happy that this was the way he was going to end the day.

It was fun. Really fun. I know I've said it before but I really like being on a boat. Especially in the evening as the sun starts to set. It was a good night.
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