Like many of you, our washing machine is dysfunctional. Every time a pair of socks goes in, one miraculously disintegrates. It’s truly a fascinating process if you think about it. So we seem to go through a whole lot of socks in our house. At times I debate wearing a pair of socks twice just to get more use out of them before one dissolves in the washing machine. What’s even more fascinating is the fact that it always happens more with colored socks (aka Steve’s work socks). I was convinced we needed a new washing machine, but simple math told me it would be cheaper to continue to buy new socks every two weeks.

Obviously, I’m the launder in the family, so when Steve’s socks don’t match up, I clearly did something wrong. It couldn’t be that when he threw his socks in the basket one got stuck behind landing under a pile of shoes. Nope, it’s definitely the launders fault. So I spend what seems like forever looking at 15 different shades of black socks playing the match up game. Now Steve doesn’t understand this process he just expects there to be pairs of socks in his dresser every morning for work. In comes Sock Pro.

I’d given up on the socks, I just started dumping them in his drawer and letting him sort through them for a week so he could sense the frustration, and on Day One I got the reaction I was looking for! I started the google search on a product that would solve our problems. There really is a gadget or gizmo for everything these days so I wasn’t surprised to find four viable products. I chose one product ordered a ton and put them in Steve’s stocking for Christmas. Christmas morning rolls around he sees them and I could see the confusion on his face, I guess they should have been in my stocking! But he kindly accepts the gift and starts using them promptly upon arriving home. The first few days half the socks would be together, the other half would be haphazardly thrown in the closet, only to lose it’s mate. After one load of laundry and a group of his socks completely together ready to go in the morning, he was sold on the product. We have been happy customers now for two months, and laundry will never be the same. Now if the washing machine decides to dissolve a sock, it’ll dissolve two, which means we’ll never know, and if you don’t know, it won’t frustrate you!