Sunday, February 28, 2010

Disney on Ice...

Disney on Ice came to Milwaukee a couple weekends ago. We didn't have any plans to go, and an hour and a half before the show started, Steve suggested we go downtown and try to get tickets. I wasn't a fan of this idea. I didn't want to get all the kids ready, with the possibility of not getting in. But Steve was persistent. So we went. We got tickets. Got the kids situated in their seats.

Hallie had no clue what we were doing. She saw plenty of little girls dressed in their princess attire, magic wands, and sparkly tiaras (of course we don't own anything like this!) and Hallie was in awe. Steve was one of very few fathers in attendance and Hunter was also outnumbered.

Hallie loved the show. (Although she's not real big into princesses, never has been. She didn't know a few of the princesses featured, but loved it all the same!)  I enjoyed the show. Steve enjoyed the show until he had to step out towards the end to calm Hunter down. Hunter liked it for a little while but lost interest quickly. He was constantly reaching forward to try and pull the crown off the girl in front of us!

It was a fan family outing.
Note to self: It would be a better family outing if the youngest family member was with a babysitter.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Comment...perhaps a little funny now...

Last Sunday was our ward conference at church. So of course we had the Stake President and all of his counselors on the stand. We sat in our usual place. 3rd row, center section to the right of the pulpit. We made it through the first 20 minutes with reverent children. Upon the sacrament being passed Hallie started to act up. So I asked to her to sit with me. She refused, so I pulled her up on my lap.

I started whispering in her ear, "You need to be reverent now, it's time to really think about Jesus." In her fit of anger she quietly replied back, "I don't want to think about Jesus." She repeats a little louder so that everyone next to us can hear it, "I don't want to think about Jesus." One more time even louder, she starts the same phrase as my hand ever so gently covered her mouth. I took my hand off when I thought it was safe. Bad move. She screams, "You can't make me think about Jesus." By this point, Steve has picked her up and is walking out as the sacrament continues to pass. As he's walking down the isle she repeats herself multiple times, making sure every one can hear her.

Of course our children know how to embarrass us the most. I turn red, and then make eye contact with a man on the stand who is chuckling. I then try my hardest to gain composure as tears of laughter are slowly rolling down my cheeks. She's got spunk!

Hallie walks back into the meeting just a few minutes later, as reverent as can be and remained that way the rest of the meeting. (Clearly Steve must have threatened her with her life!)

That night, Steve was putting Hallie to bed when out of the blue she says, "Dad, the next church day, I'll want to think about Jesus." I'll hold her to that!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Discovery World...

I feel like there are so many fun things to do in the area and we always make a mental note of doing something, but then time slips through our hands and we find yet another Saturday come and gone. But we did manage to set aside some time for a morning at the Discovery World with a quick trip to Sonic afterward for a delicious cherry limeade. We bought a reciprocal membership that gets us into several museums around the country, including a couple in Chicago. I love memberships like this (this one purchased at a steal of a deal - $37!) because we can go to the museum and leave whenever the kids get tired, without feeling as though we need to get our "money's worth". It makes the experience a little more enjoyable.
The Discovery World is located right on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee. It has some beautiful views with large spacious windows spanning the area. It is definitely geared towards an older child. Hallie had fun, but didn't understand a lot of the exhibits which are centered around science and technology. Steve and I really liked it, but couldn't really get into it with two children who were a little bored.

PhotobucketSteve tried a flight simulator game which made his eyes sparkle just a bit. I half expected him to sign up for lessons right then and there. Even a while later he was saying how cool it was.

We got half way through the exhibit before Hunter was more than we could handle and it wasn't worth fighting him anymore. We headed home, but not before stopping for a little liquid gold - Sonic Cherry Limeade. We've made a mental note, to go back and check out the rest of the exhibits!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dodge ball (disc)...

Over New Years all of Steve's family got together in Arizona for a grand party. We, as usual, were unable to attend. But everyone kept talking of a dodge ball game they played with discs, and how much fun it was. Steve and I were so bummed that we weren't there to share in the fun that we determined we needed to buy the set of discs so we could play in Wisconsin. We talked about it and then didn't discuss it again. I went to work researching it, making some phone calls and located the company that sold them (a P.E. equipment supply) and placed an order for 64 discs.

I surprised Steve with them for Valentine's day by putting them all over the house.

We gathered a group for Friday night to try them out and we had a blast. The discs are just hard enough that you can really get some good speed throwing them, but they don't hurt too terribly bad when you get hit. We gathered some great competitive players and packed in game after game (of course with brief intermissions of food and beverage!) I was surprised at how tiring it was. There was definitely sweat involved.

That night Steve and I sat on the couch too sore to move. Yes, too sore from dodge disc! It's nothing to be ashamed of. I just didn't realize I had so many muscles I hadn't used in such a long time!

It was a lot of fun...I'm already planning another dodge disc night!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I left the house for sam's club this morning at 6:50. (I needed to get back before Steve had to leave for work) and as I was driving down the street, I had this giddy feeling of anticipation for Spring. The sun was so bright, the roads were clear of snow, and if I didn't have the radio host telling me it was 22 degrees, I would've thought it was much warmer.

I can't describe how good it was to see the sun.

I think I had butterflies for a few seconds.

Oh, what a good feeling. It energized me this morning. I was a cleaning/organizing fool. I couldn't be stopped. In fact I got a little warm while I was working in the house and I changed to a short sleeved shirt. I ran outside to remove the trash, (still in my short sleeve shirt) and it felt warm. It felt good. I haven't felt the warmth of the sun in such a long time. I can't stop smiling just thinking about it!

I checked the temperature when I came in...34 degrees. How can 34 degrees feel good? Warm even? It's official. I've become acclimated to Wisconsin- it's in my blood. 34 degrees feels so good. Really good. I just hope it stays.

Please stay.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This was so long ago, but has yet to be posted on the I'm a slacker these days. Winter days bring out the best in me! :)

Hallie was so excited when we told her we were going bowling...however, she thought we meant downstairs, on the Wii. Real bowling. Real shoes. Heavy, semi-heavy ball. The real deal.

Hallie didn't know what to expect, but in true Hallie style screamed with excitement. She calmed down and asked, "what is real bowling?"

How sad.

We invited some friends and hit the alley. It was fun. I loved seeing how excited Hallie would get every time it was her turn. I'm a pansy, because two frames in, my fingers and arm were already sore, it's so much easier on the Wii. And on the Wii I don't have to grab a nine pound ball when really I wanted the seven pound ball but my fingers wouldn't fit!!






Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We are experiencing a large storm. We are a third through a thirty hour snow storm. We have several inches on the ground already and are expected to get 8 more. Steve was out early this morning making sure the seminary kids could get to the house okay, and our kind neighbor did our sidewalks just a while. I was sitting in the living room watching as a neighbor was clearing his driveway. Snow was blowing everywhere and you could tell there was enough snow that it was work for even his powerful snow blower.

As I was watching the neighbor, I saw the mail lady start to make her rounds. She was all bundled up with large snow boots. She delivered mail to our neighbor. And then she skipped us. Odd, we always have mail, whether its junk or important, there is always something...

She continued around our circle. She skipped the next house. Really? Neither of us got mail. Weird. There were three houses in our neighborhood who had cleared their driveway within the last 1/2 hour, she delivered their mail. But delivered to nobody else. I watched. I watched her walk past driveway after driveway.  Seven of them.  Wouldn't that be ironic if 7 houses in a 10 house neighborhood just didn't receive mail all on the same day. No junk, no nothing. I always get an american express offer on Tuesdays. But not today. And it's not as if I have anything super important that I have to get the mail everyday but it's just the principle behind it.

The weather rule as I understand it (as she so kindly pointed out in her letter just weeks earlier) was the snow had to be cleared within 24 hours. The problem with a large snowfall is you can clear your walks but within an hour it looks as though you haven't touched it. So I called the USPS customer service just to clarify.

She informed me that there wasn't a 24 hour rule and that unless there is something large obstructing our mailbox the mail should be delivered in ALL weather conditions. Really?  I wasn't trying to be difficult, but this is the third time we've had an issue with our mail carrier in a short period of time. So I filed a 'kind' complaint. I wasn't looking for action against her and I let customer service know that. I just felt like she should know where she could improve in her work. Besides we did give her permission to walk through our grass to get to our neighbors house so she wouldn't have to walk all the way down our long driveway!

I can wait for my american express credit card offer until tomorrow, not a big deal. But chances are it will probably be snowing a lot tomorrow as well. And although we'll plow, it won't be minutes before our mail will arrive. And then I'll have to wait until Thursday for my can see why something must be done!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The letter...

The other day I went to get the mail and was surprised to find a hand written note on one of our pieces of junk mail.
In case you can't read it...All snowfall must be removed within 24 hours of falling.

I was shocked.

I marched right back outside to look at our driveway. And as I suspected - there were no piles of snow on our driveway...there was a dusting in one area where the snow had blown across the driveway the day before! Still there was a completely clear large path all the way to our doorway. I was speechless. I took a quick survey around our neighborhood and found only two homes...two homes with better cleared driveways - just our retired neighbors!

The thought crossed my mind...if she took time to write a letter to me, she surely did the same for all of my delinquent neighbors. That had to take some time. Perhaps she needs more houses to deliver mail to.

She's a very attentive mail lady. So attentive, that we had a piece of mail delivered to our house for one of our friends, as they were in the process of moving from the area. She kindly knocked on the door and as I answered the door she held up a piece of mail which clearly had our friends names on it. She asked me if they lived with us. I told her that the husband lived with us a short while after his family already moved. She asked again if they lived with us currently. I explained that they had to use our address as they were expecting some important mail and they were in between homes. As I went to grab the piece of mail from her hand, she quickly pulled it away and stated. "If they don't live here, then they shouldn't have mail delivered here." She put it back in her bag.

She wouldn't give it to me. Crazy. I know. She takes her job very seriously.

So it didn't surprise me to have a little love note from her on our weekly Netflix advertisment about the snowfall. Perhaps we should give her a better Christmas gift next year. Cookies just isn't cutting it. Perhaps a nice loaf of bread will do.
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