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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Baby Boy Birth Announcement...

I always feel the need to promptly design a birth announcement with my kids - however getting them sent out seems to stretch out for far too long. Some got sent with Christmas cards, others were hand delivered this week and I still have some sitting on my desk for a few more locals not within walking distance. He's already four months old; he doesn't even look like this anymore, but what can you do?! Its fun to remember a not so distant past...a simple reminder that they grow too quickly! Life with Fingerprints: Baby Boy birth announcements; hexagon

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kid's Valentine Card Printables...

Valentine's day is just around the corner - Hallie asked me the other day what her valentine is going to be this year. Good Question. Haven't put any thought into it. Then in my inbox this week I had several people request last year's valentine printable. Which means there's a whole group of people out there already on the ball. I'm typically that person - this bathroom remodel is knocking me off my game!

Here's last years cards: Life with Fingerprints: Valentine's Day Free Printables Life with Fingerprints: Valentine's Day Free Printables I don't go overboard with these little things (lets be serious, the kid receiving it quickly removes the candy and tosses the card!) - the simpler the better and I make the kids work on them; cutting out or attaching candy. Once I design it, I can use it for another kid the next year which helps me out. By the time Cannon is passing out cards he'll have a library to choose from.

Here are links to the cards above.

Download Airhead Valentine

Download "Write" Valentine

Speaking of Valentine's Day - does a card box get much cuter than this. (here) Life with Fingerprints: Valentine's Day Bee Box There's no way she's beating that this year.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wedding fun...part one...

Tossed in with the fun of our anniversary, Christmas, my birthday and New Years - we also attended the wedding of our oldest niece Brimley (and our oldest nephew ties the knot in just a few short months, so fun!) To say that I completely adore this girl would be an understatement and watching her get married made me feel older than I really am. (Just another perk of marrying the second youngest in a family of nine siblings - you have nieces and nephews not too much younger than you.) At college, Brimley found a real gem, Scott, and I not-so-secretly wished they lived much closer. They're fun, energetic and they've got all sorts of style. Love that they found each other.  photo 20140102-DSC_9189.jpg  photo 20140102-DSC_9245-1.jpg They were married in the Mesa temple and had a reception at their house the same evening. I can't wait to see all their gorgeous photos, but of course I couldn't help but snap a few myself. It's in my blood. The beauty from the day: Life with Fingerprints: Wedding Fun Life with Fingerprints: Wedding Fun Life with Fingerprints: Wedding Fun Life with Fingerprints: Wedding Fun Life with Fingerprints: Wedding Fun Life with Fingerprints: Wedding Fun Life with Fingerprints: Wedding Fun Each table had random facts about the bride and groom - which made me walk around to each table to read them all, some were quite funny. Life with Fingerprints: Wedding Fun The reception had a waffle bar and other breakfast related foods including donuts, so of course guests had to go home with fine label "McGrath" syrup. Life with Fingerprints: Wedding Fun Life with Fingerprints: Wedding Fun The donut cake was a work of art (didn't manage to get pictures of that before people started diving in) and I caught Brian working on the "groom's" donut cake. Life with Fingerprints: Wedding Fun His and Her cups to toast their new life together. Life with Fingerprints: Wedding Fun More pictures to come...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Journal...

I love to journal; which is evident by this on-going blog. I love to collect thoughts, impressions, projects and of course photos.

My first journal was pink with a teddy bear on it that my grandma had given me as a gift. I loved that book. Over the years I collected more and more journals which eventually led me to scrapbooking where I spent a lot of time and money. (but of course I could never keep up with the amount of pictures I took!)

When I married Steve, I took a look at his old journal and fell in love with him all over again. The stories and thoughts...they're priceless. I'm really hoping to instill the love of writing in my children - so years from now they can look back and marvel at how simple life once was when hearing your name on the intercom at school was a really big deal. Childhood is awesome.

When Hallie was baptized, we gave her her first of many journals, personalized just for her. We ask her 2-3 times a week to take some time to write the best part of her day, or any feelings she might have. It's funny how at such a young age those thoughts and feelings are very private and personal. When I asked her to bring me her journal so I could take a picture of it, she wanted to make sure I wasn't going to read it! Probably won't be the first time I hear that. Life with Fingerprints: First Journal;, LDS temple, baptism Life with Fingerprints: First Journal;, LDS temple, baptism Life with Fingerprints: First Journal;, LDS temple, baptism I printed it through blurb (considered their "trade" size in paperback). I designed it in InDesign and made most the pages lined - but then sprinkled in several of her baptism photo shoot pictures. Hopefully this will be one of many books she fills.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Card 2013...

This years Christmas card is based on Cannon's weekly photos and to say we had a little fun with the project would be an understatement!

These are a few of our favorite things... Life with Fingerprints: Christmas Card 2013 Life with Fingerprints: Christmas Card 2013 Life with Fingerprints: Christmas Card 2013 Wishing you a Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Birth Announcement...

I finally got my Christmas cards sent to the printer (once again making the vow that I will complete them earlier next year) and I realized I had yet to design birth announcements for Cannon. I know it's not a must for most, but when you're a graphic designer it kind of falls in the "must" category. Part of me wanted to blend our Christmas card and birth announcement, but part of me wanted him to have a special announcement like every one of our kids have had (Steve reminds me Cannon won't ever care - but maybe he'll grow up to be sensitive and wonder why his loving mother never created a fun card for him). You can guess which thought process won out!

I sat down at the computer tonight to work on it and I realized I had designed a birth announcement for a friend a while ago and never posted it. They live in the frozen tundra of Minnesota and actually have a need for that many knit hats. We don't own one for Cannon. But guaranteed Cannon will have more swimsuits than Finn! Life with Fingerprints: Birth Announcement

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hallie's Baptism Invitation...

I enjoy designing pieces for clients, but I absolutely love designing pieces for myself and my family. Sometimes I want to throw a party just so I can design correlating pieces. Then my kind, loving and logical husband steps in and reminds me that is a crazy thought process and cancels every imaginary party I start to plan!

Luckily for this invite, I didn't have to come up with an imaginary party - Hallie turned 8 and she was getting baptized and we invited friends and family to be with us on her special day. Life with Fingerprints: Baptism Invitation/Announcement Life with Fingerprints: Baptism Invitation/Announcement, LDS Baptism, LDS Baptism dress

Monday, October 7, 2013

2014 Young Women's Theme; Free printables...

This year's theme for the Young Women/Men for our church is "Come unto Christ and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness." As per tradition, I've designed up a binder cover as well as logos in a couple different colors. Feel free to use them as you please. Find previous years here and here. Life with Fingerprints: 2014 YW Theme - Come Unto Christ Life with Fingerprints: 2014 YW Theme - Come Unto Christ Download All Come Unto Christ Materials as a ZIP file
Download Come Unto Christ Binder
Download Come Unto Christ 5x7
Download Come Unto Christ Logo on Background
Download Come Unto Christ Aqua Logo
Download Come Unto Christ Magenta Logo
Download Come Unto Christ Yellow Logo
Download Come Unto Christ Gray Logo

Friday, August 23, 2013

Free Printable - Missionary Countdown...

My nephew has been serving a mission but a short couple weeks and has many more weeks ahead of him. I asked my sister-in-law if she was going to fill out a countdown chart while he was gone (a chart with a circle to fill in for every day he's gone) and she didn't seem overly excited about the idea: It's depressing to see just how many circles you have to fill in for two years. She asked, "Why can't they just make a chart that you fill in every Fast Sunday (once a month) that way you only have 24 circles - it seems much more bearable that way." She's right - so I decided to make one up for her - she can fill in a spoke the first Sunday of every month and before long all the tires will be filled in! Life With Fingerprints: Free Printable - Missionary Countdown Chart

I decided a blank version would be great for anyone not named Elder Pothier serving in Brazil! Life With Fingerprints: Free Printable - Missionary Countdown Chart Click on picture to download, save to your computer.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The story of my life...

World in a picture frame This is definitely going in my office.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baptism Invite...

My brother's daughter was baptized recently and they asked me to design an announcement (and shoot some photos) for the special occasion. It was a fast turn around so they were happy using a similar design I had created for another niece the previous year (here).Life With Fingerprints: LDS Baptism Invite, LDS baptism dress Life With Fingerprints: LDS Baptism Invite, LDS baptism dress

Hallie's should be the next baptism announcement I design!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Graduation Announcements...

I showed the bloopers from my nephews photo shoot (here) - and despite all of his goofiness, we walked away with some great photos to choose from for his announcement.

I love how they turned out; bold, masculine and simple. (printed on thick bamboo paper)  photo PaxtonGraduationFront.jpg  photo PaxtonGraduationBack2.jpg

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kids valentines...

I pinned all these fun ideas for the kids valentine's this year. But then I looked at the calendar and realized it was the 13th and I needed something ASAP. I ran to Wal-mart today and wouldn't you know it, they were out of everything but Barbie (which I was totally against). They had a box of angry birds as well which would've been great but they only had one box and 10 additional valentines. I was kicking myself for not picking them up sooner, I'm still not sure how I completely missed the boat on this one. They did have some valentine pencils which was as good as I was going to get.

For Hunter, I used the valentine's I made for Hallie last year. New class, new friends - easy as can be. He had to sign his name on every valentine and he loved the process.

We used the pencils for Hallie's class and I designed a little tag, "You're the "Write" Valentine for me." She carefully wrote "to" and "from" on every tag and made sure she wrote every class members name in all caps and her name on the "from" line was in lowercase, "It just looks so much better that way." A designer in the making. 20130213-DSC_7942 photo 20130213-DSC_7942_zpsc0d7b9cd.jpg My panic session at Wal-mart ended up being completely unwarranted as this ended up being just as easy. Hallie's box is already at school and Hunter made one at preschool. We're ready to enjoy the day of love and overdose on sugar.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Birthday Party Invite...

My friend Jamie contacted me to design an invite - a joint birthday party for her five-year-old boy and her one-year-old girl. They had two themes - super heroes and pink cupcakes! Mission accomplished. I love fun design projects!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

To the moon and back...

I used to think the only redeeming quality of February was that it was a short month. I don't live in a cold climate anymore and I've grown rather fond of the month of love. In fact it's one of the best weather months of the year in Arizona. Always a reason to celebrate!

Our family is going to share the love on Monday. We've had several people in the neighborhood lose their spouse over the past year and I've decided our family night will be dedicated to them. I drew a sign for the kids to color on Sunday - which will be dropped off on their doorstep Monday with...a moonpie. No, I've never tried one and yes they look absolutely disgusting, but the name is so fitting, I couldn't help myself! Hallie watched me draw it out and waited patiently looking over my shoulder, waiting for me to finish. She wanted to color one right then and I was not working fast enough for her. She decided to go outside and play; she drew her own version in chalk on the patio.


Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Young Women's Theme - Free Printables...

For the new 2014 theme free printables, "Come Unto Christ" click here.

This year's theme for the Young Women/Men for our church is "Stand ye in holy places and be not moved."

I've had this on my list to design since early September and never got around to it. I put if off long enough and finally decided now that we're two weeks into the new year I better just get it done. (A few friendly reminders from a few readers also helped!) I've created both a binder cover and logo in several colors to share.

Download Stand Ye in Holy Places Binder - Zip file of all images
Download Stand Ye in Holy Places Binder - Green
Download Stand Ye in Holy Places Binder - Brown
Download Stand Ye in Holy Places Binder - Aqua
Download Stand Ye in Holy Places Binder - Gray
Download Stand Ye in Holy Places Binder - Orange
Download Stand Ye in Holy Places Logo - Navy
Download Stand Ye in Holy Places Logo - Gray
Download Stand Ye in Holy Places Logo - Coral
Download Stand Ye in Holy Places Logo - Aqua

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Card 2012...

One of my favorite things about December is getting the mail. Everyday there's a new batch of Christmas cards waiting to be opened. Updates from friends and family- many of which we haven't seen in years and we look forward to the updated family picture and letter. We hang them proudly in our kitchen and find guests admiring them as well.

As much as I love receiving Christmas cards, I also love sending them. Each year they'be been a little different. Most have been a nice family photo with a generic saying - Merry Christmas - Sending Joy - Happy Holidays - you know what I'm talking about and this has worked for us for years. Last year, we stepped out of our comfort zone just a bit. (here) We played off the idea of our weekly photo shoot of Mr. B and made a card out of it. It worked well and was quite personal. After last years card I realized how fun it was to step outside of the tiny box I had made for myself. Christmas cards for our family didn't have to be totally formal. So my mind started working - what could I do different for this card?? Over the summer, we solidified our plans to be the Incredibles for Halloween and immediately I saw our Christmas card. Funny enough, my husband didn't even disagree with me, he loved the idea. So just before heading how to go trick-or-treating we shot our photos for the Christmas card - still with an agreeable husband.

Throughout Halloween night we got so many comments - of course we did, we were totally decked out as a family. I could see Steve start to get slightly self-conscious as other men claimed you couldn't pay them to wear the costume. I could see the Christmas card idea start to diminish! It wasn't too long after when the card discussion surfaced that Steve no longer thought it was a good idea to wear a costume on the Christmas card. I designed it out anyway and once he saw it complete he couldn't argue that it wasn't great. Still there was resistance. We agreed the card would go to everyone - but co-workers would get a nice formal card, maintaining professionalism and dignity with the people he sees for hours every day!

But everyone else received this: (It was a multi-fold card and folded out quite long!) Just in case you need a close up: It's definitely a once in a lifetime card, there is no way my husband will ever put on that costume again!! But it was totally worth it...Steve might disagree! I might have ruined my chances at a fun card next year-

Oh well, Merry Christmas from the Pothiers!
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