With Steve leaving for market (NYC) this week, we’re trying to come up with different solutions to keep me company. This is our third idea, and I think it just might stick…Hallie’s plush monkey from PBKids. This thing is seriously to die for soft, I love it, probably more than Hallie. As you can see, I think it will be a nice alternative to Steve not being here!

Okay the real story is…Saturday was my morning to sleep in, so consequently Sunday was Steve’s morning. Of course, we have friends over late Saturday night so we don’t get to bed until 1 a.m. and Hallie knowing this of course gets up at 7 a.m. Where as the morning prior to this she got up at 8! Just my luck. So I get out of bed, we hang out for 2 hours until Steve gets up. I had Hallie lying down with me on the couch…with her monkey…when she hears daddy. So of course I’m left lying on the couch by myself and the trusty monkey. I was exhausted, so tired. So Steve takes Hallie in to get some breakfast and I zonk out on the couch, but not without a nice snuggle from Banana the Monkey. Steve thought he was pretty clever getting the camera out. I don’t know how many times I’ve asked him to take some pictures of Hallie and I, so years down the road she knows that her mom was there, just usually behind the camera. And he just doesn’t do it, however, the one time he thinks he’s funny then he takes the time to get the camera out and learns how to use it. Crafty! So he made me promise that I would post it because he went to all the effort, I have to give him credit. He used the camera on manual, took the first picture, noticed it was blown out, adjusted the settings and took a couple more. I’ve taught him well! Now if he would only remember to do that when Hallie and I are hanging out….baby steps I guess!