Happy Easter from Wisconsin, where a new dimension is brought to the traditional Easter egg hunt…SNOW!We were enjoying some beautiful weather here in Milwaukee. Temperatures in the mid 40’s, green grass abounding. I even spent time last week working on my flower garden, there were nice green buds from all my perennial flowers. There was an extra spring in my step as I marveled at the thought of spring. Thursday night/Friday morning the thought of spring was buried beneath a foot of snow! What is with the sporadic weather?? I had planned a great Saturday excursion; visiting the zoo to see the Easter bunny and participate in an egg hunt, the whole works. After Friday’s weather we opted for less adventurous activities, like shoveling the driveway!
Last year for Easter I was in Idaho with Hallie and we spent the day outside in the beautiful weather, having a little egg hunt for the kids, it was the typical Easter, but that’s not how they roll in Wisconsin. Their idea of fun is to hide eggs, let it snow 12 inches and then you go look for eggs, it adds a dimension of egg hunting that not everybody is privileged to experience. We wanted Hallie to get the full experience. So sure enough, we got her bundled in all her snow gear. I went how and literally just threw eggs in the snow, they’d hit the snow and kind of bury themselves. It was plenty for Hallie. Besides in most places it was too deep for her to walk, she kept falling and getting her hands wet, which she’d then want her hands dried before moving on. This afternoon we’re going to Steve’s brother’s house; we’ll probably try an indoor hunt, yesterday just wasn’t long enough for her, but Steve and I were freezing so we cut it short. I’m so grateful for this time of year and season for reflection. It seems as though it’s more important for me now than ever before and I think that’s in part to having an impressionable child. I want to make sure she realizes why we celebrate Easter and the importance behind the holiday. It’s so fun to be involved in the decorations, and egg hunts that it’s easy to forget the true reason. And so with Hallie I’ve worked really hard with to her understand that this is a day to think of our Savior. This morning when she woke up, she asked to watch a movie about Jesus, and that we did.

I’m so grateful for a Savior, and this special day/week I’ve had of reflection. My testimony of Him as been strengthened as I come to understand and study His final days. What a blessing it is for all of us.