Steve was gone to market (NYC) this last week, which was the first time since he started interviewing that he has left us for a period of time and not the other way around.  He kept asking how I was going to do it, and to be honest I was a little unsure of myself however, I remained brave. I kept telling him it was no big deal. So I arranged one social get together each day to keep me sane and packed my schedule tight with various things and I’m happy to report both Hallie and I survived the week with flying colors.  There is something to be said for keeping your cool because you know you have no other options, there’s no one to relieve you in your moment of weakness.  Knowing this really helped.  No matter how frustrated I got with Hallie, I couldn’t even call Steve to complain, so I dealt with it.  And it was great.  Hallie and I had a grand ol’ time hanging out in our p.j.’s all day, making treats, and crafts.  Not to mention when Hallie went to bed at 8, I kicked into high gear.  (There’s always something about being home alone at night that isn’t very settling.) So by staying so busy I was somewhat able to block out of my mind that I was alone at night and it worked to both Steve and my advantage.  For Steve, I wasn’t calling him lonely or sad, and for me I got so many projects done it’s unbelievable.  So goes it, another day at the Pothier house!