Last week Hallie got sick. She was miserable, which in turn made us all miserable. She got pink eye in both eyes. So I take her to the doctor and they give us these Barbie size prescription eye drops which cost more than a trip to the gas station. The next day she starts complaining about the ears, which mind you looked great the day before according to the doctor. So I call the doctor, and she recommends tylenol. Sure enough the next day she’s feeling better, her eyes look better and life is looking on the up and up. Life continues as normal. Normal…meaning both Steve and I get sick with colds leaving us with a lazy Saturday and Sunday. Hallie’s pink eye surfaces again on Sunday and starts with the runny nose. We just can’t seem to kick this in our household! Hallie seemed okay but still wasn’t sleeping well which could be a number of things. Wednesday she had a very high fever , which meant we were back at the doctor…with nothing else but a serious ear infection! Which resulted in medication/antibiotics, as well as the tylenol and the eye drops again. She sees the syringe and immediately starts freaking out. This morning I had the brilliant idea to mix her medicine and tylenol in her oatmeal and it went down like butta’! My favorite part is the fact that when I take her temperature with an ear thermometer she calls it her “ear medicine”. As of now it’s the only medicine she seems to be liking. I think Hallie views me as the bad guy now because I’m always the one giving the medicine. It’s a good thing we have “Dolly” around to be her friend and constant support. One of these days its going to be summer and I’m going to forget how miserable life can be in the bitter winter of Wisconsin when you have a two year old who seems to get any and all virus/bacteria that another kid is carrying.