Confidence of a 6th grader…

Cannon recently told us something about Bennett we were unaware of. Evidently, every morning, when he gets on the bus, with energy in his voice he declares, “Bennett on the bus!” and then does high fives to everyone as he goes to his seat. I thought there may be some exaggeration to the story so I asked Briggs – he confirmed the story and added that the kids cheer Bennett on as he walks to his seat. Later, without any leading, we asked Bennett what he does every morning he gets on the bus and sure enough, he admitted to same story Cannon and Briggs told.

The next morning, we watched him get on the bus and sure enough, we heard his declaration and then watched him passing out high fives. We just giggled.

He has so much personality and I Iove his confidence.

This story should not come as a surprise, because years ago, his preschool teacher shared a similar account. He used to walk into preschool announcing that he had arrived and people would clap. One day I dropped him off just a few minutes early and there were only two other kids there and he was very disappointed he didn’t get the same reception he normal receives. 🙂

Evidently, I was unaware of how much he likes to make an entrance!

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Shove a sucker in it…

I can’t count how many high school games I’ve corralled and bribed my kids at, but it’s a significant amount!

And even as the kids have gotten older, they still require a bribe at some level. I went to three high school games tonight: A jv soccer game, as well as a jv and varsity basketball game. All the boys went to the soccer game. Hallie and Briggs came to the first basketball game with me. And then Hunter joined Briggs and Hallie at the last basketball game after his practice (while Cannon and Bennett were at their soccer practice.)

I sat next to a young mom during the second game with her three young kids and I couldn’t help but remember back to our early days of attending games for nieces and nephews. She had a six-year-old girl, a four-year-old boy and a one-year-old boy – basically this picture of my three young kids the exact same ages as her kids:

Now my youngest is as old as my oldest was in the picture above. Briggs was the only one that was with me throughout the entire evening and he handled it like a champ. Even now, all these years later, I still put a sucker in his pocket as we’re walking out the door to go to a game. Unfortunately he lost his sucker some where between game one and two which resulted in buying candy at the third game. He was such a trooper, I was happy to buy him a $2 bag of airheads as a reward!

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Season wrap-up…

It’s a lot more fun to be a sports fan when your team is winning. If this year’s season is any indication, something tells me the Sun Devil football program has some rough years ahead of them which means we’re going to be some disappointed fans.

Regardless of the team being terrible – we showed up to every game. I think there were only two games out of 6 where our entire family was able to attend together. The other games we took who was available and took friends with extra tickets.

Before every game – all the kids create their candy bag. Probably the highlight of the game for my younger kids. 🙂

And that’s a wrap – thank heavens. It was a long and terrible season with very few highlights. But we still had fun. We are sports fans through and through.

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Winter Formal 2022…

Aside from our monsoon season (July) – we rarely get rain. There is a reason we are considered desert! So it always comes as a surprise when we it rains on our parade! 🙂

Hallie had her winter formal dance at the high school this weekend (a dance that is traditionally held outside). And wouldn’t you know it, it rained all day long. Ironically enough, the last time it rained here was the day of her homecoming dance 6 weeks ago. We got an email early in the day saying the dance was moved inside. And then we started to scramble trying to figure out a new picture location because the one we had decided on was not rain friendly. We ended up at the same location as the last dance since it had a beautiful covered area we could shelter under.

I knew the weather was not going to cooperate and I was not going to leave anything to chance so I set up a small studio in the front living room to make sure we captured a few of Hallie and her date.

We then joined the group and I managed to do an entire shoot while standing in the rain holding an umbrella to protect my camera. The lighting was terrible. The rain was miserable. I’m surprised we have any photos to show for the outing!

Hallie’s friend asked our nephew to the dance and his volleyball team ended up playing so well in their tournament, he missed out on pictures and dinner in order to play in the championship game. She still joined in the pictures regardless of being date-less. Hallie was really hoping he would make it to pictures since this is the first and probably last time they will be in the same dance group.

After pictures, one of the mom’s hosted a dinner that we all contributed to and then the group danced the night away. And because dinner and a dance are not enough (not to mention the day date they do a week or two before the dance) they also have an afterparty. Crepes and gingerbread houses for the win. They had a blast.

And for document sake – the asking and answering to the dance. Her date had to pop the yellow balloons to find her name.

And we were all impressed her date created his own poster without the help of his mom. 🙂

And since winter formal is officially over, everyone is asking to the next dance, Sadies, which is 3 months away! It’s hard to keep up.

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O Christmas tree…

I remember being young and watching the Christmas tree come in through the back door of the house. It was always a real tree which took some finessing to make sure it was secure in the stand and stood without leaning. (My kids don’t even know some people use real trees!) And then I’d patiently wait for my mom to string the lights. It was a painful process as a kid to watch that tree come in the house and not immediately get to put on our special ornaments. I couldn’t understand why it took my mom so long to get the tree ready for the next step where we could help.

And now I understand!

Although we don’t have a real tree, I do have to manually string all the lights which I somehow manage to drag out over multiple days because it takes so long. My kids were chomping at the bit the minute they saw the tree come in the house and then I had to fend them off for days until I was ready for their help.

I’m happy to report the tree is up, lit and decorated – in a record time of four days. Our tree doesn’t sit up against any walls, so we fully decorate all sides. I decorated one half and the kids decorated the other half.

As I was sorting through the ornaments, I came across one of my favorites – a hand-painted family picture Steve’s sister gifted us a few years back. It hangs prominently on the tree at my eye level so I can see it every time I walk by the tree.

Despite my disdain for putting up the tree, I sure do love sitting by it at night with it’s soft glowing lights.

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