My all time favorite children’s author is Sandra Boynton. She has a large collection of board books that Hallie just adores, in fact she has 5 of them memorized, seriously memorized. Like if I stop talking in the middle of the book Hallie will finish the sentence. I love the books and they’ve been around forever, but I didn’t grow up with them. There was a book signing at Kohls when we first got here with the author and now I’m addicted. Every time I’m in a store and I see one we don’t have, I feel compelled to buy it.

One of my personal favorites is Snuggle Puppy, which she got last year for Christmas. I have to admit it wasn’t even in my top five until I heard it sung on one her CDs and now I can’t get enough of it, and Hallie loves to sing along. Hears a snippet:
“Well I have a thing to tell you and it won’t take long, the way I feel about you is kind of a song. It starts with an OOOO it ends with a kiss, and all along the middle it goes something like this- It goes: OOO snuggle puppy of mine! Everything about you is especially fine. I love what you are, I love what you do. Fuzzy little snuggle puppy, I love you.”

Hallie’s latest favorite is Pajama time which she got for Christmas this year. We needed to establish a solid bedtime routine and this fell into place nicely, she has to read it every night. Not only that but anytime she sees it during the day she yells “Jamma Time” and of course we have to read it.
“The moon is up. It’s getting late. Let’s get ready to celebrate. It’s Pajama Time. Pull on the bottoms. Put on the top, get yourself set to pajama-dee-bop its Pajama time! Some are old and some are new. Some are red and some are blue. Some are fuzzy and some are not. But we can all pajammy in whatever we got, it’s pajama time!”
I counted one day reading it 13 times. She loves books in general, but these our great, I just love them, and recommend them to everyone!