Summer is by far the most beautiful time in Wisconsin but it seems as though all the home projects are progressing in the bulk of these four months. Logically it makes sense to redo the kitchen when it’s awful outside because there’s nothing else to do, but there’s something about the sun that is energizing that makes me want to dance…and paint. A while back I mentioned to Steve that I’d like to tile the kitchen. At first it wasn’t received very well, he laughed at me. However, over time, I wore him down. Before he knew it I was buying the tiles! So last weekend we hired a friend to come over and help us with our project, basically we knew it would do wonders for our marriage if someone who really knew what he was doing was there to help. So we went to work. We ended up babysitting for a family friend that weekend, and because it was my project and Steve’s such a good sport, he ended up being the babysitter while I cut tile. So there you have it, the story of our marriage. Steve doesn’t want to do something, Kara is persistant, Steve doesn’t like to keep arguing, Kara goes about the project, Steve stays out of her way!! And here is the fruit of our labor (it’s not complete we still have to put more moulding up, but you get the idea!)