We have lived in our house for a little over a year and in that time we have done some major improvements. First and foremost it doesn’t smell like old people anymore, which is quite the accomplishment, not to mention a number of other things we’ve improved. And because we spent so much time in and around the house, our poor little one car garage was very neglected. It had everything mismatched. The previous owner, (having died while owner of the home, I usually say, dying in the home, but that gives people creepy feelings when they come to visit!) left a lot of stuff, obviously the valuable things his family took, and left us a bunch of junk. We just used the garage as a catch all for things we found in the home, including a shower chair, vacuum, suit jacket, and much more, not to mention some of our own stuff including a rather large couch. Last fall Steve and a friend installed a nifty garage door opener. But a lot of good a garage door opener does when you can’t use the garage. We attempted to clean it in February but after an hour of work, our limbs were completely frozen so we gave up. It became the running joke with us. You’d think with the winters in Wisconsin we’d make it a priority to get this cleaned. I’m hear to say, it’s been over a year, and we just barely pulled a car into the garage. Sad but true, it was a really special experience for us. Steve made me promise that I would pull the car in every single time…his theory is if I have to pull the car in every time we won’t accidentally leave the stroller in the middle of the garage, and then the wagon, rake, extension cord, and who knows what else. I’m confident I can take his challenge!