I tell you…Hallie knows just how to win my heart. That little girl has been so talkative lately and the things she has to say crack me up. Every night I take her in my arms and I thank her for having such a great day with me (there have been those nights on very few occasion when I’m just fed up and skip this part of our nightly ritual). I proceed to ask her what her favorite part of the day was. She continues to go on an on about all the fun things she did that day, usually half of them we never did, but in her mind we sure did. Never failing she always mentions how much fun she had with her friend Paige- lately we haven’t seen Paige even once every other week, but Hallie sure talks like we do. The other thing is bubbles, she’s always talking about how fun the bubbles were…once again, I can’t remember the last time we did bubbles, but needless to say it’s my special time with her every night that I treasure.

Lately Hallie has been picking up that “Snuggle time” can be used to her advantage. Anytime I mention something she needs to do that she doesn’t want to do she asks for snuggle time. Especially after lunch time when she knows she’s going to go down for a nap. Today I told her it was time to grab her blanket and head to her bedroom for nap time. She stops, puts both her hands on my shoulders and says, “Mom, lets snuggle a little bit.” Who can refuse such an invitation? So for the next 20 minutes I took her in my arms, and every time she got a little bit squirmy I would mention nap time, and sure enough she’d ask for more snuggle time. Knowing very well a year down the road she’s not going to ask for that, I soak up every second, sitting with her in the recliner and talking about our day!