Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday...

This little girl has a hold on my heart. As sassy and feisty as she is, at the end of the day I just adore her because she's the spitting image of me.

She requires most of my attention day in and day out, she always has something to say, she thinks she's in charge and is always trying to be the enforcer.

She has more energy than I could ever muster up and she's always good for a fun project. She'd rather color than clean and loves to be outside.

She's persistent and remembers everything, I have to be really careful as to what I say in front of her.

She's a passionate child and knows what she wants and doesn't give up until she gets it.

She has a contagious smile and a boisterous laugh and loves the attention she gets from it.

She still seems so little and young, but she constantly reminds me she's really grown up. She's "almost a mommy".

The sad thing is, she is grown up. And it kills me. Because I know in just a few short years she's not going to think I'm nearly as cool and I'll have to work twice as hard to keep her attention and interest...but until then...

Another year, Happy Birthday!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


While we were in Peru we had both of our moms come out and watch the kids. We originally planned on just one of them, realizing our two kids were probably more than either one could handle by themselves for over a week we had both come out. And both Hallie and Hunter as well as our moms were happy about the situation. Steve's mom and my mom get along great...many of our friends were skeptical as we told them the arrangement prior to our trip. I guess we lucked out to have mothers than would enjoy a week together. Two grandmas to spoil, Hallie was in heaven and got more attention than she could've ever dreamed about...this led to serious repercussions that we're still dealing with!What was great was a week after both grandmas had gone home I ran into someone in the store and was talking about our trip. They asked if Hallie and Hunter came. Right on cue, Hallie says, "No, I had grandma and grandma watch me." They lady gave me a slightly confused look when I realized she was taking the phrase "grandma and grandma" to mean "I have two mommies." I chuckled and debated whether I break the awkward silence and confirm that I have two mommies and make the awkward silence even worse, or calm her fears and differentiate between Hallie's grandma and her nana. Inner better judgment won and I explained Hallie's innocent phrase. The lady got a good laugh out of it.We couldn't have picked better and more seasoned babysitters than our mothers. We're glad they were both able to make it out and to get to know our children and their oddities just a little bit better! Thanks a million Grandma and Nana.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


The most eye opening experience was spending time with the people of Peru. There is a reason why Steve loved them so much

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Villa El Salvador...

While we were in Peru, we were able to go back to one of the smaller villages that Steve spent a lot of time in during his mission. It took about 40 minutes to drive there and when we arrived, I looked around at the dirt streets, and half built shacks lining the streets and my heart just sank. In an upbeat voice Steve says, "Wow they've really built it up nice!" He was serious!I was feeling a little sick from the car ride so I wanted to walk around a bit. We saw Steve's old apartment, the church he attended, and a few other places he remembered. By happen chance we ran into one of the families he had baptized which was fun for Steve to catch up with them. They then led us to a family around the corner who he had also baptized.
It was fun to see the joy in the families faces. They loved Steve. A lot. And it was written all over their face. Steve was also in heaven seeing two of the families he had worked with, both of which were active. Of course, I couldn't understand one bit of what was taking place, so I just sat and soaked it all in. It was an eye opening experience and ranked quite on my favorite things in Peru. We entered their homes, they offered us drinks. They had concrete floors, metal roofs with gaping holes, little to no furniture, very humble and kind people. And better yet they seemed happy, really happy with what they had.

As we drove away in the car I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for everything...and was extremely grateful to have experienced Villa El Salvador!
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