Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Mister Baby Shower...

I mentioned I designed a baby announcement around the theme "Little Mister" focusing on bow-ties (here)

Well, the shower was last week and it didn't disappoint. It was hosted at my sister-in-law's house and the master-minds behind the whole thing (Ashlyn and Kristen) thought of every little detail - just the way I like a party!

My sister-in-law Angela created this darling banner using some burlap, paint and her Cricut machine, accenting with paper bow-ties between each letter. Life with fingerprints: Little Mister Baby shower, ideas for bow-tie decorations, invitations and food
Life with fingerprints: Little Mister Baby shower, ideas for bow-tie decorations, invitations and food

The silverware was wrapped in theme:

Little paper bow-ties hung from the chandelier with a jar full of them sitting below: Life with fingerprints: Little Mister Baby shower, ideas for bow-tie decorations, invitations and food
Life with fingerprints: Little Mister Baby shower, ideas for bow-tie decorations, invitations and food

The display of food was creative. Three small pillars were used to hold an old shutter. Little frames were spray painted white and painted with chalkboard paint to display the food descriptions. Throw in some burlap swag and white dishes and you get something fantastic: Life with fingerprints: Little Mister Baby shower, ideas for bow-tie decorations, invitations and food
Life with fingerprints: Little Mister Baby shower, ideas for bow-tie decorations, invitations and food
Life with fingerprints: Little Mister Baby shower, ideas for bow-tie decorations, invitations and food
Life with fingerprints: Little Mister Baby shower, ideas for bow-tie decorations, invitations and food
Life with fingerprints: Little Mister Baby shower, ideas for bow-tie decorations, invitations and food
Life with fingerprints: Little Mister Baby shower, ideas for bow-tie decorations, invitations and food
Life with fingerprints: Little Mister Baby shower, ideas for bow-tie decorations, invitations and food

As you can see from the level of detail in the shower, this little boy is going to be well loved and taken care of. Welcome to the world soon "Little Mister."

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Arena Football...

Arizona has an arena football league - the Rattlers. What is arena football you ask? Good question, I'm not totally sure. I do know it's an indoor football league that is played on a smaller than normal football field...that's all I got!

We got tickets through an entertainment pass we purchased for three games. Somehow I missed all three, but not without sending two of the kids with Steve to one of them. Let's be serious, sometimes a night to myself (while one child sleeps) is more entertaining than any football league would be!

But Steve came home after each game raving about how much fun he had. He told stories of crazy people watching and completed passes that were deemed incomplete when a fan reached over the edge and knocked the ball from their hands. Clearly more relaxed than our traditional football league!

Two of the games were playoff games and from Steve's description they were rather intense. They had great seats, he was with his brother and his kids and he was at a sporting event. Heaven. Hunter was a little young to enjoy all the action but he enjoyed netflix and a bag of popcorn. Like a good husband, he knew I would want some pictures: You can see from that first picture just how close the audience is to the sidelines, there really isn't any room to run out of bounds. No wonder why fans have opportunities to strip the ball!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Halloween...just around the corner...

I got my latest Pottery Barn Kids catalog in the mail and wouldn't you know it, Halloween costumes are out in full force. Now some may say that it is a little early but in my opinion it's never too early.

In fact that's a philosophy I live by when buying costumes. Years ago when I worked at PBKids I purchased tons of costumes on closeout (over the course of the years I worked there). I bought a wide variety of sizes and boy/girl options. Yes, that may seem a little eccentric, but my kids are still wearing new costumes and will for at least two more years. At the end of every season as we package up the costume box, Hallie and Hunter rummage through and decide what they want to be the following year. They talk about it all year long and come October, we pull that box back out and they quickly pull out their costumes. There are enough options that they will often sneak a different costume in for one of the 10 parties they attend during the season. I love it.

However, every time that fall catalog shows up in my mailbox I'm so tempted to pick up a couple more. But that would be over doing it, wouldn't it? I would hate to be overly eccentric. I'll just stick with what I have. Unless there happens to be a screaming after season sale and then I'll think about it. Have I mentioned I love Halloween?

In fact, we're nearing September, which means any of the Halloween projects I want to tackle I've got to get started on. Time is running out. I so badly wanted to create a series of tall haunted house cutouts to place in the front yard. I kept telling myself this is the year to do it. It's totally going to take away from house projects, but it's probably a worthy cause.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wedding Day...

We spent last week in Utah for my sister's wedding - my only sister - my younger sister.

The same sister that has lived with us on two different occasions in three different houses. One of which was the dark and dingy laundry room while we lived in our 1950 ranch style, Milwaukee home, I kid not! It didn't phase her because she chose to live with us again later on. She has slept in the laundry room. The office. And by the time we moved into our current home she graduated to her own bedroom and bathroom! We have loved our time with her in our home. Life changing for our relationship for sure, so I was so excited for her to join the married stage with me.

There was something so satisfying about helping to plan her wedding without the stress of it being my own wedding!

We rented a home (from the website for our entire family - much better than the alternative of staying in hotels. The kids enjoyed running around and spending time together, and the adults enjoyed conversations late into the night on the patio (and several games of our families card game, ripple!), while the children slept peacefully in their rooms. Those moments outside are some of my most treasured memories of the trip, something that wouldn't have been possible in another set-up.

The wedding day itself, was a beautifully sunny and rather hot day. I found myself wiping my sweat across the back of my hand on numerous occasions, a little sticky to say the least! I enjoyed the little extra time I had with the new couple as I photographed them, so happy, so in love and so oblivious to all that was going on around them! Since neither one of them are actually from Utah, there was no reception that night, just a luncheon afterwards in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Where yours truly graced my sister with a musical number. No, that is not some sick joke. And no, I don't sing, seriously. But my brother wrote a song and my sister sang it at my wedding, so naturally we had to reverse the roles. It was terrifying and more than a few leaps and bounds outside of my comfort zone and I am beyond thrilled that it is over. The things we do for those we love.

Hunter gave the whole event a solid thumb up! (got to love the cute friendship bracelet that the neighbor girl gave him that he refuses to take off!)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bennett's first haircut...

Bennett doesn't have much hair - but it was time to trim it up. The back was fairly thick and had some good curl, it would also get nice and sweaty sitting in his carseat. The top of his head had a nice 4 inch comb over. It was so long - but so thin. I was done with the old man comb over so we took some clippers and scissors to it. He screamed, and cried. We gave him licorice to keep him quiet but it didn't work as well as we had hoped and before long he had thrown it down into the pile of his hair. He was clearly working through some emotions at the thought of losing most of his hair...the buzz of the clippers also didn't help.

Once again- a shout out to the iphone for pulling through and documenting our lives!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Custom Baby Shower Invite - "Little Mister"...

I was asked to design an announcement for a baby shower with the theme "Little Mister" - I love projects like this. So much freedom and fun. I knew that they were going to focus on bow-ties as decorations for the shower, so I incorporated the bow-tie to the announcement. The shower turned out amazing - the women in charge took it to a whole new to come.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

That stinks...

I'm not sure anyone would claim proficiency in toilet training, even after training several kids. Each kid is so different and each round can have vastly different outcomes. I've trained one girl and one boy and although they were different the feeling of accomplishment was the same when we would go a whole day without an accident.

Hunter has been trained for quite a while and I thought I was a genius when I trained him to sit down. This worked so well and it kept our bathrooms relatively clean. Of course there was an incident at the park where I realized standing up would have it's advantages but I had him trained.

However, recently that changed. I'm not sure if Hunter initiated it or if Steve was tired of a boy sitting to go to the bathroom, but somewhere along the way, without my approval Hunter was taught to stand. The time I had to spend cleaning the bathrooms increased significantly and I was more than a little annoyed. I cut him some slack because we had reverted back to the "training stage". But it seemed as though it got worse without getting any better. Yet I cleaned and cleaned some more.

Right before going to Kaytlin's wedding I was cleaning up the house and getting things packed, and every time I walked into the bathroom I was overcome with the smell. I cleaned the toilet and thought that would take care of it. But hours later it still smelled. I started investigating a little more and realized the whole wall next to the toilet was covered in urine. Fantastic. The corner of the bathroom floor was covered as well. If my calculations are correct, there's no way it was bad aim. Too far off course!

I quickly cleaned the wall and floor and in the process moved the toilet bowl brush and holder. Upon moving it I realized it had a lot of liquid in it. Not water. I'm sure of it. It hit me: Hunter has been using the brush holder as a toilet and in the process managed to soak the wall and floor. I was more than disgusted and even more annoyed now that I knew it was intentional. I assured Steve, since he was the one that "trained" him that he better retrain him or else Steve will be cleaning some toilets...and walls...and floors...and brush holders...and showers...yes even showers!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Youth Lake Trip...

I spend a lot of time with the youth (ages 12-18) of our church. I teach them on Sundays and I spend every Wednesday night with them. We do service projects, we learn things together, we go on overnight trips (like here), we have a good time. It is a very large time commitment but I wouldn't have it any other way, I adore every single one of them.

Before school started we enjoyed a trip to the lake as a group, we had a great time! I spent an hour and half taking girls around on seadoos, only two of which did I knock off completely, total accident. And you wouldn't believe how sore I was afterwards - embarrassing to admit - every muscle from my arms to my thighs could feel it. It was an eye opener than I really should start working out. I'm pathetic. The most sore was my thumb, it was really hard work!

There was wakeboarding, and tubing. We used the dock for diving contests, and "king of the dock". We could've stayed on that lake all night and enjoyed ourselves. It made me grateful all over again that I get to work with these guys!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Funny Comment...

We bought a wii years ago. We used it a lot the first year as Steve and my brother would play each other over the internet. Then life got busy and the wii became nothing more than a way to watch netflix.

At the time, our kids were pretty young and it didn't really interest them, but when we moved, we packed it with us for our temporary housing. Somehow, our games didn't make the move with us and they were packed in our long term storage. So we used the wii strictly for netflix.

Once we unpacked all of our stuff, we still couldn't find the one game the kids would be interested in playing - mario kart. We owned it and yet we searched every dvd case and it never showed up. We didn't have any other the games that were really kid friendly, so once again, the wii was strictly to watch movies.

Just a few weeks ago, a friend was over and by some miracle came across our Mario Kart within all of our movies. Our kids, although never having played it, were ecstatic at the idea of a kids game for the wii. So one morning before school started I let them play each other. They had so much fun. I was cracking up watching them. Hunter is awful and spends the majority of the race going the wrong way, but he was giggling the whole time trying to catch up with Hallie. It has become their new favorite incentive. The other day, Hunter was racing Hallie. He tends to be very mobile as he races the course and he continually stepped in front of Hallie as he made a turn.

Hallie: Hunter, stop doing that. Stop stepping in front of me, I can't see.
Hunter: But I have to, I have to win.

As if stepping in front of her will result in his car being in front of her, too funny.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whirlwind wedding weekend...

We're home.

Three kids in a car for over 25 hours in less than 5 days isn't ideal. But we celebrated with Kaytlin on her special day and it was totally worth it.

I've got hundreds of pictures to go through, but I came across this one while I was uploading and it drew me in. I think it's Ethan's expression I like so much; intently looking at his new bride, undeniable admiration and love. It makes me want to go through all of them right this very minute. But instead I will unpack, do loads of laundry and attempt to put a house back together that was neglected the week we left.

But there will be many more to come...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding Day - Custom Invites...

My one and only sister gets married today and I am more than a little excited about it!

Kaytlin is anything but frills so I designed a modern announcement around her wedding colors and I love how it turned out. It fits her exactly.
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