Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nursery Boy...

We are free...once again. We hit the 18-month mark and we couldn't be happier about it. We've been taking Hunter to nursery for the last 3 months, taking turns as to who would stay with him. It wasn't worth fighting him in class anymore, so we'd let him play in nursery. It was great. But one of us always missed class while we stayed with him.

So Sunday, we walked him to nursery, and so gleefully walked out of nursery to go to class. I love it. I got to sit with Steve with uninterrupted thoughts. I didn't have to entertain, didn't have to wipe any noses, didn't have to collect all of the books and toys scattered across the bench at the end of the class. Church is once again enjoyable. Wahoo!

Hunter has become increasingly obsessed with his Easter basket. We got them out on Saturday for an egg hunt, and I can't pry the thing from his hands. He opens all the eggs and then whines until I put them back together. Funny Boy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Last week (St. Patricks Day) we had beautiful weather, 55 degrees. The kids and I spent the entire afternoon enjoying the weather; riding bikes/trikes, wagon rides, throwing balls. As I marveled at the beautiful weather, I noticed our Christmas lights still dangling from the gutters where they were hung almost 4 months earlier. How embarrasing! I wonder what our nosey neighbors were saying about us!

So I pulled out the ladder and removed the Christmas lights. The house seemed naked without them. I was half tempted to put them back up and enjoy them year round. Is it ever too early to get a jump start on holiday decorating? Not in this house!

Our neighbor friend stopped by with her kids and we decided there was not better way to end a day like that without a little BBQ. In any other place, I'm sure 55 degrees is not typically BBQ weather. What can I say, we're a little anxious. In a matter of an hour we had thrown together an impromptu 4 family BBQ. It was great. I forgot what a hamburger fresh off the grill tasted like. Delicious.

As the sun started to go down it go colder and colder. My hands couldn't function properly because of the cold. It was 55 degrees no longer, and dropped quickly. Perhaps we pulled out the BBQ a little early, we were anxious. But it felt good for the short time the sun was out!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Funny comment...

I was taking Hallie to the library last night after dinner. Hunter was trying his darndest to get out the door with us. It took me second to gather my things and Hallie continuously opened the door, as Hunter repeatedly tried to make an escape. Finally, I said, "Hallie please stop teasing your brother. You know he really wants to go out that door, so stop opening it. He's bummed because he can't go."

"Bummed? Hunter can't go because he has a stinky bum?"

Sure, why not!

Funny comment...

I was talking on the phone with my grandma the other day. She was telling me how a daughter of one of my cousins was an unfortunate passenger in a drunk driving accident. My grandma proceeded to tell me she was probably drinking as well but just not the driver. I asked how old she was.

"Oh, I think she was 17 or so. You know, the age you really start drinking." At this point I was chuckling inside because it was funny to hear her say 17 is the drinking age.

She proceeded. "They were at a big outdoor party with a kegger." I repeated the phrase to make sure I heard her right. "A kegger?" I asked. "Yes, a kegger, a kegger. A lot of alcohol."

She repeated it as if I didn't know what it was. I repeated it because I didn't know she knew a whole lot about it. I laughed out loud. My 93 year old grandmother used the word kegger in our conversation. Definitely a highlight!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hallie is almost 4 1/2 years old and from most the comments she makes, you can see she's full of spunk!

Gets up extremely early, and attends seminary every morning.

Demands that dad makes her Mickey Mouse chocolate chip pancakes EVERY Saturday morning.

Loves a good game of memory. (Her aunt made her a fantastic cousin memory game that happens to be her new favorite!)

She's learning to read and loves to show off her mad skills. She can fully read the first BOB series, and sounds out words all the time.

Asks multiple times a week when the trampoline is going to go back up.

Dresses up every day, and loves it.

Is the best mommy to all her babies (including Hunter, who the majority of time doesn't want to be one of her babies!)

Loves to sing and spends a lot of time at the piano.

She's loud. She walks loud, talks loud...everything loud.

Loves to tell a story. She starts by saying, "Mom, I've got a good story." She then proceeds to tell me a very detailed, true story about one thing or another. She tells me the same story over and over again.

Everything was "When I was three years old". We pulled up to a friends house and she got so excited, "I haven't been here since I was like three years old, now I get to go when I'm four years old." (Which she was exactly right, she hadn't been there since she was three!) Or when she over hear's a story about her and then asks, "Was that when I was two or three?"

She has the best memory. We've got to be careful what we say to her because she will remember. We won't. She will. It's burned me multiple times.

Spends hours a day, coloring, cutting and gluing some type of "homework".

Loves her friends. All of them. And points them all out quite loudly during church.

She's manipulative, I'm not sure where she gets this from.

She's the best big sister. She is always really concerned that he's safe and happy. It's great.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I strongly believe that a well rested family is a happy family....lately we haven't been well rested, you can see where I'm going with this!!

We have children who don't sleep a whole lot. (They haven't since they were born!)
Hunter who is less than a year and a half gave up his second nap right at his first birthday. Which results in him getting a single one-two hour nap each day. And there have been way too many days where he doesn't even take the one nap. It's killing me. He needs more sleep. He's proven that by being so extremely grumpy at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. I would put him to bed then if I thought he'd sleep through the night.  But instead he goes down around 6:30. He sleeps decent at night. Wakes up a couple times but is able to get back to sleep on his own. I am at a loss as to how to get him to sleep longer. He needs it, and I really need it.

Hallie still takes a nap every day. Yes, she's 4 1/2. People are amazed when I tell them that. But you've got to understand she wakes up extremely early and doesn't fall asleep until pretty late. You see, Steve and I teach early morning seminary. We have since the beginning of the school year. We teach it every morning at our house, at 6 am. Hallie demands that she's there. It kills her if she misses a day. However, if she's sleeping, there is no way we'll wake her up. She knows this. So whenever she wakes up in the middle of the night, she refuses to go back to bed because she doesn't want to miss it. On Tuesday this week Steve found her in the kitchen, with lights on, waiting for the seminary students at 2:30 am. She went back to her room kicking and screaming. It was quite the ordeal for so early in the morning. This morning she got up just before 5. Turned on all the lights upstairs and laid down on the couch. I walked through at 5:40am and she couldn't stop talking about seminary.

She loves it. I love that she loves it. But what I don't love, is a girl who at 10 in the morning is ready for a nap. And you can bet I put her down that early this morning. She was unbearably tired.

We try and put her down to bed early to make up for the lost sleep, but it doesn't work. She'll sing to herself for 2 hours before falling asleep. Something has got to change!

As for me. Well, before teaching seminary I was one late owl. I would work until late at night. But I can't get up as early as I need to with that kind of schedule. So I make sure I'm in bed by 10:30 on the mornings I need to teach (Steve and I switch off). However, my mind doesn't want to go to sleep that early. I will lie in bed for an hour or two. Watching time slowly slip from me, getting more angry and frustrated with each passing minute. But I can't shut my mind off. I try really hard. It doesn't help that I've slept through my alarm TWO TIMES and have left those poor students out in the cold, really cold.  So then I get paranoid that I'm not going to get up in time, which also sends my mind racing.

I've tried all sorts of ideas to wind down at the end of the night. Nothing seems to work. Plus I can hear Hunter crying multiple times while I'm trying to get to sleep, I hear Hallie talking in her sleep, and I can hear the sweet and simple snore/hum of Steve in what seems like the deepest sleep a person can attain.

I long for good sleep. I long for good sleep for my children. I want those children who sleep in an extra hour if they're up late the night before or had a rough night sleeping. Instead, I have "energetic" children, much like myself, who feel as though it is a waste of time to sleep. Darn those kids who end up just like their parents!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I spend a lot of time at my desk in any given week. I try and do most my work at night while the kids are sleeping - but ultimately end up at my desk during the day as well; talking to family on skype, paying bills, reading the news...and a number of other random things. While I'm at the desk, it seems as though the kids bring me everything under the sun.

Just tonight we were talking with my brother and sister-in-law, and Steve started naming some of the random things that have ended up on the desk this week. Just to name a few:

Seasons 1-7 Gilmore girls
Hallie's BOB reading books
Bag of balloons
Box of crackers
Rubber Mallett
Color Code book
Newspaper ad
Sight word flash Cards
Annual Report Proofs for hospital
Hallie's broken watch
Battery Charger
Orange vinyl fabric
Glitter glue
Sock cop
Colored pencils
Air freshener

It seems as though no matter how many times I clean the desk off, every week there is a wide assortment of items, none of which belong there. But they like to collect there. It's their second home.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sticky situation...

Yesterday afternoon I was talking with my parents on skype when Hunter, playing in the play area, started screaming. My mom casually said, "You better go check on him he's probably bleeding." Hallie runs to him and screams, "Mom he is bleeding." Photobucket

I pick him up, shielding the blood from the rug and carpet unsure where it was coming from. He was screaming. There was blood in his mouth, running down from his mouth and by his nose. After I cleaned him up I realized all the blood was coming from a cut just below his lip. I kept pressure on it and eventually stopped bleeding for the most part. He stopped crying. He snuggled up to me. He kept biting his lip which would make it bleed more, I realized how wide and deep the cut was. This was the first time as a mother the thought of stitches came to mind.

I called a friend of ours who is a resident at the hospital and asked his opinion. He said you can't go wrong with stitches on the face. It's always best to play it safe. As I was looking closer I noticed the large gash on the inside of his mouth as well. Clearly his tooth made contact with whatever he fell on the play room, I'm pretty sure it was the entertainment center.

So we decided to go to urgent care. However, my car wouldn't start. Dead battery. Suprisingly enough I haven't driven my car in two weeks!! So Steve came home from work to pick us up. We spend what seems like forever in the waiting room. Only to finally see the doctor who was not comfortable helping us because of the size and location of the cut; on a toddler.

We made our way to the children's hospital, where we were able to meet with a doctor who too was concerned with his age and the size and location of the cut. She suggested a glue, dermabond, they use in place of stitches. So that's what we did. With Steve holding down his legs and arms, with me holding his head and neck and one nurse holding the cut together, the doctor spread the glue and helped hold him as the glue had to dry.

Hunter was not a happy camper, in fact I would go as far as to say he was angry, really angry. By the time she was done with the glue and we picked him up, he was drenched in sweat.  So glad the glue worked. I can't imagine how much worse it would've been to have to get stitches. I'm sure that was just the first of many cuts and scrapes in that little boy's life. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hunter is almost a year and a half:

He cries a lot. A lot. Usually over nothing. Sometimes over something. He spends a large portion of the time he's awake crying or whining.

He likes to throw fits. Big ones. It doesn't matter where he's at; on the tile floor, hardwood floor, against the wall, sitting on a stool; when he gets mad he throws back his head as hard as he can until it makes contact with some surface. He then cries even more from the pain.

He loves to sing. I often see him sitting on the floor with a hymnbook just singing to his little heart's content.

He's a little cuddle bug. So different than Hallie.

He's not super talkative, he says words but doesn't use them to communicate. Unless he's in his bed in the morning. Mommy? Daddy?

He's a good eater. Loves food.

He loves putting his coat on. He will walk around the house all the time with his coat on.

He loves socks and shoes. Wherever he is in the house, when I say, "Hunter lets get your shoes on" he comes running.

He plays well with Hallie, until Hallie forces him to do something he doesn't want to do and then he throws a big fit.

1:00 o'clock church has been a nightmare with him, we take him to nursery on a regular basis just to keep him occupied. I'm counting down the four weeks until Steve and I don't have to stay in there with him.

He's not the best sleeper, which I think directly correlates with his crying and fits. He's tired, a lot, but doesn't get a whole lot of rest during the day.

He loves Hallie's babies. He holds them and rocks them all the time.

When you get him giggling he can't stop, he has a contagious laugh.

He gets into everything and he's a climber. I've found multiple items including electronics in the toilet and bathtub (with water). One time he took the contents of an entire drawer and put them in the bathtub. He's been in timeout multiple times!

He loves music, especially black eyed peas. He likes to rock it!

He loves to be "reverent". When he hears us say that word, he folds his arms. To which we excitedly give him praises. To which he responds by covering his eyes. Which starts a peekaboo game. It happens multiple times a day.

He loves skype. When he hears that ring on the computer he gets so excited and insists on being directly in front of the camera.

He loves when daddy comes home from work.
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