We celebrated Hallie’s birthday last week at Steve’s brother’s house. In honor of Hallie’s favorite animal at the zoo, (or perhaps the only one she can say and that we fully understand!) I made a monkey cake. Which turned out to be harder than Martha Stewart claims on her website, and not exactly what I was hoping for, but Hallie didn’t know any different. She did however notice the doll and accessories that were given her. I found her doll the next day with Desitin all over it. She walked around carrying her doll saying, “Cream, Cream”. I’m happy to report the doll is rash free! We gave Hallie a kitchen set for birthday which she loved. Steve set it up behind her as she was opening presents so when she turned around she would see it. When she turned around she yelled “It’s a Chichen, a chichen dad!” Hallie has been cooking us meals ever since!