Funny comment…

I used to record my kids’ funny comments all the time. In fact, I just printed an old blog book and the kids love to thumb through and find all the funny comment headers. I’m sad I don’t record their comments like I used to. With 5 funny kids, it would be a full-time job to record all the funny moments we have in our house. I always think I’ll remember and record them later…and we all know how that goes. But now that Hallie has a phone some of her funny comments are recorded in our text thread.

A month ago, she texted me slightly panicked because a friend at school tested positive for Covid – this was our exchange:

Have I mentioned lately how much I’m loving this parenting stage? It helps that they are starting to get my jokes! So many fun and rewarding moments!

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Comfy game..

Our Christmas “Comfy” game was strong this year with Hallie, Hunter and Bennett joining the growing comfy club. I have been a member for one year going strong and I love it. I don’t tend to wear it in public – aside from a neighborhood walk and our good friend’s house.

Hallie walked in the door one night after being with friends (boys and girls) and I got a good chuckle when I saw what she was wearing.

Kara: “Did you go out in public looking like that?”
Hallie: laughing “yes”
Kara: “Way to keep it classy!”
Hallie: “You know you have good friends when you’re comfortable wearing this around them!”

True that.

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The school situation for our kids right now is fluid (as it is most everywhere) and every day we’re adjusting. But today…today they went back to school in person. At least my elementary kids went back in person. Hallie, in high school, will remain in remote for at least an additional 2 weeks before they reevaluate.

The kids were excited. Their teachers were excited. I was excited. Briggs…not so excited. He’s really going to miss attending Cannon’s virtual classes!

I do have to say, this round of remote learning went FAR better than the last round at the beginning of the school year. They ditched the online learning system the district purchased and actually let teachers teach their own curriculum and it went so much better. So many less frustrations. Technology is still a beast – bless those teachers that are trying to virtually help a student who can’t get their video or microphone to work! So many tech issues. The dinosaur laptops they provided the kids weren’t meant to zoom 6 hours a day. Their little processors just aren’t fast enough.

Needless to say – I’m grateful for these kids to be back in person and off a screen.

I mopped my kitchen floor today knowing it would stay clean all day – that’s the kind of optimism I have with my kids in school!

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Flag-lined streets…

One thing I absolutely love about our neighborhood is the flag-lined streets we get to enjoy 11 times a year on certain holidays. It is quite a sight to see every house with a flag proudly displayed in their yard.

But these flags don’t magically appear in front of everyone’s houses. Nope. It takes a lot of effort on a lot of people. The neighborhood is divided into three routes and families take a turn every year running one of the routes on one of the 11 days we put out flags. It’s a community effort and it’s worth every whining child!

This morning, for Civil Rights Day, our family fulfilled our annual responsibility. We woke up before the sun was up to load flags into our car and place them in yards and this evening before the sun went down we were back out there collecting them. We had a lesson on flag etiquette (which is always a great reminder) and played Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American”.

And the majority of us had good attitudes…Until somebody couldn’t find the sleeve (marked with a red dot on the sidewalks) or the sleeve was full of rocks or dirt that had to be cleaned out before inserting the flag or the sleeve was full of water that would shoot up at you when the flat was inserted.

Service is not always rainbows and butterflies, but I’m glad we have the opportunity to contribute with our kids.

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It pours…

When it rains, it pours…and sometimes it pours down from the upstairs bathroom into the laundry room. 🙁

Last week was not great. This was the icing on the cake. I’m not entirely sure which boy clogged the toilet upstairs (Hallie has her own bathroom!) but it was a doozy. Steve and I cleaned up the mess upstairs only to walk downstairs and realize it was coming through the laundry room ceiling. We evaluated the situation – ran a moisture meter up and down the ceiling and wall and realized this project was larger than we were willing to tackle at the time.

We called in a clean up crew. And now that we’re waiting on insurance this is how the room has looked for a week. My friend asked how much longer we can go before using her washing machine to wash some underwear. I replied, “When you turn them inside out they go twice as long!” 🙂

Something tells me this project is going to drag out far longer than anticipated.

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