Class of 2015…

We had a family night dinner and celebration in honor of the graduates just before graduation.

The family graduation banner – that I made way back when, is still in use. We made several different numbers for the last flag so we could use if for years to come and it’s been well loved and used!
Life with Fingerprints: Class of 2015 graduation dinner
Life with Fingerprints: Class of 2015 graduation dinner
Life with Fingerprints: Class of 2015 graduation dinner
We had all the graduates on a panel and asked them questions and they gave advice. Steve wasn’t loving that he was on a panel with high school seniors (because he’d much rather be in the audience) but I loved seeing him up there. I love that it was an example to every niece and nephew in that room to always keep learning. Even when you’ve been out of school for years and you have a family – always keep learning.

I loved what one nephew shared – advice he had received when one of our older nephews graduated – be kind. Go through school and be nice to as many people as you can. It doesn’t matter how old you are that is always the best advice.

Life with Fingerprints: Class of 2015 graduation dinner
And even though we convinced him to sit on the panel – he didn’t want to jump in this shot with his cap and gown.
Life with Fingerprints: Class of 2015 graduation dinner
Congrats graduates!

College football…

Steve’s finally able to cash in on his birthday gift I gave him almost four months ago: Season tickets to ASU Football. What’s funny is Steve and I went to a college that didn’t have a football team – that’s right. So we don’t have this strong allegiance to any particular school. I’m a fan of Boise State because that’s where I grew up. Steve’s a fan of ASU because he grew up here and we’re both fans of Wisconsin from living there. College football in general we’re big fans of.
Life with Fingerprints-1350 photo LifewithFingerprints-1350-1.jpg
Because Steve is an experience person, he’s loving this gift. Few things top football with his brother! Especially high profile games like last Saturday vs Notre Dame. Steve was so excited you would have thought it was Christmas morning. He returned from the game giving me play by plays and then when the news came on with footage he had to watch that too. It was that good of a day.

We chose the right year to be season ticket holders.
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