I always have such good intentions of keeping my blog updated, but Sunday rolls around and sure enough the last post is Easter, yet so much has happened in between. So much that I probably can’t remember most of it! We had a wonderful Easter dinner with Bob and Virginia’s family. Ham, potatoes, the whole works. It was delicious and it was so nice to be with family during the holiday. We had an intense egg hunt in the house for the boys who are older (17 and 12). Steve and his brother took pride in hiding these eggs in obscure places and then timing each boy to see how long it took to find 14 eggs. Each boy was over 23 minutes, like I said, they were in obscure places. Hallie enjoyed her loot of candy as well and when asked that night who gave her all the candy she innocently replied, “Jesus did”. So I guess we caught the spirit of Easter in a way. At least the correct focus was there, maybe in a few years she’ll become commercialized enough to know who really brings the candy!

Hallie and I had a good week with a lot of quality time. She’s very interactive and she wants to be doing everything I’m doing. So I have a little shadow/helper as I’m doing laundry, loading the dishwasher, working in the yard. You name it, and my little sidekick is right there by my side, mimicking everything I say. She’s a little parrot. And the kicker is she remembers the things she parrots, so when Steve gets home from work, she recalls all the things we’ve discussed during the day, quite the memory, yet she always forgets what color yellow is!

We’re excited about the week coming up…I have a photography seminar tomorrow, Survivor is back on this week, my mom comes into town (YEAH!) and conference weekend. We’ll keep you posted. Here’s a few video clips of Hallie and her ever developing personality! (Pause the music to the side if you want to watch the videos)