A year ago, we had Steve’s cousin and her family over for family home evening. She provided the lesson and we provided the treats. When she showed up, she had a DVD in her hand, and that was to be our lesson for the evening. I was a little confused, but she assured me her sons loved this FHE. So we popped in the DVD and sure enough it walks through the whole FHE process. Opening song, prayer, scripture application, story…and so on. Hallie was a little young at the time, but I thought it was a great concept. Months later I see them on the Deseret Book website on clearance, $5 a piece. So I bought all six, and they sat stashed in our closet for months.
When we bought our new entertainment center we went through all the dvds and organized them in the new center. Hallie of course was doing her best to help and she kept grabbing the FHE dvds. So the next Monday night we use one for FHE and she loved it. She’s at the age where she enjoys it, but doesn’t quite get it yet. This last Monday we said we were having FHE and she runs to the TV and pulls out a DVD- Mind you, we don’t use the DVD’s all the time, there good about once a month to kind of change things up. But she insisted, so we used it. She sat entranced for 20 minutes, through the whole dvd. It was great. She kept talking about being a happy helper that night. The next morning, she wakes up and that’s all she can talk about, “I want family home evening” she kept saying. So we had FHE again on Tuesday, and then again this morning. When I tell her we’ll watch it later, she just carries it around the house for a while, keeping it company. At least she’s excited for FHE- hopefully never to grow out of that stage!