Thursday night we had our weekly gathering at Steve’s brother’s house, which included food, good conversation and the most coveted TV shows for the week; Survivor, Scrubs, and 30 Rock (yes the office was on that list at one time, but since the writer’s strike we’ve been gettin’ nothin’ but reruns, and I can’t take it much longer, they better come back soon and they better come back with vengeance!) Anyway, Survivor is one hour of television where we are all completely enthralled with. Needless to say, it is important that we not have any distractions, which means we usually put Hallie down to bed so we can have 100% focus. Having said that…for some reason, and I’m still not sure why, we opted out of putting her down. I remember now, she had a late nap, I figured she deserved to stay up a little later. Anyway, we’re all trying desperately to hear every word coming out of the television and you don’t want to take your eyes off because you will surely miss the priceless face of Courtney being disgusted at something, it doesn’t matter what, but something someone else has said. So we’re occupying Hallie to the best of our ability, without really putting forth any effort. I have to mention, when we go over every Thursday, Hallie suddenly forgets that we’re her parents and she latches on to “Grandma Gin” and “Poppy” which I have to say isn’t all that bad. Anyway Hallie was occupied for a short amount of time, and before long she went to Gin and said over and over again, “Messy baby, Messy Baby Spike, Messy baby”. I think I’ve shared before that every time she makes a mess she comes and finds me, and tells me. But it was in a really good part of Survivor, so Gin says “Thats okay, you’re fine” and that was that. Ten minutes later Survivor ends and we head to another room in the house to finish our schedule of shows and then decided it was time to put Hallie down for bed. Gin heads back towards Spike the lizard to just check on Hallie’s “Mess”. Sure enough she’d made a nice big mess. She spilled (by spilled I mean she knocked the cup over, the lid popped off) Spike’s 60+ meal worms along with their sawdust and poop on the floor. Not a big deal your thinking…think again. Any idea how fast a meal worm moves…anybody? I know I was surprised. In a matter of ten minutes they’d made it 15 feet. They were everywhere. You had to be careful walking into the room because the carpet somewhat camouflaged their existence. We had to move chests, book shelf, couch, chair and even then some made it to the corner where the burrowed beneath the carpet. We had located the final five worms and as Gin was putting them in the cup, one flinged up on her hand and she drops the cup. Resulting in a mad dash to contain the little suckers. Needless to say we got a good laugh out of the fact that Hallie was persistent in telling us she’d made a mess. The next morning I asked her about Messy Baby Spike and sure enough she goes on with this long detailed story, most of which you can’t understand, except for the part that she told me the worms fell on her toes and she ran. Three days later I had her repeat the story, here it is: (You’ll need to pause the music on the right hand side)