I can feel it! I know that any day now spring is just going to blossom. In fact today, as we were heading to our weekly trip to Target, I noticed that the air didn’t have the bite that it usually does. There’s water puddling up on the sidewalk, and I can actually see grass under the tree. By george, spring is coming. Every time it snows, I think to myself, this could be it, this could be the last time it snows for the year and I glow with excitement. Tonight after Hallie went down to bed, I went to the grocery store, and just as luck would have it, it was snowing. My once warm thoughts for the future slowly froze inside my body. But I have high hopes for tomorrow- just the idea that the snow fall tonight, might have been the last one, will carry me through a few more days.

I then read my friend Amy’s blog about the cute flip flops her son is already wearing in Arizona, and the pool is open for business, and I keep telling myself how much I love snowmen, and snowangels. Instead of buying cute flip flops, I’m buying scarves, hats and mittens and the longer winter is the more I’m going to appreciate summer!