Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Wall Art...

Sometimes I envision a project and even go as far to purchase the materials and it takes me a while to actually start the project. I just like having projects on hand at any given time!

One such project I envisioned while living in Milwaukee. We had moved Hallie out of her crib into a twin bed and we were redoing her room. I knew I wanted a large monogram in her room, so I bought a large pine circle (2 feet in diameter) at the depot and painted it white. I had a hard time deciding which wood letter I wanted to attach to it, and the project sat. And sat. Three years later we moved and I found it under her bed, I was tempted to throw it away then so it wasn't a reminder of yet another unfinished project. My frugality won out and I knew I would find a special place for my large wooden circle.

Fast forward another year and a half. I finally found a home for Hallie's room...with a monogram...I could never get my original project from years earlier out of my mind!!

I purchased these zinc washers from the depot in various sizes. (You could do pennies or buttons or something else round and fun)

I used spray paint (matching her room) to paint a variety of sizes in the same color. I printed the letter I wanted to monogram from my computer to scale.

I cut out the letter and traced it on the board.

Hallie and Hunter helped by placing all the washers within the monogram outline. I went through and moved a few around so they would fit better.

I then used wood glue and a toothpick to carefully glue each washer in it's place. I say carefully because it will show if you're not careful, it does not dry clear. I thought about using a hot glue gun but the strings of glue would have drove me crazy!

Before too long I had some inexpensive wall art:
The board was $15
The washers were $16
And the spray paint was $3.50 (I already had three of the four colors I needed from another project)
There are very few projects I complete that don't require some sort of power tool, but this is one of them!


  1. I like this piece of art really amazing and creative idea, this is impressive and so perfect for the space you picked, thanks for sharing this nice work.

    spruce your home with wall art

  2. This looks so great, I love it! Visiting from i heart naptime and pnning - have a great weekend!


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