I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but Hallie has a diaper fetish. Never failing at any given moment I can walk into her room and there will be diapers everywhere. If I’m sitting on the couch she’ll bring diapers and point out all the characters. It wasn’t until recently she began taking off the diaper, bringing it to me, and repeating “Messy Baby” a number of times. I was talking with a friend on the phone this afternoon when I had to end the conversation abruptly. There Hallie stood in front of me as innocent as could be with poop stained lips, and a messy diaper in her hand. Instantly a moment from this morning came flooding back to my memory…Hallie had a messy diaper this morning, as I was changing her the phone started to ring. I rushed to put her diaper on so I could run to the phone, leaving the dirty diaper (at least I took the time to wrap it up) and wipes on the floor of the living room. She had poop all over her hands, dress, face, and I’m sure all that mess was made because she was trying to get it into her mouth!! In fact, as she stood in front of me she was still moving her tongue around her mouth, (just like we clear our mouth after a nice fudgey brownie!!) I just sat there in amazement of what my child just did. She then started to talk as if to defend herself…the smell was overwhelming, it was as if I’d stuck my head in a port-a-potty and took a big whiff! After I cleaned her up the best I could, I could think of nothing more important to do than to email Steve. Here is the email chain…
Kara – Hallie just ate her own poop and regardless of how many times I brush her teeth, her mouth still smells like poop…
Steve –
Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want’ to bush my own mouth after hearing that! Is she still crying?
Kara –
She never did cry, I didn’t even get mad at her because I figured eating her own poop was punishment enough!
Steve –
You are too funny! I guess that cuts down on snacks!

And so the diaper fetish continues.