Monday, October 3, 2011

30th birthday...again...

So Steve turned the big "30" back in July - but he was really busy at work, we were leaving on a long trip, family and friends weren't around - and he vetoed my plans to throw a birthday bash.  As we attended his friend's 30th birthday last month I was so bummed we hadn't followed through with his birthday plans, and instantly ideas of a surprise party started circling in my head. They circled, but there was relatively no planning. Then it hit me...I knew Steve was going to be away for a week for work which meant I could do all the planning I wanted and he would never have the chance to veto yet another party. So I planned. (Nice thing about throwing a party together quickly - you don't have as much time to worry about the details!) Of course, party planning never works like you think it will, so of course we were still missing two siblings and some friends. But we had a party.

We celebrated baseball food at it's finest, showcasing stadiums from around the US and their specialty hot dogs and stadium snacks.
There were hot dogs, chips, popcorn, peanuts, "apple" nachos (there is not cheese and they are to die for!), sno cones and soda.

I had no clue you could dress a dog in so many condiments!

(We cheated by using a non-stadium dog - J Dawg - just because we all love it so much and I came across a killer recipe for the sauce!)

(Bags of popcorn)
We also sported an Italian soda bar (with more syrups than you could ever use) and the Snowie machine shooting out Sno Cones left and right. It was fun. (Sadly enough no pictures, but it was fun to experiment.) Although the weather was warm, the sun had gone down which made it bearable to be outside.

We had a good time and I was more than happy to celebrate a 30th birthday with the attention it deserves!


  1. Great job! I am sure Steve-O loved the surprise. That is right up his alley!

  2. Wow, girl. You are amazing. And seriously need something else to do, like work on a house!

  3. Another well done Kara event! So cute! Glad Steve is getting the attention that he is always wanting and that turning 30 deserves. :)

  4. Where did you get the local hot dog "recipes"?

    1. We lived in the midwest and every baseball stadium we went to seemed to have a special hot dog -most are based off those. If you send your email I can shoot over the recipes. Thanks

  5. May your days always be full of sunshine great site
    and rain, waterfalls and deserts, butterflies and bees and everything else that life has to offer. Happy Birthday.


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