Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another painting project...

Steve apologizes every time he tells me he has to go out of town for work. All that goes through my mind is, "What room should I paint."

He went out of town and the guest room got a facelift. I taped one afternoon and cut in. I painted the next night once the kids went to bed. Just like that, another room down!

Everyone knows by now that this home is a work in progress. And by that I mean - it will take years to get it where we want it. So although I might get the time and energy to paint a room. That is just a tiny step in order to get these rooms in a presentable stage. Over time they evolve and hopefully one day I can show them in all their glory!

Before: After - two coats of Benjamin Moore Gray Horse: Every room has a checklist of the things that need to happen. It's discouraging to see how long that list is!

Remove upper moulding
Replace base moulding
Add window trim
Hang window hardware and curtains
Replace blinds
Replace mauve carpet
Remove popcorn ceiling
Build headboard/footboard
Paint desk
Hang shelves
Replace ceiling fan
Buy end tables
Buy bedding


  1. What a difference a little paint makes!! That bedding is SO pretty. I have to know where you got it. :)

  2. Thanks for letting me vent to you yesterday...I so needed that!! It was a rough day, and it felt good to talk

  3. Looks great! It always takes so long to get a home the way you want it. But you have to start somewhere. Love all the updates!

  4. How about an old paneled door as a head board? I want to build one someday. I saw it done once on a DIY show. Everything looks amazing, even with the mauve carpet. Whatever you do, don't try to match your walls to the carpet!! Miss you guys.


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