Yes, it is true, we have joined the blogging world. I tried abstaining for as long as physically possible. But as I sit and listen to all of our friends talk about their blogs, everyone keeps asking us what our blog address is. Sadly I reply, “We have yet to join your kind”. I get blank stares, as if I’m so old school my phone is probably connected to the wall. I’m sure they’re thinking…Kara the graphic designer must not be up on what’s cool. I’m here to declare, I am cool. In fact I have an iPod and a cell phone. (Not that its rolled into one, but maybe someday soon!) I never thought my life was so interesting, that I could document it and somebody else in this century would find it even remotely interesting, I’ll be lucky if my husband visits the site. However, in recent months, I’ve found myself frequently visiting blogs of friends and family, and I really enjoy it. Therefore, if there lives are considered interesting to me, perhaps mine might be to someone else. Unfortunately, the one who would probably enjoy it the most, my mother, who is just becoming familiar with email, might take a while longer to jump on the “blog-wagon”. So here I am…jump in and prepare to be updated.