I remember growing up when jelly shoes were a staple for summer attire. They were the perfect shoes. You could run through the rain, jump in puddles of mud, play in the sand at the beach and yet the shoe remained indestructable. Just wash them off when you get home and get ready to wear them the next day. I found these shoes for Hallie at Gap on clearance and thought I could get some good use before the summer was over and boy was I right. They really are the perfect shoe! And the best part about it is it’s clear plastic, not pink, or red, but clear, it goes with absolutely everything. Just think, what if at our age we had a shoe that went with everything…it’s impossible! You have to wear brown with brown and black with black and tennis shoes with a t-shirt, sandals with capris. The list can go on and on, so I long for the simple life, when a clear jelly shoe from gap for 3.99 will complete my entire wardrobe!