Many of you are familiar with my Gilmore Girls obsession. No this isn’t a post about me talking about how cool the show is, or how disappointed I am that it’s not coming back…No, this time it just sparked my interest in something…Pop Tarts! Those of you familiar with the show know that they are always eating pop tarts or referencing them. The other day I was watching an episode as I worked on the computer and the idea of a pop tart sounded really good. Now of course everyone knows how unhealthy they are, so of course we never actually have them in the home, but I couldn’t get them out of my mind. So sure enough, the next time I was at the grocery store I couldn’t help but just take a gander at the pop tarts as I headed down the cereal isle. Lo and behold they were on sale…a killer sale, (probably because they’re not selling because they’re so bad for you!!) But I couldn’t resist, so I grabbed four boxes and with guilt added them to my cart! I got home and quickly pulled one out just to taste the goodness I once knew. However, I realized when I got home I bought low-fat (my theory of them being on sale because they were unhealthy was now shot!). So no longer was this a guilty pleasure, it was just pleasure! I hate half, and gave the other half to Hallie so she would stop clinging to my leg and yelling cookie, cookie. No more than two days later, Steve came across the pop tarts, and although upset with me for hiding them from him, just goes to show how well Steve navigates the kitchen because they were exactly where they belonged, he enjoyed the goodness as well. After I ate the pop tart the first day, I was somewhat reminded why I stopped eating them, they’re really not that great, but good enough for a sweet tooth once in a while. However, Steve loved them. Almost every night he would finish dinner and pop some in the toaster. He and Hallie would share a little moment together, as I did my thing. The other night after dinner I could hear Hallie yelling cookie, cookie. So I made my way to the kitchen so I could be a part of this excitement. I was shocked at what I found. This whole time, I thought it was so cute that Steve and Hallie would share pop tarts after dinner, but that wasn’t entirely the case. I walk in to find Steve breaking off the outer most part of the pop tart, the part without frosting or filling, which is completely too dry to eat by itself, and handing it Hallie as she shouts, Cookie, Cookie. He on the other hand is enjoying the best part with the filling. I couldn’t believe it. When I shared my pop tart with Hallie, I broke it in half and gave it to her frosting, filling and all, but not Steve. No, he keeps the goodness to himself, and only shares what he will eventually throw away any way! What insight that brings to our marriage!!