Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Vote...

Yesterday, I was able to participate in the Arizona primaries and cast my vote for the candidate of my choice. With a baby on my hip and a toddler in tow we arrived at the polls relieved to find it relatively slow. One lady even kindly offered to hold Mr. B while I cast my vote. Thank you- the kid ways a ton and it's starting to cause serious back pain!

Hunter had more than enough questions about this little outing.
What is this place? (Lutheran Church)
Have we been here before? (no)
Is this going to long or short? (hopefully short)
What are you doing? (Voting)
What are you voting for? (Someone to run for president)
Like President Monson? (Kind of, but for the whole country, not just the church)
Is he going to be in there? (nope, we won't meet him here)
How do you vote? (By filling out a piece of paper)
Do I get one? (nope, you're not old enough to vote)
Is Hallie old enough? (nope.)
Is Knox? (Nope but Brimley is.)

And then the question that was most on his mind... Are there going to be treats or snacks in there? (Nope, but if you're good we can get a treat when we get home.)

We made it through the voting (a whole three minutes) without any meltdowns or crying. It was a success. Even better is the lady offered Hunter a sticker on the way out the door which is pretty much just as good as a treat in his mind. He wore it with pride. He kept asking me what it said.

I was overcome with gratitude as we walked out. I just performed an act that many would love to participate in but don't have the freedom to. We live in a good country. High gas prices aside we live in a country full of freedom and opportunity and it is grand. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that and voting does it for me every time.

My next thought as we exited - why in the world do I never remember to fill out the paperwork to vote early. Every time I drag kids in to vote I tell myself, "well that was silly, I could've done this ahead of time." But 11 years of voting and I've never remembered to do it!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

44 weeks...

10 months old- Another week down...and still not crawling. No motivation whatsoever.

He likes to stand next to the couch. He likes to stand next to the train table. He likes to stand next to his musical play station. But the kid refuses to crawl. Looks like we need to spend a little more time focusing on "tummy-time".

What we thought was a sickness last week is still lingering in his nose and throat, we've come to the conclusion he has seasonal allergies.

He's taken on table foods with vengence. Waffles/pancakes, eggs, cereals, crackers, bread, black beans, pinto beans, soup, yogurt, applesauce, tortillas, avocados. The kid can eat and likes everything at this point.

Milk from a sippy cup is going a little bit better this week - still not drinking enough, but much more than before.

He's a sensitive little guy - I was giving him milk and he kept spitting it out. I pulled back the cup after several failed attempts and casually told him to "stop". He looked at me as tears welled up in his eyes and he cried the most sad little cry.

He blows kisses and then gets really excited because we get really excited.

Has the funniest grown man chuckle and Hallie is the best at getting him to do it. He's also very ticklish.

He's started the needy stage where he starts crying every time I walk out of the room. After one day it was already really annoying!

Loves when Hallie takes him on walks in the stroller back in forth in front of our house.

Discovered the trampoline. So much fun - until Hunter comes on - Hunter hasn't mastered the art of walking around the trampoline lightly.

He needs more sleep than our other two kids did. He is off his schedule right now and it's making life difficult for everyone around him. He needs his sleep. I will not run an errand or attend a social engagement if it interferes.

I'm hoping this week allows more napping - less crying!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Science experiment...

We officially made it through Hallie's first major school project: The kindergarten science fair - not something to be taken lightly!
We came up with a project that she could do primarily by herself. She took different types of paper (paper towel, construction paper, copy paper, toilet paper, clorox wipe) and colored a strip with marker on the bottom and dipped it in water. Hallie noted in her science journal what papers were the most absorbant. Then using the most absorbant paper (paper towel) she then tested different colors of markers to see which had the most color when it bled, which ended up being brown.

We took her project to school where she had to present it in front of her class. She ended up being the first one to present and she told me she was really nervous, "I kind of had a lot of water in my eyes, but it wasn't like I was crying. Just nervous."

When she came home that afternoon, she talked through different projects she liked and projects that she wanted to try. She then continued, "Oh mom, guess what? You know Jim* (Name has been changed to protect the innocent) When he presented his project he told us he didn't even do any of it. His dad did the whole thing and wouldn't let him help. That is not good, is it?!"

I had to laugh. But laughter was quickly replaced with sadness for the little boy who had to present a project he didn't even feel he contributed to. I suppose as parents sometimes we want our children to present the best - but in order for it to be the best it can't be done by the child. Defeats the purpose.

Hallie's project wasn't the most complicated or the fanciest display, but she was excited to share all that she had learned. Mission accomplished.

10 year record...

The last time I was sick enough to throw up was 10+ years ago, prior to ever meeting Steve. Not even with pregnancy have I knelt over that toilet...until last night. We were at Steve's parents house visiting with all the family and after being there for a while I stood up to get a drink and I noticed I wasn't feeling so hot. I've had the desire to throw up many times in the last 10 years, but never actually done it. Last night I was feeling that desire. It was as we were leaving, we still had to get the kids home, Bennett fed and all of them put to bed. I was miserable. I quickly got Bennett fed and down and made my way to my bed - it was 7:30. I layed in pain for four hours before I broke my 10 year record and boy did it feel good. It's amazing how relieving it can be.

One hour later- Hallie is crying by my bedside saying her stomach hurt. She makes it to the bathroom with Steve just in time.

We all get settled once again.

Half hour later, Hunter is crying by my bedside saying his stomach hurt. We get him settled on the flour and the minute he started to cough, Steve jumped out of bed and caught him just in time.

Steve was a little comical as he ran from kid to kid trying to meet their needs and help them as they were in so much pain.

I layed there, somewhat lifeless, wishing I could be of more help but my body was so sore and tired I couldn't move when I tried.

All four of us slept in our room last night. We got very little sleep.

The kids were up by seven bouncing off the walls again. Seriously? My body still refused to move and they acted as though nothing happened last night. The bags under their eyes tell a slightly different story.

The whole episode was just weird. Food poisoning? We all ate dinner together, Hunter didn't eat the chicken though. Steve never did get sick. Perhaps the spinach salad? It couldn't have been the cookies which is the only thing Steve did not eat with the rest of us...Who knows, but this morning as Steve and I reflected on last night we counted our blessings that every single one of us made it to the bathroom or bucket every single time. I can't imagine how complicated it would've been if Steve was trying to wash sheets and clean carpet in the midst of it all.

Today was going to be a laundry/clean/put the playroom back together after a weekend painting escapade. It will have to wait until tomorrow.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Patiently waiting...

Someone is waiting patiently for the pool to warm up.

I've been working on the pool lately and Hunter insists on helping. He always has to feel the water and see if it's ready to jump in. Of course it's freezing so he takes his place on the diving board while I scoop out leaves from the pool. Before long, that pool is going to be warm enough to jump in and I'm just hoping he remembers all of his mad swimming skills. (Check out those springs on that board, they don't make them that springy anymore! I'm anticipating children flying through the air this summer!)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mouse troubles...

This will be going to school with Hallie tomorrow... I'm sure you can picture the mouse. Three-year-old little boy, fuzzy hair, mismatched flip-flops. He's ferocious. And mischievous.

And I keep finding half-eaten food everywhere. In his covers. Under the treadmill. In his shoes. It's getting a little out of control.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

43 weeks...

Sometimes our weekly photo shoots are fun and enjoyable and I get nothing but smiles. And other times I photograph an angry elf.

It's obvious that Mr. Angry Elf showed up this week. I tried two different times to get a decent photo. I wasn't looking for any smiles, it was obvious he wasn't handing those out today. I was just looking for a non-screaming photo. It wasn't worth fighting for today. So I shot just a few and realized I was absolutely torturing him. So I quit. And we have a screaming photo.

Mr. B got over his sickness from two weeks ago, only to get another cold and has turned miserable once again. He cries and cries and he wears me out. It doesn't help that I decided this last week that I would start the weaning process. Which I think would've been fine but somebody forgot how to use a bottle. Seriously? So I pushed the sippy cup which wasn't working for me. The first day was okay, the second and third day were a little harder and by day four he wasn't having any of it. I could see he was getting dehydrated. I was already four days in to weaning and I couldn't turn back. So I've resorted to dumping milk in his mouth while he screams shaking his head. Weaning is going fantastic.

On a happier note, he's liking his new found ability to stand against furniture.

And his ability to blow kisses just about melts me...and then he screams the second I put him down and I'm quickly brought back to reality.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Loving a simple moment...

Bennett can't crawl yet but he is learning his way around the ipad courtesy of his big brother. Hunter insisted that he teach Bennett his ABC's using the ipad, in his mind there is no better way! Once Bennett reached across and touched the screen Hunter screamed with joy. "Mom, I taught Bennett the letter A and he knows it!" He was convinced he was the greatest teacher alive.

I sat on the floor with this view: and enjoyed the moment.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our little runaway...

Steve had an off-site meeting last week which meant he made it home before dark. To celebrate, he decided he would take the kids for a bike ride while I stayed behind with Bennett while he was still napping. As usual, Hunter threw a colossal fit for one reason or another and Steve made it clear he would not be going with them on the ride if he couldn't pull it together. Minutes later I hear the garage door open and the house went silent.

Fast forward 10 minutes - we have a home phone but haven't given the number out to many as we rely on our cell phones. We've lived here for almost three months (however the phone wasn't plugged in for the first month) and we have only received one legitimate phone call on our home line - a neighbor got the number from the church directory to inform us we would be receiving irrigation water that day. Yet I answer the phone nearly every time it rings only to dash the hopes of some poor salesman on the other line. However, I'm getting tired of answering nearly 10 sales calls a day.

This particular afternoon I had already received several calls and was annoyed when I heard the phone ring once again. I answered it expecting to quickly decline the million dollars that was awarded to us if only we would send a $500 check as a courier fee. But it wasn't a salesman. They introduced themselves, and I didn't know them and the butchered my name pretty bad so I knew they didn't know me as well. "Do you have a little boy, maybe 2 or 3 years old?" My heart sunk - Hunter was with Steve...wasn't he? It couldn't be him. The man described where he was (two streets away) and described what he was wearing. It was Hunter. The man said he was running down the street in hysteria yelling for his dad on the bike. Of course, Steve was long gone which left a sad little boy without shoes on running down the street.

I quickly left the house as I jogged down the street to pick him up. Two ladies started walking him back to our house when Steve came across him and I met up with them. I was sick to my stomach. Hunter stood there with swollen eyes and I got choked up. He is definitely mischievous, but he hasn't scared me that bad before. Usually it's just within the walls of our home that he gets into trouble. Immediately my mind starts to think of all the awful things that could've happened to him.

As we made our way home a lady driving by pulled over and made sure he was making his way home safely, we pointed out where we lived just in case she ever sees him out and about again. While Steve was on his bike he had people flag him down which is how he knew to turn around and come and get him. My heart was full of gratitude that there were enough people looking out for him that afternoon that he made his way home safely. There were many calls made that afternoon as the people in our neighborhood searched for the parents of a distressed little boy. Thank you. I hope that it doesn't happen again, however if it does, you know how to find us.

Hunter is now on serious lock-down.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Industrial Curtain Rods...

We have three large windows in our family room that required an 160 inch rod in order to hang drapes. However, 160 in is about 20 inches longer than the standard rod size. I looked up some custom rod options but when the $400 price tag popped up on the screen I just about lost it. So I started to think of other options. I could do two short rods on both sides of the window. I entertained it for a while but wasn't satisfied. Then, my West Elm catalog came in the mail and I found the perfect rod - although too short, I fell in love with the idea. I went to the Depot where I met my new best friend Randy in the plumbing department. I explained what I wanted and he looked at me like I was crazy. But I had this vision and nothing was going to change my mind. We talked through the whole concept and I combed through several plumbing pieces before I knew exactly how I wanted it to fit together.

I went home and finalized all measurements (I decided I wanted matching hardware in the living room and dining room as well) and within a week I was back at the Depot with Randy. Within an hour and a half I had all my piping cut and threaded to my specifications, which they did for free.

Here's what I came home with: Flange (large circle)
Coupler (Used to join two smaller rods in the center. Can be decorative or in our case functional as we couldn't buy one piece of pipe long enough.)
Spray paint

Note: I used all one inch materials including the black piping (I believe black is used for gas piping, it was cheaper than the water piping). This is a very big and very heavy rod. If we didn't have such a large room with high ceilings I would have definitely gone smaller.

I used Rustoleum Hammered spray paint in a charcoal gray (to match the rings on our drapes) and sprayed all pieces. I then assembled the whole rod and attached the curtain. Because I had grommet curtains I had to attach them before putting the whole thing together. They won't be coming down unless I unscrew the rod from the wall! However, if you use curtain rings it will be a lot easier. (They must be screwed in with long screws to a stud preferably - if not, use some strong mollies, this is heavy!!)

Then the meticulous part of measuring and measuring and drilling and screwing took place. Of course after we hung the first rod I was so frustrated because although it was as level as could be, the drapes were hanging much too high off the ground. Steve patiently helped hold the rod as I determined a better length. The rest of the process went much smoother.

After: We've hung three of the four rods - the only one left is the really long rod, I haven't finalized my drapes for that room yet!

As far as price is concerned: It was by far my cheapest option for the longer rods. However, the two shorter rods in the dining room could easily be purchased for about the same cost that it was to make. Each rod, no matter the length, cost for one inch piping (smaller piping would save quite a bit of money per rod): 2 flanges: $18.30, 2 nipples: $2.98, 2 elbows: $5.64 = $26.92. Add to that the cost of the rod:$19.76 for 10 feet (which can easily make several rods) and the price of a coupler if needed: $2.43.

I love how big the rod is, the room definitely needed it and I love how custom they can make them exactly how you want them. I only wish I could've taken a picture of Steve's face when I first brought all the materials home and he asked what I had bought. "These are going to be our curtain rods." His look told an entire story - he was not convinced this project was going to work out. He's now convinced!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be kind...

I love this quote.

I love it for it's simplicity and for it's deep rooted truth. There are a whole lot of people out there that are suffering on a myriad of different levels. Life is not easy.

This quote has been on my mind a lot this week as my thoughts and prayers go out to a family in our church congregation who lost a loving father and husband in a tragic accident. That poor wife lost the love of her life but will have to continue in her every day life.

She will likely be at the grocery store next week picking up something. By then, her puffy eyes will have ceased and she will look like every other woman in that store. But inside her heart still aches and she will still be in desperate need of comforting.

So be kind.

Everyone is fighting a hard battle.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

42 weeks...

This kid is back. And better than ever.

Mr. B made his first visit to urgent care this week. After 9 days of fighting a serious cold, he hit an all time low. I was convinced he had an infection - most likely in the ear. I tried getting into our pediatrician but the wait was longer than I was hoping for. Our next best option was urgent care. I was quickly reminded why I hate urgent care facilities - you wait forever. I tried comforting him the best I could and was relieved when Steve met up with us after work.

After an hour and a half we were told - no visible infections. I was shocked that it wasn't in his ears. Sidenote: none of our children have had an ear infection. We've got good ear genes!

Although the doctor couldn't see anything wrong, he could see that he was miserable and we were grateful to walk out of there with a prescription (worth the wait) that seemed to clear him up quickly. Before too long, we had a smiley little kid once again.

We have been experimenting with more table foods and we're not having a lot of luck. He's not a fan of mashed potatoes, potato soup, black beans, or Tia Rosa's bean burrito - everyone loves the bean burrito. We'll keep trying, I don't give up easily!

Monday, February 13, 2012

We be jammin'...

These beauties were on sale this week which meant I was devoting an afternoon to jam. Freezer jam. Not what I had planned, but when strawberries call, I listen!

So I tried out the food processor for the the first time since we purchased it almost 18 months ago - it sat in storage for a year - and I'm hooked! In the past I have hand mashed strawberries for jam, which extends the process greatly, but the processor took just a few minutes for 8 lbs of strawberries. This is a game changer. I'm envisioning salsa and veggies and anything else my little heart desires. But this day, it was strawberries and in no time flat I was filling jars.

My mom used to make freezer jam and I could eat the stuff by the spoonfuls.

15 years later, I'm making the jam and I see how much sugar goes into the jam and it makes me a little sick. 2 cups of strawberries to 4 cups of sugar. A 2-1 ratio. I try not to think about it as I stir it and I let the sugar sink into the strawberries. But magically once it is poured into the jars it's as if the sugar never even existed! In fact, at that point it just looks like 100% strawberries! But I know better. You would think that would discourage me from taking a large spoonful, but it doesn't. You would think I would hesitate giving it to my children, but I don't. Nope. It's one of those things I know is not good for me, but I'm really okay with it.

And just to clarify. I do know they make low-sugar pectins to make a healthier jam, but its just not the same. Not to me anyway.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I've been spending some time in the attic the last little while, making myself acquainted with the surroundings, checking out and replacing insulation and moving some storage bins up there. We have a nifty pull ladder that comes down to climb up. Several times Hunter has watched me climb up it and begs if he can join me. One time I had left the ladder down I found him climbing up on his own because his curiosity was getting the best of him. He was dying to know what was going on up there. When we had our home energy audit I climbed up there so our auditor could point out some inefficiencies of our house. Hunter stood at the bottom in near tears because he couldn't join me. He then says with a surprised voice, "Oh no!" I quickly turn and look as I'm climbing. With his most animated face he continues, "I need to tell you a secret." I tell him to go ahead and start talking. He quickly tells me. "I can't tell you right now. I have to tell you in your ear when you're up there." He was totally serious and he was convinced that the secret could only be told in the attic!

We had just finished snack time and Hunter wanted more to eat. I explained we had already had our snack and that he would need to wait until lunch time. "It's not me that's hungry, it's the chicken inside of me, it needs food too."

I was giving him a bath, using a cup to dump water on his hair so I could wash it. He kept moving his head and dodging the water because he didn't want to get wet (while sitting in a tub of water) I continued to dump the water until his hair was saturated. I put the cup down to get shampoo. He quickly grabbed the cup, filled it with water and dumped it down the front of me. I was surprised and slightly angry. "What are you doing? Why did you do that?" He replies with a sheepish smile, "you dumped water on me." I shot back, "You're sitting in a bathtub, you're supposed to be wet. I'm fully clothed and not supposed to be wet!" He sheepishly replies. "Oh, okay."

We were at the urgent care for Bennett and Hunter was enjoying his time rolling around on the doctor's chair. He was amused, like any kid would be, with the stirrups. He'd pull them out and push them in over and over again. He was role playing doctor and he was very imaginative and vocal. Towards the end he pushes the stirrups in, stands and exclaims. "Thank you, I'm Dr. Seuss." Some day we'll burst his little bubble that Dr. Seuss is far from a real doctor!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A beautiful day...almost...

I took the kids out one afternoon to scout out a photo location for an upcoming shoot. I was dreading the idea of taking the three kids with me but there wasn't a whole lot of options so we set out on an adventure. It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect and the kids were surprisingly well behaved. We walked around and shot photos. The kids ran around and expended all that extra energy they usually carry with them through the late afternoon. I started thinking that this wasn't such a bad idea. Everyone (including Bennett) seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Steve called while we were walking around and I couldn't help but gush as to how good this whole afternoon was going as I watched the kids run across the grass and roll down the small hill. I started thinking we should make an evening of it and have Steve meet us for dinner but I questioned how long the goodness would linger.

After walking around for over an hour, I decided that Bennett was about done and I couldn't expect him to continue much longer. So we went back to the car with Hallie and Hunter running and playing as we went. Then reality hits: We get to the car and Hallie got in before Hunter. He flings himself across the pavement and continues to cry now because his hand hurts. I corral them all into their car seats and start the 20 minute drive home. Two minutes in, I can see Hunter and Hallie starting to annoy each other in the back seat. Verbally annoying each other can only last so long before they are physically annoying each other. Hallie is teasing, Hunter is angry. Hunter grabs her hand and bites. Severe punishments are being spouted from the drivers seat as I threaten him with his life to let go of her hair. Hallie doesn't know when to not tease and continues to tease while Hunter hits and pokes and pinches.

Just three miles from home, Hunter has a colossal meltdown where he screams at the top of his lungs. I am now a very unhappy mother. I'm shaking my head in annoyance that my two oldest children can't get along with each other. My annoyance was quickly replaced with curiosity.

I know my kids are young and fighting is inevitable - but when will they get it? When will they figure out that the nicer they are to each other the more they'll be able to do? I would gladly take them to do fun things but it is daunting to know that every time we do something fun, it ends in anger/tears/teasing/fighting. I'm sure parents of teenagers would say, they never figure it out! That is depressing.

What's so hard is I see glimpses of kindness towards each other and it makes my day and then twenty minutes later there is serious yelling and hair pulling. I know it's a stage - but I hope it is a short stage. A really short stage. Hallie doesn't have enough hair to have it be a long stage and I don't have enough patience! The other day, Hallie asked when she would be getting a sister. I broke the news to her that she may never get a sister so she better enjoy her brothers. Her reply was discouraged, "I just want a sister because she wouldn't be as annoying as Hunter." The grass is always greener - little does she know the potential an annoying sister has of stealing her clothes and makeup!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Removing stripped screws...

The fence in the front of our house has been haunting me. With its rotted wood and rusty nail residue running down the chipped white paint - it was begging me to put it out of its misery. So several weeks ago I sought out to conquer.

I brought out the screw driver and started working on removing the screws. But they were covered in paint- so I had to switch gears and start removing years of paint on the screw heads. I started with a wire brush. That failed. I brought out the exacto knife. That failed. I brought out the chisel. Surprisingly enough, it worked. Tedious, but it worked. After an hour and a half of figuring things out, I had the paint removed from two screws...there were 64 total. I was deflated and discouraged. I left the project. I acted as though it didn't exist for two weeks.

One day I was out on the front porch and noticed that I had left the screwdriver out there weeks prior. It gave me a renewed sense of hope. I pulled all the tools back out just two hours before I needed dinner on the table. (My priorities aren't always where they should be!) I went through all the tools once again and sure enough they all failed to work again, which should've come as no surprise. I did searches on-line and tried all their silly tricks to get stripped screws out. Every single one of them failed. I had no other choice. I had to pull out the dremel tool (my birthday present from two years ago). With a cutting disc in place I cut a single line into every screw. With this new deep cut in every screw I was then able to use a screw gun to remove all 64 screws without messing with built up paint. I removed two of the 5 panels in one afternoon and with darkness closing in, I was forced to pack up the tools for the night. We ate cereal that night.

The next afternoon the last three panels came crashing down. We eggs and smoothies for dinner that night!

With the fence down, it's more apparent that all the bushes need some serious trimming. Pictures to come soon.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

41 weeks...

He feels as good as he looks. Seriously.

We're ready for him to be his happy jovial self again.

Amidst the cold and flu symptoms he cut a new tooth on Sunday. This has not been his best week. He was coughing so hard last night he threw up all over himself and my heart ached for him. I held him in my arms for an hour as I tried comforting his sweet little body.

I wish I could have the snuggle time, just not the sickness.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Home Energy Audit...

When we had our inspection done before purchasing our house, our inspector suggested that we have a more thorough energy audit done of the property - we just had that done and learned more than we wanted to know!

We hired a company to come in where a technician spent 4 hours at our house checking things out.

He started by making sure all the doors and windows were shut, turned off the heating system and then attached a vacuum seal to our front door.

With the house sealed he went through and checked every door and window and every air duct. He then scurried around in our attic for an hour and a half. Upon his completion he handed over an 18 page report telling us where we're losing energy. It was bad news for us. We knew our house wasn't efficient and we had some good ideas as to what we would need to change but I had no idea the extent.

For starters - all of our duct work needs to be replaced. It's leaking air like crazy and the typical sealant solution won't work. Dang. On top of that we have two heating systems, one of which is original to our 1987 home and it is running at a 1/3 it's capacity which is using an abnormal amount of energy to run. Our windows aren't bad, but we have a couple that need to be replaced. We have bad circulation in several rooms and doors that need to be sealed. We have walls without insulation and a portion of our attic missing insulation as well. We have interior walls without air barriers in the attic which means we have all sorts of warm or cold air (depending on the season) coming down through the I said, more information than I wanted to know.

Although I don't like the price tag that is attached to all these not so minor repairs it's helpful to know. We can start with some of the more important repairs and over the course of the next 10 years we just might get it all taken care of! Maybe...

I'm not sure why people would rather buy a new home rather than dump money into an old one!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


This little guy is sick and has been for 6 days. No - this is not what he looks like in his sick condition. Much the opposite, which is why I post these. A kind reminder as to what our future holds when he kicks this sickness.

It started with a runny nose, I'm assuming he picked up from church because other than that he doesn't leave the house and no one else has been sick. The clear runny nose turned green which then moved to his eyes which has resulted in a chest cold. He's not sleeping near enough and he looks as though he has been run over by a truck. Even in his awful condition, he still manages to flash me a smile every so often.

Sick kids are the worst. Especially when they're so young. Unlike the older kids, and infant is not amused with a disney movie while they soothe their sore throat with a fresh glass of OJ. Nope, he just cries. Which could mean his throat hurts. It could mean his eyes are bothering him. He could have an ear infection. Or he could just be screaming for the comfort of his bed. You never know.

We're going on a week of this, I hope we kick it soon. I hate to see him so miserable. Every night I put him to bed I think to myself that this night is going to be the night of healing and he will wake up feeling a little better. I've told myself this for three nights. I hope tonight it really does come true!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tortellini Sausage Soup...

I came across a soup recipe from Our Best Bites last year for a tortellini sausage soup. I made it the first time and it was great. The second time I added this and that and changed the amounts. Every time I made the soup it would be different because I always changed it. I started becoming more consistent with what I was adding and finally wrote it down. I made this for the Christmas Eve soup night and it was by far the first to go! Note: This makes a lot of soup. So here it is: Brown:
1 lb sausage (Jimmy Deans HOT)
6 cloves of garlic
1 onion diced

Add and cook for a half hour:
2 cups water
3 cups apple cider
2 cans of chicken broth
1 28oz of diced tomatoes
1 8 oz tomato sauce
1 cup carrots shredded
2 tsp chicken bouillon
1 tsp basil
1 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp garlic powder

Add and cook for 15 mins:
2 medium zucchini shredded

Add and cook until done:
Tortellini (15 oz or so, I use the fresh stuff from costco, they come divided in two packs and I use nearly one whole side)
2 Tbsp parsley

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love More...Free Printable...

Valentine's is just around the corner and I have yet to pull out any decorations - that is so unlike me. But in the midst of painting and then putting the house back together and then taking the house apart in order to rearrange furniture and rooms and trying to figure where we want what and what we want to purchase, and our constant efforts to fix's never ending. So February just creeped up on me this year and caught me off guard.

I had made this print a while ago with all intentions of getting it printed and putting it in my cute red frame. Obviously, it didn't happen. I hate when I do that. I plan ahead and I work hard to get something done and then I just sit on it thinking I have so much time. Time slips away and then I scramble. It seems like it happens with my taxes every year. I complete them by February 10th and then April 15th at 4:45 I hit the send button. I sit on them for so long just in case I come across something that would increase my refund (because I'm self employed for graphic design there's always some receipt I come across later!!) It's a little ridiculous!

Anyway- I design and design and design some more. Some things end up in frames, on canvas, on the magnet board and some just sit as a digital file because I lose interest. But today I share this file, because if I can't get my act together and get it printed, someone else will.

All this talk has made me reconsider my valentine's decorations. I still have time, they just won't be up as long, which is okay too. I'll put it on my to-do list. It may or may not get done!

Download Love More 5x7 Print
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