I went to Cedarburg with a group of girlfriends last week. Cedarburg is this historic little town with one main street with several quaint shops and eateries. I like to think of it as the Stars Hollow of Wisconsin (Gilmore Girls for those of you who aren’t familiar with the best show ever!!) Anyway we walked along the street, four moms with five kids in tow, all of them being loud and obnoxious at different times. Anyway we hit my favorite store, I believe it’s called Cookie Dough. Not only do they sell cookie dough (which is scrumptious!) but they have walls of cookie cutters. Everything under the sun including the sun. It’s amazing the things you can do with cookies or a cake! It makes me think for just a second that I could be domestic like that…and then I’m reminded that it’s too much work for the actual pleasure at the end. So I just marvel at the creativity and move on to the next store. Here’s some pics of Hallie from our adventure.