DIY Dr. Seuss Valentine’s Box…

Cannon, my kindergartener, was the only one who needed a Valentine’s box this year. I’m starting to wonder if it’s always been that way and Hallie just always told me she needed to make a box – because she made one every year and my boys don’t seem to “need” one every year!

Cannon and I scrolled through pinterest for a few minutes and he quickly narrowed down his box ideas to three: A Dr. Seuss hat, a USPS mailbox or a robot. For whatever reason, the Dr. Seuss hat won out and like many year’s past the trusty oatmeal container came to the rescue. I wish I could see all the Valentine’s boxes people have come up with using an oatmeal canister. I know we have used the canister for Valentine’s at least 4 times over the years.

On the scale of difficult boxes we’ve created – this was one of the easiest. Cannon taped cardstock around the canister to create the stripes. We printed off his name and the two characters and they just had to be cut out and taped on. Tape projects are the best because you don’t have to wait for anything to dry. And he can reuse it in two weeks when they celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday at school!

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Valentine’s 2020…

Our afternoon was consumed with Valentine’s sprawled across the kitchen counter, and me telling Briggs for the 15th time to keep writing his name. (26 cards for a 3-year-old is a lot of work!)

I typically like to get these done well in advance but this year we’re getting them done just in time – but they’re done. Hunter was the last one to finish tonight (no picture yet). He’s in fifth grade and at a stage in life where he doesn’t really care enough about Valentines to put much effort into them, but at the same time has a strong opinion. There was no way he was going to use the “I Pick You” card. The dinosaurs were too kid-ish. We talked about goldfish but even that wasn’t working for him.

He finally decided to do the kool-aid packets we did a couple years back and of course, I couldn’t find them anywhere. So he landed on blow pop suckers and was only slightly embarrassed that the saying was, “I’m a sucker for you!” Can’t wait to see what he goes for next year!

Bennett couldn’t have been more excited about his card – and I created it with him in mind! It just screams third grade boy!

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Kid’s Printable Valentines…

Every year I post new printables for kid’s Valentines – and every year I tell myself to consolidate them in one place so they’re easier to find the next year.

This year I finally made that happen. Years of Valentines with the printable downloads all in one place. You can find them all HERE. There’s been a few valentine’s cards that kids wanted to re-do but for the most part we start from scratch every year. This year is no different and when we finally get them done I’ll post them on the download page.

And because I couldn’t resist: A picture of Hunter writing his name as a preschooler on all his Valentine cards. It took him so long and we’re in the same process with Briggs right now. (Side note: We still have that sweatshirt and Briggs has started wearing it. It’s made it through 4 boys which is pretty impressive although it has a much more weathered look now!)


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DIY Valentine’s boxes…

Only 1 out of my 4 kids giving Valentine’s this year needs a box. How is that even possible!? I’m sure most moms are singing songs of joy because this is the last thing they want to think about this week, but I’m a little bummed because I actually really enjoy making these with my kids.

Cannon already has big plans for his this year – I love the excitement of kindergarteners!

Here’s a few from year’s past…

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Our Bookends…

I wish I could accurately describe this special relationship – because I know years from now they’re both going to want to remember what it was like being the bookends of our family.

Hallie wanted so badly to have a sister. Each time we told her we were pregnant she hoped and prayed for a girl and each time she was in tears when she found out another little boy was joining our family. She even joined us at the ultrasound when we found out Briggs was a boy and right there in the tech room she broke down crying.

But Briggs came into our family and she warmed right up to him. Sure, she’ll never braid his hair, but she’s got a special connection with him. They’re buddies. All of our kids are, but these two are even more so. He lights up every time she walks in the door from school. He helps her make her lunch. He sits on her bed as she sits at her mirror and gets ready. When he has a bad dream, he doesn’t come downstairs – he goes next door and climbs in Hallie’s queen bed. And she is so good to him. She looks to include him whenever she can. And I have a camera roll of selfies just like this – the two of them.

I’m not sure exactly when it started but Briggs has a love for PJ Masks. Three little characters, 2 boys and a girl, that morph into super heroes: Cat Boy (blue), Gecco (Green) and Owlette (red). When Briggs first started preschool he had some rough mornings as he made his adjustment. Hallie was right there talking him through it and convincing him that Catboy can do anything. One day, they were getting Hallie’s lunch ready and Briggs was wearing blue and Hallie was wearing red and Briggs pointed out he was Catboy and Hallie was Owlette. That little interaction has turned into so much more as they refer to each other by those names.

Every single day when Briggs walks out the door for school, she yells “Bye Catboy!” Never failing his response back is, “Bye Owlette!”

I know before long that bit is going to fade. They’ll both grow older, lose interest in the show and it won’t be as cute. But something tells me Catboy or not – they’re bonded forever.

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