Have I said how much we love the beach?! We took yet another trip Friday. We went with our friends the Wootens and we had a blast. The trip was a success; which means we came home with all our body parts, as well as all of our buckets and shovels, we couldn’t ask for more. I got a kick taking pictures of these kids, especially Hallie’s little boyfriend Garrett. She relentlessly chased him all over the beach, and he’s one smart cookie. He would wait for her to get close enough, which made her feel as though she was within reach, and then he’d book it, then turn around and wait for her to catch up and then repeat, time and time again! It was a great show. And then they took turns pouring sand on each other, we’re still finding sand! There was only one low point of our beach experience. I was walking to the restroom and I see the dreaded sign: Beach closes for the season August 30th. WHAT! Are you kidding me?! At least keep it open through Labor day, we had it on the schedule. We’re going to have to resort back to entertaining Hallie, whatever will we do!