I know I say this every couple months, but Hallie is once again at my favorite age. She seriously has me rolling in laughter at some of the things she says. Like tonight, right before bed, she was walking around in just a onesie, unbuttoned at the bottom, and she puts on her cowboy boots, all by herself and of course on the wrong feet. But she comes to me in the kitchen and says, “Look mom, my boots!” The girl has more energy and spunk than I know what to do with. Here are a few my favorite things she’s doing lately:

She refuses to let me help her pull up her pants, “No, I do it mom!”
She loves to dance, and I’m not sure where she got it but she loves to shake and says, “Shake a lil’ bum”
Has fallen in love with bubble baths, I probably should’ve waited longer until I introduced that!
I ask her every time after she wakes up what she dreamt about, she explains, “Sad and crying, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy” (This is what happens every time she wakes up and she thinks that’s her dream. I love it)
Last week when Steve was gone, Hallie knew I needed her cooperation, so when putting her to sleep she says, “I no cry mommy, I’ll sleep” sure enough she fell right asleep with no crying.
The other morning she woke up and after repeating my name a number of times, I’m not sure how many because I awoke in the middle of it, she finally says, “Mommy, I’m up, come get me”
She is the best little eater, put anything in front of her, meat, veggies, fruit, she’ll devour it and ask for more.
She loves putting all of her little people to sleep in her crib.
She puts her baby down for nap time and then she’ll stand outside the door. If I try going in there for laundry or whatever, she says, “No mom, baby sleeping”
She’s learned how to spell her name…she does really well, she just can’t grasp the concept of two Ls
I taught her mommy and daddy’s name, so when Steve got home from work that day, she says, “Steve’s home”. Didn’t work quite like I was hoping, we were just learning how to spell people’s names and she wanted daddy’s name and mommy’s! She has a harder time with mine, the R!
She always addresses me as mom or mommy, melts my heart.
Whenever the phone rings, she yells and locates the phone and brings it to me.
She has these two chairs she relentlessly carries around the house, banging them into doors and furniture along the way. They’re just her size.
When she’s told to go to timeout, she marches herself to her room and shuts the door. Moments later, she emerges and says. “I’m happy now.”