Steve thinks its funny to confuse our poor little child, as if she needs help doing so, she confused as it is, what toddler isn’t? The first word Hallie truly mastered was “water”. We quickly realized she used this word not only when she wanted water, but also when she wanted to talk but didn’t know what to say. So this is what we heard, blah blah blah a la water. As she started talking more the time came when we started asking her what her choice of beverage was, Milk or water, water or milk. Steve picked up on the fact that she would just repeat the last word, so to confuse her, he would then repeat the phrase but switch the words around, milk or water, to water or milk and consistently Hallie would change her mind depending on what Steve said last. As of lately, Hallie really enjoys a nice cold glass a milk, (probably because I give her lukewarm tap water, and it’s toasty outside!!) Anyway, she came and grabbed my hand this morning and asked for water. As I got water out of the tap, she began to scream. She ran to the fridge and started banging on the fridge shouting a jumbled phrase “milkorwater, milkorwater”. She wanted milk, and thats what she thinks its called. Hence, Steve won the battle, he once again successfully confused our 20 month old daughter, I have to give him props, he’s pretty proud of himself!!