For the record, I’ve been sick for almost two weeks now with a cold…doctor says its nothing, but I get these awful coughing spells for minutes on end…I love this time of year. It’s been snowing here this week…there’s a surprisingly amount of snow on the ground still. It started Saturday afternoon. If just dumped on us. Sunday there was some freezing rain which coated the snow with a nice sheet of ice. So nice, you can run and slide across it like a skating rink. Sunday found us busy as usual, so we didn’t get a chance to shovel the walks. Of course everyone else on the block did, so they had nice clear driveways, when ours was a sheet of ice. It was mild yesterday and most of today. But this evening it started snowing again. Seeing as though Steve has shoveled the last couple times, I thought I’d try my hand at it. If I ever thought I was strong before, I was proven wrong this evening. No lie, I have really, really weak arms. I was only out there for five minutes before my arms were sore, and the snow was the light, airy type. (It’s pretty easy to shovel, it’s the shovel that’s so heavy!). It’s actually my favorite type of snow which is part of the reason I volunteered to do it this evening, but Steve doesn’t need to know that! It reminds of me of the fake snow you see in store fronts. It has just a hint of glitter to it. I looked up, and with the light from the house illuminating, the falling snow looked as though it was hovering in the air just glittering the sky. It was really quite beautiful. I’m glad I could enjoy it this evening, because tomorrow after the squirrels have made their tracks, as well as the neighbor dog, and with the loud snow plows combing the street the snow isn’t nearly as peaceful.