Today was a good day…busy, yet successful, as most of my days usually are. Steve and I were just talking about it tonight; talking about our busy days, weeks, months and everything in between. I made the comment, “I know we are so busy, and I absolutely love it!” For me, I’m happier when I’m busy. It seems like I go through periods where I long for the vacation, and then when I go on vacation, I pack it full of every possible thing we can do so I’m still busy. I guess it’s in my blood. Here’s my gratitude for the day…

I’m grateful for Gap’s Friends and Family coupon! That’s 30% off baby!! For those that know me, know that this is a big deal. I have a friend that works there and she gave this to me this morning, I was walking on clouds, and Hallie will be walking in new pants! YEAH!

I’m grateful for talents. I had a couple photo shoots today and it’s good to know that there are those things in your life that you’re good at, but yet can always work to be better! I love it.

I’m grateful for family. We went to Steve’s brother’s house this evening, as we do every Thursday night for our weekly get together. We get food, (tonight it was chinese food, yum) catch up on the weekly happenings, and then partake of the goodness of Thursday night television: Survivor, Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock. I’m a little disappointed that tonight’s Office is the last one until the Strike is resolved…what ever will we do on Thursday nights. Anyway, it is so good to have family around, especially family that you love being around and consider them good friends.

I’m grateful for friends. Hallie and I were out and about this morning at the mall and we happened to run into three of our good friends here in Milwaukee. It was a little bizarre that we were all there at the same time in the same place (I guess we all have friends who work at Gap!!) But it was so good to spend the morning with them, chatting, shopping, wrestling children. It reminded me of the great friends we have made here in Milwaukee and what a role they play in our lives.

So concludes another day of gratitude. I can see how doing this every day (regardless if it was November or not) could really affect someone. I enjoy the time I get to count my blessings for the day, it’s probably a good habit to get into.