Hallie has been to the dentist a lot lately not for her own work of course. (Just goes to show how much I’ve had to be there lately. I’m happy to report most of my work is done…I still have a crown…I’m putting it off until Steve gets his done at the end of April so I can properly prepare myself!!) The last time I was at the dentist Hallie wanted to be in the chair with me. So the nice dentist let me her sit with me and she was content. So I decided since we have dental insurance which covers two cleanings a year per person, I might as well get her used to the idea while she’s young so she comes to expect it. So today was the day. She was so excited, all morning she kept talking about the dentist. We get there, she gets comfortable in the chair, (they have plasma tvs that sit above you as you’re lying down, genius) turns on Dora and was doing pretty well. The dentist came over and you could start to see the worry in her eyes. Why is this man so close to me and why is he wearing rubber gloves. I had to sit with her just so she wouldn’t leap out of the chair. She sat there long enough for him to count her teeth, check out her bite and then she let him brush, for three seconds. I took over and got the full 10 seconds on each side. That was all she was going to have with him. He gave her a little goody bag with a brush and toothpaste, which she thought was so awesome. He then let her pick out a prize from the toy chest. She chose the same item she’s chosen the last FOUR times we’ve been there. No joke, a little beaded bracelet. She searched through the whole chest until she reached the bottom and found the bracelet. She cracks me up.

By this point she was done with him!