Hallie is at the age where she absorbs everything like a sponge. Which normally works to our advantage, for example we’ve taught her where her diaper, wipes, and pajamas are at so at night she can bring us everything we need and we don’t have to put forth much effort. I like this. However there are other things she picks up on that probably aren’t quite as appropriate to post, so we’ll leave it at that. Needless to say, she’s been the source of quite a few embarassing encounters with strangers. Now to our latest example. Steve and I have been quite diligent in teaching Hallie who Jesus is. We show pictures at home, at church we talk about Him, and we have many books which she is successful in pointing Him out in all the pictures. I dare say, we were pretty proud of ourselves. So we’re walking in the neighborhood and she sees a statue of St. Mary. (There’s quite a few around here!) And proudly she points and says, “It’s Jesus.” Feeling so proud that she noticed the statue looked somewhat like the one we had a home, we didn’t correct her and you could see how happy she was that she got it. We didn’t think anything of it until recently. We were driving home and we drove past this church (we drive by it all the time) and it has that same statue but quite large right on the corner of the street. Hallie sees it and you can guess what she said. So now, we’re trying to back peddle and correct her, but like I said before she’s a sponge and she can’t seem to let go of the previous misconception. And so, every time we now drive by that church it’s the same conversation, Hallie points out the statue and we correct her!!