My little sunbeam…

The last Sunday in December we walked Briggs into nursery at church for the very last time.

He knew it. We knew it. His teacher knew it.

And it was a little sad all the way around. His teacher has been in nursery since we moved into this neighborhood 8 years ago. She was Bennett’s teacher and Cannon’s teacher and of course Briggs’ teacher. She is amazing in every way and we adore her and will miss her weekly interactions with our kids.

We are officially done with nursery!

This last Sunday, Briggs went into primary with the big kids and he suddenly looked so small compared to all the older kids, squirming around in that large chair.

But he did it. No tears. No meltdowns. Only slightly nervous.

There’s no turning back now!

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School Christmas Programs…

We’re throwing it all the way back to the week before Christmas when every kid had a program/recital/tournament!

Briggs had his first Christmas program with his preschool and his teacher does not mess around. I was a parent helper, helping the 50 (morning and afternoon class) kids switch costumes – it is not for the weak! Almost every song required a costume change and the teacher expects a quick change. I think I documented most of his holiday outfits. 🙂

And they always have the best, most realistic Santa. Briggs was really examining him.

Cannon had his kindergarten Christmas program the same day. Although there weren’t any costume changes, he was just as excited as Briggs to perform for us. And they were both excited to have Steve’s parents as special visitors.

It always about this time in the month that I start to wonder why in the world can’t we space these Christmas programs out and do some the first week of December as well!

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We made it…

through Christmas break!! And all the kids head back to school tomorrow!

I saw a meme half way through the break and it alluded to never knowing what day of the week it is during Christmas break and I couldn’t agree more. I feel as though the kids got out of school and it was the final preparations before Christmas, parties, family gatherings and finishing off the Christmas bucket list.

Christmas came like a freight train that left us disoriented and then my brother and his family showed up and every day someone seemed to be asking what day of the week it was! We were all over the place.

We put Christmas away this weekend and the house suddenly feels empty – however there’s still a layer of stubborn glitter on every surface!

I need my kids to go back to school so my house can stay clean longer than a half hour and so I can get a break from Christmas break! Who’s with me?!

Bring it on 2020.

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A decade older…

We celebrated the end of a decade this week.

A decade where our little family has grown and experienced so many great things. We’ve been stretched beyond what we could have imagined and we’ve added just a few to our little team. 🙂

On New Years eve we were talking about the next decade – what does the next 10 years potentially hold for us. And I started thinking – in 10 years we’ll be back to that first picture with just two kids left at home.

20 years seems like such a long time. But being in the middle of that time period makes you realize just how fast the time can go. Just look at the size of these kids in 10 years!

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Christmas Sunday…

Favorite Sunday of the year is when church is shortened to one hour and that hour is focused on Christmas music. I always look forward to a musical number that includes the cello – I love that instrument and I’m doing my best sales pitch to my boys for one of them to pick it up! Can’t we include the cello with every song?!

Steve’s meetings were shortened which meant he spent Sunday with us which was the real treat of the day.

The excitement is building…

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