Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When I'm 100 years old...

Hallie celebrated her 100th day at school today. She came home with this writing prompt and shared it with me. I laughed out loud. I loved that the first thing she thought of was her great grandchildren, and lots of them. She's confident that her 1st grade best friend will still be around and even more confident that I will be around...but I will be painfully old. I'm not sure why she feels as though old people are fat, but that's how she sees herself. A very honest view.

I decided I would contemplate the same prompt.

I think that when I'm a hundred years old...I will have put all my power tools away for good. I will rely on my children and even grandchildren to chauffer me around and take me out for frozen yogurt. I will sit and talk about the good ol' days to anyone that will listen and reminisce the days of gasoline powered cars and cell phones that you carried in your pocket. I will cook a baked potato for dinner every night and eat raisin bran for breakfast every morning. I will snuggle on the couch covered in a blanket with my husband and watch all the old movies that he always told me I should watch. I will live a simple life and be old enough to truly enjoy it. Life will be sweet and wonderful. That's how it will go down when I'm a hundred years old.


  1. That is so cute, and her handwriting is amazing!

  2. Love that little Hallie girl. Hahaha...

    Also, what about family around you when you are 100? I will only be 102, so, can I be there with you too? I want to be there watching movies and eating anything and everything so I can get fat with Hallie!!


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