Hallie turned two years old today; this is definitely a landmark. It seems like up until two years old you say how old your child is by months, but not today my friends, she is not 24 months anymore, we’ve moved up to counting in years, she’s two years old!! And what a fun two year old she is. She’s got the talking thing down. She loves singing in the car and right before she falls asleep at night. It makes my heart melt as we’re driving along the highway and she breaks out in song…I am a child of God. She kills me with how funny she is. Her new favorite thing to say is, “I broke it”. She has this directors chair in the living room and she likes to take off the back of it and bring it to me. “I broke it Mom, I broke it.” This weekend we were babysitting for a family and all the sudden she started talking about other things she broke. Like when she hit her head on something. She would come find me in the house and tell me that she “broke” her head. She’s always just cracking me up. She started to throw a fit today with full blown tears (she’s a very passionate child; passionate about everything, absolutely everything!) and I asked her how old she was, she says two triumphantly and holds up one finger (we’re still working on that). I tell her that because she’s two years old she’s no longer a baby, but a big girl. She repeats “big girl”. I then tell her that big girls down cry like that. In her cutest voice, most innocent voice she says, “No cry Mommy, No cry Hallie” and takes the sleeve on her shirt and wipes away the crocodile tears. I just scooped her up and kissed her face off!! Here are some pictures from today.